Dear NZ Police – about the TPPA 4th February protest



Dear NZ Police.

You suffer as much as we all do from this Government’s lack of social funding. You pick up the failures of our mental health system, education system, social welfare system, prison system and alcohol culture.

You do it all with ever decreasing budgets.

The TPPA will act as an upper house of our Parliament and with the growth of corporate monsters like SERCO, it’s only a matter of time before their failed social experiments get forced upon us here citing the TPPA as their entrance point, and you as a Police force will be left to clean up the ever expanding societal meltdowns.

So if your commanders give you the order to attack on 4th February remember two things.

One, you are as impacted as the rest of us by signing this TPPA.

and Two, the world will be watching.

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Which side are you on boys?


  1. The cops will be wanting a riot. The best thing to do will be to denie them of what they want. I know this because I was in the military and would train police in crowd control(riot training) and there’s nothing they would like to do more than put their skills to the test. Keep it peaceful

    • Yes no good appealing to the good nature of riot police, they are paid to do what they do. Its the same with body guards ,they might really dislike the person they are guarding but if they don’t do a proper job they are out of a job.
      Some of the riot police can be appealed to but there are always some w
      ho really enjoy a good stoush ,no matter the outcome.
      Take phone cameras ,photograph every police action, keep your wits about you for pepper spray, nothing would anger some innocent person than spray in their eyes, wear glasses.
      Best of all be peaceful,stay away from trouble makers ie government, police, and public.

  2. They will be on the side of doing their duty, I’m afraid, Martyn. That includes carrying out orders.

    Whatever that means for the country.

    The blame lies with the Government of course, not the police.

    (Nevertheless, a worthwhile post . . . .)

    • Sensible comments Murray. Just cant agree the post was worthwhile however . Posts like the above mean the left is polling worse than ever and the right has risen since Mr Key has indicated he will seek another term.

      • Who said Nationals polling figures are true? Hilarious isn’t it, that when John key faces a public backlash of significant proportions out trots the arrogant treasonous disaster with 4th term pr rhetoric and one mouthful of lies after another. At this point in time, I don’t think John key could lie his way out of a paper bag.

        • It isnt “nationals figures, its an independent poll. They will win again because the left is just too out of touch with middle NZ. In fact I think the left prefer being in opposition, it must be easier or something. Otherwise the left would try a cohesive approach , not a radical one that alienates people.

          • Like the way National’s deaf ears, lack of common sense, dishonesty and litany of lies and treasonous betrayals are alienating people, you mean?

            Those polls are far from being “independent” and are not above political interference. It’s clear National use polling as a political tool.

          • Dave, would you please explain, with specific examples, what you mean by your comment “the left is just too out of touch with middle NZ”? Also, would you please provide your definition of “middle NZ”?

    • this is quite possible. I have seen baiters reveal themselves at previous protests too. Fortunately most seasoned protesters understand this and go with a clear agenda and on the lookout for trouble makers. Kia Kaha New Zealand.

    • Key has to have a hand in setting up an attempted failure to the protest in Auckland. Keys facing a major backlash and he doesn’t want it to intimidate him in front of his peers, so Key being as lowly and dirty as he is, rather than face facts, will plant instigators to cause trouble and then claim the protestors are the troublemakers. That’s why the police have been pulled in, to cover up Keys mess of lies, so he looks like the victim at his own dirty tricks.
      You only need to look at the Paris talks and see how the French undercover police infiltrated that demonstration which was peaceful to start with, and how it ended up.
      Yes, people, be very aware, but donot play into Keys hands, because that’s exactly what he wants. He’s using the same dirty tactics Muldoon used with the Springbok tour.

  3. Chris Trotter’s argument elsewhere on site essentially boils down a suggestion that the TPP signing at Sky City is Key’s mousetrap, see the doco ‘Berlusconi’s Mousetrap’ about the 2001 G8 protests in Genoa ( If those overseas experiences are anything to do by, even if every single anti-TPP protester is totally non-violent, the cops will supply their own masked “black blockers” to carry out violent acts, at places and times that the cops are ready to use them as an excuse for their own violence against non-violent demonstrators.

    Since we’re quoting Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’ also says:
    “…the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.”

    So, if the establishment want a riot for propaganda purposes, they’ll attempt to engineer one. The problem is that staying home gives the impression of supporting the TPPA, which is a propaganda win too. What other options do we have for imposing our democratic will on our elected representatives?

    ‘The Art of Wars goes on to say:
    “Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected.”

    If the cops are gathered en masse at Sky City in full riot gear, they will be stretch this everywhere else. What about making a list of protest targets that stand to benefit from the TPP at the public expense, and have large flying pickets, moving randomly from one to another all day, by picking targets out of hat? Each decent size organisation that wants to join the protest could run its own flying picket, organising transportation, snacks etc for its picketers. A media liason in each picket could inform the media when their picket arrives at each target, keeping them scrambling and competing for coverage, instead of the easy riot porn they expect to make at Sky City.

    This way we avoid going where Key, his enforcers, and his pet propoganda agencies expect us. We create more opportunities to connect with the general public and discuss the TPP with them as they go about their day. Also, we demonstrate the range of corporate welfare beneficiaries the TPP is designed to benefit, and how the different clauses in the TPP text do that at public expense.

  4. They are unlikely to be on your side give your open disdain for them. The amount of column inches you have expended implying they are fascist thugs is impressive. Your anti-Police rhetoric could only be enhanced if you added an audio of snorting pigs to each post.

  5. Take phone cameras and if you do catch footage send it to someone offsite, cameras, phones gonna be smashed or taken if it really goes awry. That way the evidence remains .

  6. any planted pseudo black blockers need to b followed with cameras until they take off their masks and hop into their govt vehicles. exposing this worldwide used tactic would b quite powerful

  7. Bryan Bruce on Facebook

    • Negotiate the TPPA deal in secret.
    • Refuse to listen to legitimate concerns about the undemocratic process.
    • Produce a document that allows multi-national corporations to override our health,environment,employment and copyright laws.
    • Invite the co- conspirators to our country to sign the deal close to Waitangi Day ( when we celebrate the founding Treaty of our nation – now seriously undermined by the TPPA).
    • Hold the signing in a Casino and not Parliament.
    • Bring out the riot squad if anyone objects.
    P.S. Oh- and while your at it , make sure you fly that new corporate logo flag on the day the foreign trade ministers get here. We don’t want people looking at our current flag and wondering what happened to the rule of law.

  8. In ’81 our organization was highly disciplined. Marshalls coordinated our actions and acted to neutralize any hotheads. Any weapons were confiscated and police spies/agents provocateurs were evicted fast.

  9. Civil Disobedience is still a legal form of passive protest in NZ. So let’s keep it civilized, hold our heads up high and make our protest obvious without violence.

    Let the other side (police, security etc) instigate aggression, if that’s what they want. We will remain a dignified, but strong supportive collective standing together in unity, without offering resistance, other than protecting ourselves against harm if necessary.

    This is the people’s chance to show the world just how despotic and vile the NZ government is.

    • Key is spoiling for a dust up as he likes getting his own way, the Special Police Forces haven’t had any action since the Dotcom Raids and the Urewera Terrorist Raids so they will be raring to go.

      It’s a pity the Government and the Police don’t concentrate more on organized crime, Asian drug importers and the gangs in NZ or is that in the too hard basket?

    • Key is spoiling for a dust up as he likes getting his own way, the Special Police Forces haven’t had any action since the Dotcom Raids and the Urewera Terrorist Raids so they will be raring to go.

      It’s a pity the Government and the Police don’t concentrate more on organized crime, Asian drug importers and the gangs in NZ or is that in the too hard basket?

    • It’s interesting that that article uses the term “ratify” in regard to the Feb 4 meeting/signing.

      But haven’t we been told by NZ govt that ratification happens at a later date?

      Confused? – you’re supposed to be.

  10. chances are the NZ police will be privatised sometime soon anyway, Serco appears to be all encompassing… note the way they are being underfunded already

  11. Police have always been against what they consider protest not in their interests, so no amount of pleading for solidarity and working alongside helps. In the anti TTP organisations you will find paid police moles which is why I do not go near protest groups any more – got totally done over in 1981!

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