American Narc put in charge of NZ Police for TPPA protests



As the police and the Government move to manufacture violence on February 4th with their riot training, armed cops with machine guns and now door knocking activists, take a moment to realise the cop in charge is an American trained narc…

What’s changed? Well, in Dunedin this may provide some link:

Superintendent Mike Pannett, who took over from acting district commander Jason Guthrie this week… Supt Pannett has just returned from four years in Washington DC, where he was chairperson of the Washington DC Liaison Office Association, which covered North, Central and South America.

Supt Pannett is a member of the International Chiefs of Police Committee on Terrorism

Detective Superintendent Mike Pannett, the New Zealand Police Liaison Officer in the United States, monitored “termination activities” against Dotcom’s Megaupload operations in nine countries from the FBI’s Multi-Agency Command Centre. Created by the FBI’s Law Enforcement Online (LEO) network in 2002, the Virtual Command Centre (VCC) enables enforcement agencies to post, track and spread information in a quick, secure environment.

Fed from multiple inputs in the field, the VCC exists on a secure system for any designated audience members online… “Feedback on the New Zealand operation has been extremely positive from our international law enforcement partners including the FBI and the US Department of Justice,” Mr Pannett reported in the February Police online magazine, TenOne.

Detective Superintendent Mike Pannett, New Zealand police liaison officer in Washington, has been ordered to swear an affidavit, setting out full details of the monitoring he was a party to from the FBI’s Multi Agency Command Centre.

Mr Pannett was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2009 before he was appointed manager of intelligence operations at the National Intelligence Centre based at Police National Headquarters in Wellington

It does seem strange that when the ODT asked the Dunedin police for comment on their allegedly having harassed an activist, they; “could not immediately be reached with a request for comment”. Yet the very next story to this in the online ODT Dunedin section was a puff piece about how an establishment minion was all set to bring to peace to the region in some unspecified manner.

…hat tip Pasupial.

So an American trained narc is in charge of the protests and all of a sudden he is using the tactics he’s learned from the yanks?

Oh the irony, NZ cops trained by Americans to quell protests in NZ against American corporations dominating us.

We must not be intimidated by these thug tactics, but I think we must also aknowledge Chris Trotter’s point that Key is desperate to paint these protests out as violent radicals. Let’s protest, let’s demand change, let’s force them to arrest us for civil disobedience, but never give the bastards the chance to rob us of legitimacy.



  1. Geez it gets worse , doesn’t it… armed Police guarding Key…not the DPS but cops on the beat….

    Straight away tells us something is wrong with Key.

    The riot training , the Police door knocking of activists…

    Welcome to the world of the neo liberal ….this is what it has all led to. This is what these are capable of doing.

    This is no longer a Social Democracy , it has turned into a passive aggressive subtle form of fascism.

    How odious.

    This is the neo liberal world. NOT ours – we never chose it – it was foisted on us. We never said it was ok for Key to come here from his America and foist this garbage on New Zealand. The ugliness of Key is now becoming crystal clear.

    But we will fight his ugliness with the weapons of peace.

    We will protest – but peacefully and therefore render his paranoiac violent subterfuge impotent.

    And after all this is done and dusted – WE will vote him out PEACEFULLY.

    Kiwi style.

    • We did raise our threat level from very low to low some time back. Leaders should have seen the unrest coming from a mile away because actuall terrorists don’t even rate in NZs top ten threats to national security. Top of the list is to protect New Zealand businesses from any threat including us.

      I would go as far to say it’s rigged like that to protect our quality and way of life. But we know our way of life is eroding in real time. More so in the U.S in double quick time at the mo.

      On another note. I am really surprised that the 1.6 billion budget blow out hasn’t been talked about more.

    • “NOT ours – we never chose it – it was foisted on us. ”
      True that. When Labour were elected in 1984, who knew? Gee, thanks, Roger Douglas.

    • When we do eventually get a return to democracy (i.e as opposed to an elected dictatorship), the best thing any government that claims to represent its citizenry can do is to hold these people to account, and to apply any available sanction.
      You can be sure they’ll all scream “witch hunt” and all the rest of it, but they do need to be challenged and held to account for the cronyism; basic things like not following tendering processes; jobs for the boys; conflicts of interest; breaking the rules (e.g. the spirit and intent of things like OIAs); etc, etc.
      We (many) wonder why we’ve just dropped on the corruption scale, why people have become cynical about governments – and even democracy itself.
      It’s really not all that hard to understand. I think some in Labour might finally be understanding some of the reasons – the Natzis never will.
      They’re still being a little namby pamby about it all though.

    • Oh and one other thing…. gave myself a wee history lesson last night and watched the 1951 Watersiders Lockout …you can see it on The Standard.

      Now while that was a completely different set of circumstances , there are similarity’s to what we are now seeing under John Key …

      1) Media blackouts and right wing biased media personality’s singing the praises of Sid Hollands National govt. In fact – it was deemed illegal for media to cover the watersiders version of events. As was it made illegal to feed or assist those family’s.

      2) Police heavy handedness – we have strategically placed articles in the NZ Herald about ‘riot training ‘ being undertaken by Police… pictures of beat Police with openly displayed bushmaster rifles ambling down a populated city street…

      3) Sid Holland – doing the bidding of the USA because of the Korean war ( USA wanted our ports clear for any operations ) – in this case we have Key who crucified Kim Dotcom and did over the actors union to enable Hollywood …Hollywood who drew up a lot of the framework for the TTPA…

      4) Anti TTPA organisers getting ‘ visits’ from the Police… back in 1951 they used surveillance then – now we have John Key who lied to us about the XKEYSCORE and Cortex surveillance programs. And increased powers given to the GSCB and SIS to spy …ON US!!!

      5) Dismissal of anti TTPA researchers and demonstrators as ‘ uninformed’ , left wing ‘communist agitators’ , being described by Tim Groser as ‘children ‘… back in 1951 they smeared the union leaders as ‘communists’. Yet one prominent leader was a practicing Catholic.

      They tried the same thing on with Nicky Hager and a raft of others – and tried to subvert things even further by trying to label the whole Dirty Politics affair as a ‘law and order’ issue…except that it was found that it was the Police and spy agency’s who actually were breaking the law.

      And as Jane Kelsey has said…. this govt will try desperately to make this into a law and order issue to distract from this treasonous TTPA agreement.


      As an aside …. the same govt manipulations were used to smash unions and degrade wages and conditions in 1951 as has been used more recently with the Employment Contracts Act…. just look at the shoddy casualisation of labour and the disgracefully low wages in this so called modern and ‘progressive ‘ country….


      History is a great teacher and similarity’s and lessons can be learned from previous generations experiences … and when it comes to duplicitous , devious and undemocratic use of force ( or even the veiled threat of force) ….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when compared to the govts of John Key and Sid Holland.

      NB: Many of those watersiders were returned servicemen from WW2… yet Holland branded them as communists and the ‘enemy within’.

      What an absolute disgrace.

  2. I posted this comment in the real choices response blog, and thought I’ll repost here as well.

    The police clearly knows what’s coming and is rapidly preparing itself for the years ahead. Crime stats (that’s if you believe government press releases written by spin doctors) has been falling, yet the Police appears to be gearing up for Mad Max levels of unrest. Why? Because the thieves at the top know exactly what they have done

      • Perhaps you could string a few more sentences together so I could get a better understanding of what you are talking about.

        Forget New Zealand 85 people own half the wealth and 80-90% of the income. That’s straight up thieving.

        Extremists go on all the time about how no one owns water, public land is public ect ect. Yet we have a small group of humans who obviously do. Not through any amount of hard work. But through playing you, me, and the system.

  3. We saw this coming yet they were allowed the benefit of doubt.

    At every step they will take advantage of our decency.

    Until we have little left.

    And still we talk in terms of reason.

    The traitors among us hide behind confusion and disbelief.

    The US War machine has no bounds.

    We become the enemy opposing their occupation of our Government and financial system.

  4. The american law enforcers have been taught their people control skills by the well practiced IDF, who nowadays shoot child stone throwers with bullets, kidnap others in the dead of night, trash Palestinian homes,, lie incessantly, torture juveniles routinely, abuse child prisoners. So look out kiwis

    • EXACTLY ,we are now fully under the influence of zionist controlled banksters of the NWO,Sky city is the heart of this evil,they like to show off there power in sutle ways.911 TRUTH.

  5. US security. Shoot to kill. No questions asked. No accountability. (Okay, so it’s not always like that; sometimes it is detain without charge and torture regularly over a period of months or years.)

    No surprise that Key and the other fascist in control of NZ are in favour of US methods. They are good for global corporate business and the lining of opportunists pockets, and can even provide new business opportunities for exploitation and rorting, i.e. for-profit ‘security’.

    How long before just mentioning the truth on an Internet site becomes a ‘criminal act’ subject to severe penalties?

    The parallels with Nazi Germany in the early 1930s become more glaring by the day.

  6. Remember how Key could not recall where he stood re the ’81 Springbok tour? Well, let’s not leave him in any doubt re where we stand re his attempts to stifle public opposition to his TPPA.

  7. There appears to be some sort of paranoia going on within the National Party these days. GCSB, SIS, mass surveillance of the population.

    Who is the enemy here in NZ?

  8. We are being colonised by the war mongering pricks and Key is an Uncle Tom.
    Have you noticed that as well as the bullshit news items on TV1 and the rest of the lying NZ media, about Putins wealth and Litvenenko, they are introducing Sporting news from US grid iron. I don’t think there is any groundswell of demand for this.
    To listen to what the media should be enlightening us with go to
    By the way. John Batchelor is a conservative radio show host and Professor Steven Cohen has studied Russia all his life

    • Yes I’ve often wondered why American football is getting such regular inclusion in our sports news. Is it part of the NL conspiracy or is it simply the boofheads at TV1 Sports having been lulled into sycophancy? I reckon the latter – they’re part of the unthinking 47% (and declining).

      I’d wager we get more of American football per year (not to mention English club football whose teams are made up mostly of foreigners – but I won’t mention that!) than we get Silver Ferns netball and many more NZ sports on the so-called ‘news’.

      • Creeping cultural imperialism, setting the new norms and undermining grassroots sports that engender community.

  9. “>>>>and the police are complying,come on NZ police you are KIWIS working against kiwis to enable corporations to take over.

  10. So an American trained narc is in charge of the protests and all of a sudden he is using the tactics he’s learned from the yanks?

    Pannett is in charge of the entire Southern District police force for the foreseeable future, not just the protest on Saturday noon in Dunedin. Otherwise, yes; that does seem to be the case.

    The raid on Dotcom was to the advantage of American copyright profiteers. The TPPA largely benefits the same group.

  11. strategy of tension.. bosses have gunmen and gunwomen [as equal opportunity employer] to protect them. weaponized cops on the streets is another part of the citizenry having no say in the system donKey is busy signing up to behind his closet door. The writers and owners of TPP/TTIP KNOW it has to be protected behind machine guns.


    • We only need to look at Paris, and their civvy-dressed cops who infiltrated themselves amongst the protesters.

  13. This is now equal to US subversion taking over NZ as US CIA tried to do in south America also and failed mostly so we have to rise up like the south Americans did against US imperialism now.

  14. reminding me of the recent film about how women trying to get the vote in England back then…”Suffragettes” goes into the efforts of the state to intimidate and control the organisers.
    I have always though Mr.Key is old fashioned, but I didn’t think he was this far back in time

  15. A US-trained mastermind to protect us from ourselves with the signing of a “free” trade agreement. Take wonder at the symmetry.

  16. Tehehehe, bet you he has seen me protesting outside Bullshit Castle – Police HQ several times. Next time I’m in Wellington will make sure I chalk his name on the street.

  17. The movie Good Kill tells of how the CIA is out of control. I bet they will have the drone bombers up watching our every move. Fucken creeps.
    Industrial civilization is killing the planet. We need to stop the TPPA and kick out anyone in government who wants it signed from any position of power. We will have nothing left here otherwise.

  18. The irony is greater than you might have imagined Martyn. Mike Pannett was known by the handle ‘Muppet’ in the Police – he worked in Whangarei for quite some time. By the way, Muppet stands for most useless prick Police ever trained – although it sounds nasty the nickname it was never used in that manner.

    So we have Muppet going to away to work with the Yanks and then coming back here to be their muppet in New Zealand. That, my friend, is some irony.

  19. Terrorism takes on many forms ,intimidation precedes violence?
    In a democracy protest and debate is a sign of a healthy state
    For a police for to hinder or discourage “activists” is intimidation
    Governments are not guilty of terrorism (sarc) but history has shown they are guilty of tyranny

  20. What can be said? Key is bringing American corporates into strategc positions of power. Let Key bring on the fight. Humiliation and Karma will prevail. Go home Key, you’re not welcome here, New Zealand isn’t your home.

  21. Think carefully about where the signing will be held. My guess is that it was NEVER intended that it be held at Sky City. That is just a decoy.

    What better strategy than to have the protestors assemble at Sky City while the actual signing takes place somewhere far removed?

    But like I said, that is just a guess on my part. Oh to be a fly on the wall (with ears) in the GNATZI Cabinet Committee room!

  22. We should be worried and I am. And I will fight this. But why have you called the poaka a narc? A narc is one of two things:
    1. A narcotics officer, a piece of drug squad filth. Was he trained by the DEA?
    2. A police informant, a scumbag who gives ngati poaka information about others to save its own miserable skin. Somewhere below pedophiles on the evolutionary chain. This guy, being a cop already, can’t be that.

    Anyway, let’s stop the TPPA. I’ll be at Waitangi on Friday.

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