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  1. Some holiday reading?

    ‘Comets contain building blocks of possible life – Rosetta project scientist’

    Episode 857

    “In this final special, “Winter, Why Not?” episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert conclude with their thoughts on the 2015 that was and the 2016 that is: from increasing productivity, declining wages and decreasing fuel efficiency, rising alternative energy superpower. In the second half, they talk to Charles Hugh Smith of about a “radically beneficial world” in a post-jobs economy.”

    ‘Welcome 2016’

    “Ringing in the New Year! What does 2016 hold for us? What stories will we be covering? Who will capture our imagination and hopes? What will inspire us? And what will bring tears to our eyes?

    CrossTalking with Anissa Naouai, Rory Suchet, and Oksana Boyko.”

  2. FFS! Today NZH, is now repeating news from ages ago! Every time I go online now to the publication, it’s a case if deja vu! At first I thought I was imagining things, but I’m definitely not.

    Seems to me, the lid has been sealed tight on releasing recent news items. The 2016 policy message from FJK and his chief of propaganda Steven “Lord Haw Haw” Joyce, is to keep the masses dumbed down as much as possible, to avoid scrutiny!

    Kiwis deserve much better than the regurgitated tripe being dished up, disguised as information!

    • I agree, we deserve so much better.

      “All truth passes through 3 stages—-
      First – it is ridiculed
      Second – it is violently opposed
      Third — it is accepted as being self – evident

      We have been fed a load of BS instead of the TRUTH by Lord Fonleroy Joyce and lied to by our PM to the point that folks just believe the lies and it is a joke how unaware and fearful most are in NZ.

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