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  1. A brilliant article that asserts that Australia and New Zealand do not have a constitution and governments and leaders are not legal heads at all.
    in Australia the ird is being challenged that they are not legally entitled to gather tax’s .
    Read Wake up New Zealand and see legal opinions.
    Could this be the reason why John Key wants a flag change to hijack a new constitution of his choosing.
    The article states the people are the ones to change things not leaders.

    Its seems also that America is going to reject TPPA but Jk wants to push us to join.
    Why? is it to control NZ on behalf of cabal.

    2016 year of fire monkey which means big sudden changes and upsets.
    well here we go!!!!!!!!!!
    Jk says he wont go to the Waitangi Marae if they don’t want him there!
    He’s getting the message.

    Maybe JK should change track and join BRICS and get bigger partners such as India , China, South Africa,Russia, etc etc,140 plus other countries have joined.
    America wants everything to suit themselves, they no longer will have the power by the looks of it.

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