Of course NZ has tumbled in global corruption rankings



Come on NZ – no one honestly thought we would keep our position as the least corrupt country on the planet after Key’s term did they?

I get you all love Key, his laid back casual anti-intellectualism keeps the scary cultural soy lattes at bay and in a land of smiling zombies getting angry at the facts is akin to farting in church. The acquiescence to Key however has come at a cost.

Let’s be clear. Key’s Government is one of the worst civil rights eroders and abusers of political power we’ve seen since the Waterfront lockouts.

Look at what Key has done.

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He green lighted a war when he said he wouldn’t before the election.

He passed law under urgency with only a 1 vote majority to allow state agencies to mass surveillance.

He gave Police retrospective laws that made their illegal spying legal.

He passed the Search and Surveillance Bill that expanded massive spying powers for state organisations.

He gave the SIS 24 hour warrantless searches.

He was running a dirty ops team out of his office.

He is mates with a far right hate speech merchant.

His office colluded with the SIS to smear Phil Goff before the 2011 election. 

You simply can’t abuse political power in the manner Key has and not expect us to tumble in global perceptions of corruption.


  1. It’s hard to believe we only dropped 3 points with all those OIA cases brought before the ombudsman.

    It kinda makes me wonder what we have to do to claw back those 3 points. Putting some people in jail for being dodgy with information might be a good start. Or fire them.

  2. Yes indeed. It’s one of those moments when an independent report tells you what you already know to be true.

  3. Martyn,

    Why has NZ tumbled in global corruption rankings?

    Because NZ embraces a shoddy “Forex” hedge fund currency trader that almost bankrupted NZ in 1987 using Wall St’s most aggressive global currency raider Andy Krieger!


    So why should the world look at NZ as a clean honest haven free of corruption????

    Quote from the article site above.

    Key – “struck a rewarding relationship at Bankers Trust with Andy Krieger, a daring New York-based trader who launched a legendary raid against the NZ dollar in 1987.”

    “Krieger reportedly bet more than the country’s entire money supply against the currency, forcing it down sharply and taking massive profits in what is still described as one of the finest forex plays ever completed. ”

    Answer – No reason at all, so we need to ditch this evil man.

  4. ANSWER;


    Key struck a rewarding relationship at Bankers Trust with Andy Krieger, a daring New York-based trader who launched a legendary raid against the NZ dollar in 1987.

    Krieger reportedly bet more than the country’s entire money supply against the currency, forcing it down sharply and taking massive profits in what is still described as one of the finest forex plays ever completed.

    • It took us decades to build up our reputation. And we have it up for 0.9% GDP growth on top of the projected 46% increase by 2030. Come on goose.

      The political fulcrum spins so widely between Prime Ministers we are losing what makes us great. We already have a reputation for being an expensive tourist distinction. Keys clean green image and s also causing embarrassment for him. What with all the dairy conversions and dodgy water ways.

      Some times you have to call it what it is, the governments protection of profit over environment is corruption rite large

    • But it IS bad news Gosman, as Key was in charge of Govt over that period…don’t you know the rules of the left Gosman, anything bad = blame Key (even the non Goverment things) , anything good = it isn’t really that good because you can add a few conspiracy theories and show it’s actually bad and then still blame Key 🙂

      No different from most of the Middle East blaming Israel for any calamity that befalls them…earthquake, storms, drought etc

    • Yes indeedy, extremely corrupt if the real truth is to be known.
      John Key is thee most dirty and corrupt politician that this country has had the misfortune to have, and he has corrupted everything he has come into contact with, and it gave signals to others of power and influence, to behave in the same abusive manner.

      History will not look kindly upon John key and his dirty and corrupt administration. He will be regarded as this country’s most biggest and worst mistake of all time.

  5. My favourite corruption is the way the govt legislated away our legal rights to claim the unpaid day in WINZ stand downs. And still the sheep love him. What does he have to do to finally piss people off?

  6. Martyn – I am not denying the dispicable things that Key and his nihilist administration have done, but the slip is from best (1st) to 4th. How many countries is this out of? 100? 150? – the point is that while it is a slip – we still compare favourably to other countries overall. If this trend continues then we can expect further deterioration of confidence which was wide reaching implications.

    • Why don’t you want to compare the current New Zealand with the much better performing New Zealand of the recent past instead of comparing NZ with, let’s say, Angola?

      Is it because you feel that a drop in fairness and transparency in government is a legitimate, acceptable, and inevitable consequence of ramming through unpopular, anti-democratic, and anti-social policy?

  7. I suspect Gosman wouldn’t be quite as dismissive if this slide into corruption happened under a different government.

  8. And we shouldn’t forget our soldiers were sent to war zones because NZ (rather John Key – and I rather think successive governments) is a member of the Bilderberg Club – another name for warmongers and drug dealers.
    Latest from Covert Politics worth a read:
    I read someone that our current Governor General had decided not to release info about UFOs in our area because “the public” might be “fearful”. I just just can’t find that report – but I will keep searching.

  9. These international rankings are not always what they seem to be anyway. If you look at the New Zealand chapter of Transparency International, many are government departments or some other organisations that work with government or depend on government for contracts. They have a habit of minimising and trivialising the real extent of corruption that actually exists in this small country.

    Just look at the old boys and old girls networks, we have, whether they work in upper levels of government agencies, in government itself, in business or in the legal system, many know each other rather well, and will never reveal how their buddies do deals or take actions that would in most places be seen as being corrupt.

    I dare say that even our so called “watchdogs” like the Ombudsmen, and various Commissioners, are carefully hand picked to only do as much as is tolerated. Look at the appalling handling of OIA complaints by the Ombudsmen, for instance, where Beverley Wakem only gave government a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket in December last year.

    New Zealand is more corrupt than the rankings tell us, it belongs much lower in the rankings, that is the sad truth.

  10. It doesn’t matter how far from grace we fall, under Keys dirty tactics, anyone he can con will do him, and Key will sell them whatever they want. And if Key can sell this country out, then Key will sell it out.

  11. Looking through the figures from Transparency International, it appears they have a bias against administrations with left or centre-left administrations. If it had been a Labour led government running the kind of dodgy corrupt regime that Key is doing, then you can bet we would have tumbled down the ranks a lot more than two places. I have some respect for organisations such as Transparency International and Freedom.org but ultimately they always take the establishment path on most issues, and that means they stick with the safe and true (and centre right).

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