Cameron Slater is right – suppression orders are terrible



Cameron Slater has spent a lifetime on his blog denouncing suppression orders, and he’s right. Powerful people, usually men, hiding their alleged criminal shame from public scrutiny seems to fly in the face of justice.

There are legitimate reasons for suppression orders, but they seem to be focused on protecting reputations of well connected people rather than uphold the premise that you are innocent until conviction.

There aren’t many times I agree with Slater, but when it comes to using suppression orders to hide your identity from the public, I support Cam in his criticism.

The only thing worse than using your power to hide your identity would be hypocrisy.


  1. If I have to chose between allowing hate speakers to rant or having some faceless bureaucrat decide what is or is not suitable for publication, I know which I prefer.

    The former.

    • Unfortunately, Andrew, hate-speech has consequences which usually aren’t directed at the likes of you. Once you’ve had hate speech thrown at you, and the physical consequences enabled by hate speech, your outlook on life becomes less enamoured with such niceties…

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