TPPA march will be inclusive of all – It’s Our Future



It’s Our Future will hold a march down Queen St on Thursday 4th February. It will be loud, colourful, family-friendly and inclusive of all those who oppose the signing of the TPPA. It will be a symbol of the massive public opposition to the Key government signing the TPPA.

“Hosting the signing of the TPPA at Sky City just before Waitangi Day is a calculated move by the government, presumably with the goal of inciting violence and attempting to discredit the huge campaign against the TPPA”, says spokesperson for Its Our Future, Barry Coates.

“The Key government could have chosen a venue that would have been easy to secure and less of a symbolic target,” Coates said. “By announcing riot training for police, specifically targeted at the Sky City signing, the government has ramped up the level of provocation to opponents of the deal.”

“It’s Our Future, the network organising the main campaign against the TPPA, is not buying into the government’s game plan. We will hold a loud and passionate march down Queen St on 4 February 2016 continuing our kaupapa of family-friendly protest and non-violence.”

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“We expect thousands of Kiwis who oppose the signing of the TPPA to join the march, even though it’s a weekday”, Barry Coates said. “Some will join us on their lunchtime break, while others are planning to travel across New Zealand to express their anger over the government’s arrogant and undemocratic actions.”

“The government’s choice of the Sky City as a venue has rekindled anger over the sweetheart deal that gave the casino rights to build a convention centre and slashed restrictions on gambling in 2013. Part of the contract allows it to exclude guests the government objects to.”

The choice of 4 February as the date to sign the TPPA, which takes away sovereignty and undermines the Treaty of Waitangi, is also a snub to the birth of an independent nation that we celebrate two days later on Waitangi Day. The Crown has put its commitments to foreign states and investors before addressing its failure to deliver on its Treaty of Waitangi obligations.

“The government has misrepresented TPPA opponents as a fringe element. But those who reject the deal are not a small minority. A TV3/Reid Research poll in November made it clear that a majority of the New Zealand public don’t want the TPPA,” commented Barry Coates.

“We assert our rights to non-violent protest against the TPPA.”


  1. 1000% behind this campaign to nobble the Corporate slaves of Planet Key to push his TPPA to conclusion before he gets paid by his masters for his obedience.

    • Good luck everyone hope there are thousands on the march,not sure it will in Sky City ,Key is so devious hes likely to change venue, hope all over the country people turn out, Keep safe.
      People will maybe turn up at Waitangi day celebrations,to voice their disgust at Key, I will .

  2. Hear hear to this TDB post. I will be there, ready and willing to protest peacefully in an effort to make NZ a better place for my two grandchildren to live.

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