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  1. So this happened.

    Lawsuit claims Disney colluded to replace workers with immigrants.

    Let me also quickly quote one of the comments over at the NYT. I’ll admit, it stuck a cord…

    – “I was replaced and trained my Indian replacement via remote Skype. He attended all meetings I did. He was then brought over to the US, by an Insourcer/outsourcer using Indian workers, where he mirrored me for 30 days. In speaking with him, I was told that he was promised a role in the US and resides in a home with several other Indian workers where they share the expenses. He told me he makes $42,000, and the benefits are excellent. (Indeed they are better than my company was providing to their employees). He noted he sends about half his salary home to his family, and is hoping they can move to the US in the next few years. He wished me well on my next job. This is when I realized he was unaware he was replacing me, an Engineer with a Ph. D making $155,000 and 20 years experience at performing my role. He was told I was leaving voluntarily. I could not advise him that he was replacing me against my will in VIOLATION of the terms of H1B laws as I would lose my severance and starve. This is the choice given the American IT worker which to date has helped the practice out of the media. I am told some companies go directly to Indian Insources for staff as workers are always cheaper.

    Wake up Congress, this is Standard Procedure! We are the Middle taxpaying class and it is a huge eroding tx base! This is NOT limited to 85000. There are MANY Indians being employed illegally and they work for even less wages. Corporations will deny knowing. This is HUGE!” End comment –

    This sort of corporate behavior is probably good for the shareholder and the bottom line, but it is not good for society as a whole.

    I wouldn’t touch cooperate America or TPP with a blow torch

    • Neo-liberalism and globalisation is starting to affect the upper-middle class professionals.

      They were pretty much silent as blue collar jobs were exported.

  2. Best quote to date I’ve come across from Paul on TS

    “Their neoliberal blood is thicker than their Labour water”

    Let’s hope the water pressure holds out and can be assisted with the pumps in possession of those next on the agenda of the neo-libs to attack.
    (Btw…. they’ve already done so in the UK – firemen – so given the swapsies in ideas and ideology that’s evident across the Crosbie Textor realm, it won’t be that far off)

    • Letter to John Key .
      Dear Mr Key its not too late to scrub the TPPa, we will think more of you if you admit its wrong to go against the people of NZ,it can only end badly.
      If anyone is injured or even killed it will be on your head,there is no need for this “trade”deal.USA is not in favour.
      You wont lose face if cancel the 4th feb signing,it will show the people you are listening .

  3. Who destabilised the Middle East and are they taking their share of the refugee crisis and chaos they have created?

    ‘US destabilized Europe’: Austrian record-holding athlete lashes out at ‘idiotic’ refugee policies

    “Austrian athlete and daredevil, Felix Baumgartner, known for his super-sonic leap from the stratosphere, has bashed EU politicians for their “idiotic” refugee policies in a lengthy post. He added that Washington is destabilizing Europe “on purpose.” “

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