If you go down to the Court today, you’re sure for a big surprise



The Tipline is running hot with rumours that there will be some interesting scenes today at the Manakau Court.

YourNZ blog pet and Scoop confidant, Ben Rachinger will be appearing for a deception charges today at the Manakau Court.

Ben was involved in a conspiracy to hack The Standard, who he really is and the truth of the various absurd claims he has made isn’t really known. Is he a pathological liar, a manipulator of woman, a Police informant or just some guy who conned Cameron Slater into handing him nearly $10 000 to hack blogs?

At this stage it doesn’t really matter, he’s as relevant as YourNZ is, but what will be interesting is Rachinger’s co-accused. The co-accused has managed to get a complete identity suppression on the charges they are facing.  The co-accussed has had their name, profession and any identifying features suppressed, if they are appearing today however they won’t be able to hide from journalists covering the case.

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It’s the suppressed identity of this person that will be most amusing.



  1. “It’s the suppressed identity of this person that will be most amusing”

    But how will we know who he/she is…….if we are not at the hearing?

    • What we need are the services of a morally hollow blogger with a track record of breaching suppression orders. I wonder if the one I’m thinking of would be interested in providing us with such revelations, or if there may be a problem there…

  2. How does this actually work in this case? We already know who he was working with on the fake standard hack. You would think there was little point to requesting suppression for his accomplice. All you have to say is BR / standard hack / accomplice and that’s all it takes to ID the other person.

  3. He looks as if he is a bent character alright.

    My Mum said 60 yrs.’ ago that “you cant hide your thoughts in your smile’s” as Keyster tries to do and this guy seems also to do.

    Gee the stock market is killing itself today as the Dow is crashing over 500 points on Thursday and the pundits are freaking out too, what a sight on CNBC.

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