TPPA Free Zone: Peoples Protestival in Auckland 31st Sunday



Sun Jan 31st, 2016

Tahaki Reserve, Auckland

Doors open: 10:00 am
Gig starts: 10:00am
Entry: All Ages
Cover charge: FREE!


You are invited to participate in a FREE protest festival, run by the people, for the people, in protest of the upcoming signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement!

Come stand strong together with friends, family, and Aucklands growing activist whānau in a spectacular celebration of people power!

We’ll have live MUSIC to groove to all day long,INTERACTIVE ART, FIRE DANCING, a range of community run WORKSHOPS including Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA), as well as a range of fun activities for the whole family. Come and learn how you too can become a bigger part of the growing movement in resistance to the TPPA!

with MUSIC by: Mihirangi, JAFA Mafia Soundsystem, Third3ye, The Prophet Motive, Esoligh, Shoutin’ Preachin’, The Neo Kalashnikovs, Tourettes, Manic Seeds, Streetlight Riot, Tane Huata + More to be Announced.

Please be in touch if you have some kind of performance that you wish to share on the day, as we still have spaces available!
There will also be prizes for best costume and most creative banner, so get crafty!
Pack a picnic, your water bottle and sunblock, and bring your Friends and Whānau.

TDB Recommends

-Please leave any banners or signage advertizing organizations or political parties at home- this is strictly a PEOPLES protestival.
-This is a drug and alcohol free event.
-This is a PEACEFUL event with a ZERO tolerance policy for violent or aggressive behaiviour.



  1. An Excellent idea!

    And in the meantime, please do sign this Anti-TPPA petition to show your opposition.

    Already, the petition has reached over 45,000 signatures in less than 48 hours!

    Also, pass this link to all your near and dear ones. Thanks and cheers!

  2. Protesting the TPPA is showing you are uninformed, or choosing to be uninformed.
    You don’t understand, for the TPPA to work you need energy and resources to turn into crap people want to buy, you need consumers, you need global shipping, a breathable environment, basic law and order, a survivable climate. For the TPPA to function it needs everything that is fast disappearing.
    It is kind of wishful thinking and denial when people protest this thing, they are hoping there is going to be a livable future that a trade deal could effect, and they are denying the fact we are in runaway abrupt climate change now, and with all the positive feedback’s that have kicked in, nature is now producing more GHGs than human activity, if we all fucked off tonight it would make squat difference on what 404 ppm C02 has install for us, TPPA or no TPPA.
    But if you enjoy walking around looking like uninformed hope addicts, and its a nice day, oh and you can all gets lots of selfies, showing how much you care – then go for it, you will not make the situation worse, or better 😉
    Of course FJK and all the fools that are involved in signing the TPPA are just as full of denial and hope. Or pretending there is a future for the TPPA keeps the plebs happy just a little bit longer, as they kick the can further up the shit heap.
    The TPPA is similar to the high priest on Easter Island, suggesting placing a crown up on the heads of their statues would save the population from starvation, and cannibalism, and bugger my days, if the result will not be the same.

        • I think you deserve the penguin award for that last paragraph that refers to the TPP as similar to the high priest of Easter island.

          I must say. That’s the first time Iv seen those mix of words around TPP. Maybe you should stick to your obvious strength and write fiction work instead of trying to mix in non fiction as well.

          Hope that helps your career in writing

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