Armed Police protecting Key at State of the Nation?


There is an image on social media claiming to have been taken outside the Langham when Key was giving his State of the Nation speech.


Armed cops walking NZ streets?

If this is true, this is a large escalation for Key’s security people and paint ominous signs of how over the top the security will be for the TPPA.


  1. It had nothing to do with the Key address…. it was an armed squad defenders responding to a male with a toy gun.

    Please don’t scare monger the anti-TPPA peepz. We need all the peepz marching against TPPA as possible on the 4th of Feb.


    • The two police don’t appear to be wearing usual AOS gear.

      When called to apprehend an armed person they usually have more protection. Helmets/boots/body armour etc.

      If they knew that the offender was carrying a toy gun perhaps they had to carry fake Bushmaster rifles in pursuit.

  2. I have an abiding memory of John Key from election night 2008 entering Nat Party HQ or wherever it was they were holding their celebration. In walked Key surrounded by a phalanx of suited goons. I had two thoughts. Is this New Zealand? What are we ushering in?

  3. I would be interested in the Metadata details contained within that photo, not only will it have the GPS coordinates (in this case unnecessary) but also the date & time this was taken, this will remove any shadow of a doubt …… yet more proof of disgusting & disgraceful behavior by Keys gang of Thugs & Mercenary’s

    • The source is known. The location is already known. As the person who has taken this picture. It is LEGIT! Trust me! Cheers Grant

  4. it is important to authenticate or dismiss this pic of the two dickwackers with shooters (I use the term figuratively), it is on several FB pages at the moment

    the fact that the Nats appear to being going OTT on security and snooping is the very reason to aim for a high attendance on Feb 4 and the hikoi and Waitangi

  5. Key must be very, very worried,it comes to something when the PM uses riot police and armed police.hes in a nightmare and thinks hes in America where he belongs. The corporations behind tppa must have a big hold over him.

  6. As usual the place of Key’s State of the Nation speech was kept secret until it was being held. Hence there were no protesters out this time, that is at least as far as I have heard.

    So I think that Grant is right with his comment, that the police were out near that Langham Hotel for another reason.

    Even last year there was only a dozen or so protesters outside another hotel, where John Key held his State of the Nation speech then, there were police officers and security present, but none carried arms or had much work to do.

    We should avoid exaggerating and focus on facts, as that will assist us to get our messages across.

    But it is important to note, that such addresses are planned and the location is kept secret most the times, it shows that Key and his government have stuff to hide and try all to avoid protesters.

    • Thanks Mike in Auckland!

      I was one of three peepz protesting Key’s State of the Union address. The fact being it was said he was going to be at the Chamber of Commerce but JK changed the locale to Langham Hotel.

      I can tell you that a Police chopper was flying over several times pretty low in altitude… many police units plus the dog squad were abound.

      We did not see the heavily armed Police on the street we were on.

      A friend of ours found out WHO actually took this photo of the Police who were heavily armed. The photographer was out on lunch break and did take this photo and a couple of others all time stamped and not photoshopped at all.

      The Police were definitely out on a call from the public saying about a gun… it happened to be a toy gun the male was yielding. Nothing to do with JK’s address.


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