GUEST BLOG: Kevin Hester – Public seminar to discuss Copout 21 and the threat of Methane



Renowned climate scientist  and ominously, Nuclear Power advocate ( watch this space for John Key advocating nuclear)  James E Hansen described  Cop21( Copout21) as “a Fraud” .

We have now been thrown under the abrupt climate change bus with the dominant culture of cowboy capitalism which,  if you have been paying attention to the stock market, is already in terminal collapse and is  indifferent to our unfolding catastrophe.

Many of us have been watching carefully the exponential rise of carbon, past the symbolic 400ppm mark but little attention has been paid to the ever increasing discharge of methane from the Arctic permafrost and submarine clathrates. Methane is of an order of 25 to 100 times worse a climate change gas than carbon over varying time frames.

Embedded here is a recent post from Robertscribblers blog  on methane; Jennifer Hynes , myself,  Professor Guy McPherson ( ) and hopefully a member of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, possibly Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa, will be discussing the enormous threat this poses to our bio-sphere and all complex life forms on February 14th at Laila Harre’s sea food restaurant and venue, IKA  Seafood Bar and Grill  in Auckland. 

Entry will be free but I suggest you bring enough fiat currency for delectable tapas and a stiff drink to wash down the sobering information we have to impart.

I have embedded numerous links from both Jennifer Hynes and related information in the Facebook Event link here;

Please invite anyone you know with specific focus on young people as this predicament and the information we will be discussing   will change the perspective and aspirations of every young person who hears it. Sharing in student forums will be much appreciated.

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Time is short, information is king, the youth of today have a right to know what is coming and the global “ Presstitutes” as Paul Craig Roberts refers to them, are never going to tell the truth about this disaster.

Please come and join us in person , via live-streaming or watch after when  the discussion is uploaded to You Tube.

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.” 
― William Faulkner 


  1. It has been reported by seemingly qualified people that about 2000 years ago the sea level was about 60 meters lower than present (because it was frozen at the poles. It is claimed that it was then possible to walk from the south island to the north (on land). The ice has since melted and sea levels have risen. So global warming happens naturally. The question is: does the actions of man contribute, and if so, how much? I would love an honest answer.

    • Your question is based on doubts as to whether PRESENT-day rising sea-levels is “natural” or “man-made”… (For my answer, and to avoid nonsense quibbling, I make the (obvious) assumption that HUMAN activity is separate from NATURAL activity.)

      My answer: The evidence has shown that sea-level rise is being caused, far more, by HUMANS and our energy-use activities than by any detectable NATURAL effects.
      – – –
      Personally, I don’t know how to say it any other way to make the concept clearer and better understood.

      • I have read two peer-reviewed papers by IPCC cited climate scientists on SLR that claim there is no anthropogenic fingerprint detectable on sea levels.

        • Good for you, I guess they’re the scientists that the IPCC cites as being outside the mainstream consensus.

          • No, the mainstream consensus is that there is little or no evidence of anthropogenic influence on SLR.

            No doubt you have some “Skeptical Science” or Guardian article that states otherwise

  2. It would be very useful to have someone who knows what they are talking about check the basic facts before this kind of item gets presented to the public.

    ‘Methane is of an order of 25 to 100 times worse a climate change gas than carbon over varying time frames.’

    Carbon is not a gas (well not at any temperature relevant to this discussion).

    That sentence might read:

    Methane is of an order of 25 to 100 times worse a climate change gas than carbon dioxide over varying time frames.

    But even that is not correct.

    Methane was assigned a multiplier of 23 times carbon dioxide over 100, years. That value was then increased to 34.

    Methane was assigned a multiplier of 72 times carbon dioxide over 20 years. That value was then increased to 86.

    None of those values has any credibility because they assume oxidation of methane to carbon dioxide.

    In practice, methane is not being oxidised to carbon dioxide at the same rate it is being released into the atmosphere, and the concentration is increasing, i.e. the residence time is not that of any of the theoretical UNIPCC models and the action on climate is much greater than UNIPCC suggest.

    I rang Paul Beckwith at the University of Ottawa nearly 3 years ago to find out whether he knew the INSTANTENEOUS multiplier for CH4 versus CO2 because the UNIPCC values were obviously wrong and represented only the late portions of decay curves. Back extrapolation indicated a value of the order of 300. Paul said he was unsure, but at the time quoted a multiplier of 250 time CO2 for CH4.

    I suggested that the INSTANTANEOUS multiplier for methane is the most important number on Earth to Paul and on NBL.

    Three years later ‘nobody knows’. Though Guy now recognises it is the short-time=frame value that matters. to play safe he says ‘more than 100’.

    However, Malcolm Light suggested a multiplier of 1,000 times CO2 in recent articles.

    With methane levels in the range 2ppm to 3ppm over the Arctic we can add anything between 200 and 3000 to the carbon dioxide (currently around 403ppm) and get CO2e values ranging from 600 to 3400. And that before we consider N2O and other greenhouse gases!

    I raise the issue of Abrupt Climate Change 15 years ago. ‘Nobody’ (including the NZ Green Party) was interested.

    That is still the case, I’m afraid.

    Just as with the economy, we are going to be driven straight of the cliff with respect to climate by the maniacs who are in control.

    I will be very surprised if present economic arrangements have not collapsed by 2020 (with a major jolt this year) and if I am still alive in 2030 will be very surprised if we are not well past 450ppm and well past 2oC hotter.

    Pity the children and grandchildren.

  3. That will be great!
    Also I really highly recommend The Deep Green Résistance, Derrick Jensen is really fantastic! Find, listen and read everything from him it is really worth it. If this is going to be especially directed at the younger people then direct them to Derrick Jensen’s message for understanding direct action and how/why/what….
    Also The Dark Mountain Project with Paul Kingsnorth, if you are a writer or an artists on this subject, it helps with feeling connected to others with empathy around the world during this horror.
    I have three paintings going into the next UK Dark Mountain Project Book edition #9 The Humbling. Links

    I love Guy Mcpherson, Paul Beckwith, Jennifer Hynes and Robert Scribbler, heroes all of them.

  4. National don’t really want to take climate change seriously do they? here’s the proof here!

    19th January 2016.

    According to this Radio NZ report;'s-emissions-projections-far-exceed-paris-commitment

    The National lead Government is now buying cheap carbon credits from failed economies like Ukraine to avoid taking proper environmental policies to reduce their promised emission targets they committed to in December 2015 at the historic Paris Climate change accord just last month.

    Transport emissions are amongst the largest emitters according to a recent report from Ministry of Environment, and here we see national preparing to keep closing down regional rail services while growing truck freight emissions dramatically instead.

    So to honour those commitments made in Paris, for instance the North Island East coast rail system be reopened & should be connected to all major ports!

    This requires that a forward rail upgrading planning is now required and that a reopening of existing regional rail commence immediately, and not just toy with cheap carbon credits and undermine the climate.

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