John Key on ISIS & Saudi Arabia – this is the country we are is it?


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We are currently trying to bribe a Saudi Businessmen who was promised by Key to lift live sheep exports and spat the dummy when Key didn’t.

We are bribing this businessman because he is holding up a free trade deal with Saudi Arabia.

You read that right – we are bribing someone to get a free trade deal with a country that gives 200 lashes to a woman gang raped, a country that treats women less than we treat our sheep, a country that crucifies people, a country that beheads just like ISIS behead.

Key describes ISIS as barbaric so what will he call Saudi Arabia after they executed 47 people today?

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How can we embark upon a secret war supporting butchers, tyrants and warlords as allies to kill a group of religious fanatics every inch as sadistic as one we are bribing to get a trade deal with?

How on earth is that the NZ we believe we are?

Oh but ISIS are different aren’t they folks? ISIS is medieval and barbaric and can not be negotiated with – which kinda still sums up Saudi Arabia very well.

Let’s not forget that Key is using Muslim’s under surveillance and ‘Jihadi Brides’ to avoid answering questions he doesn’t want to answer.

Questions like –

You know, questions like that.

Key’s argument for sending troops to ‘train’ soldiers to fight (and his insinuation that the Left are hypocrites for not supporting his humanitarian re-invasion of Iraq) is…

“So the very people who tell me their whole DNA is laced with human rights and standing up for people who can’t protect themselves tell me to look the other way when people are being beheaded by kids, burned by kids and thrown off buildings. Well, sorry. Give me a break. New Zealand is not going to look the other way.”

More dog airhorn than whistle for war,  because that’s what us moral crusaders for – what is it this time, Democracy? Freedom? Corporate rights to buy and manipulate whatever natural resources the latest country America is invading this year, really want to hear when it comes to empty and meaningless justifications.

Mr Key has decided to hang his argument on (pause) the evil that is ISIS!



So on the one hand – we can got to war to fight a movement that is a human rights abuser but we’ll bribe other human rights abusers if that fits our interests?

That’s the country we are is it?

If you are not angry you are not paying attention.


  1. That’s with out mentioning that the Saudis are technically insolvent.

    And our strategy is to give them potatoes……… In the form of crisps and other uselessness.

    We are reaching all new levels of mismanagement.

  2. If its good enough to send our troops as ‘ trainers’ into the middle east then how about we also send troops as ‘ trainers ‘ into Africa where other sicko’s are vying for the same status as Al Qaeda ,ISIS and all the others of their ilk….

    Oh wait – the USA’s not interested in those places because there are no strategic oil fields and Key doesn’t care about a few blacks getting butchered because they don’t want our sheep…

    Well sorry , give US a break . New Zealand just DID LOOK THE OTHER WAY , KEY !!!


  3. Exactly right Martyn. Saudi Arabia is involved in covert funding of ISIS
    If anyone wants to watch an antidote to the bullshit around these geopolitical events promulgated by our mass media propaganda outlets, here is a very interesting documentary.
    If Helen Clark gets the top job at the UN it will be very interesting to see if she can bring some sanity to that organisation.

  4. I watched the movie Good Kill last night about a drone bomber whistle blower, it was sickening to watch. How far is nutty America going to go with this? I think it wont be long before drones are herding us all up for extermination at the request of the psychopathic ‘leaders’. What was unbelievable in Good Kill was the CIA orders! Also I watched Kill The Messenger which also was about the corruption of the CIA who is in charge of directing drone orders. It has been out of control for a very long time. The countdown must be on for total world control they have the tech and are practicing their kill skills, they have plenty of willing idiots pulling triggers under orders from lunatics. The joystick of death needs to be prised out of the hands of the sinister powers that be the CIA and the crazed empire that is the USA. The power is going to blow past any smidgen of morality left, it is too easy for them to make up any amount of jargon to justify bombs away. It will be too late soon – out of control has become the norm.

  5. jonky will do, and say, anything for money and its associate bastard cousin power while we can only look on penniless and powerless.

    Am I mistaken or has Andrew Little disappeared again? And am I equally mistaken in thinking that given the dire straits jonky’s dragging us through, wouldn’t you think Little would be going from door to door, farm to farm, factory to factory encouraging the re unionising of the only power to stop The Jonky Product. The work force. Andrew Little trumpets on about jobs,jobs,jobs when really ? Like? Fuck the jobs. The ‘jobs’ obsession is, to me, at this particular juncture , like building a house by starting with the top bricks on the chimney.

    Jonky and his minions can clearly do whatever the fuck they like to us, take what ever they like from us and if Jonky Co Ltd shipped out the unemployed he created to the saudis for beheading practise I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

  6. Interested to hear more on how John Key and Murray McCully’s farm investments are progressing in Saudi Arabia?

    • @ Jack Ramaka – Yes. The corrupt (and extremely cruel) Saudi farm deal needs revisiting once more.

      And I hope msm does its job, pulling that one out and keeps it in the public domain now after the recent appalling Saudi atrocities, keeping NatzKEY under sharp scrutiny, while pushing opposition to hammer the issue hard!

      But … sigh … we are talking msm here aren’t we?

  7. Can someone remind me, especially from the National Party, the REAL reason taxpayer dollars are being used to bribe some Saudi millionare?

    Who apart from some corrupt National Party member/s/millionares benefit?

    • Not from National party but maybe I will do. I expect the real reason is $100 billion the country is in debt and the need to scrape together every last dollar you can, even if it means selling your granny, to a) get rid of it (fat chance) b) reduce it (somewhat overweight chance) or stop it from getting any bigger (my money’s on that one). They need to do this before all the asleep at the wheel John Key grovelers begin to wake up and realise, hey, did they really get us through the GFC or just delay the inevitable.

  8. The US is now an overtly fascist police state.

    Under Key, NZ is being transitioned from a covertly fascist police state into an overtly fascist police state.

  9. There is plenty of documented evidence on NATO & Gulf monarchies funding, supporting and directing (remember “non-lethal” aid) ISIS.

    The Turks, NATO members, have already been exposed as the logistical backbone of ISIS through whom Saudi Arabia funded ISIS.

    So , can we stop beating around the bush and stop making trade deals with ISIS aka Saudi Arabia.

  10. Vote of “No confidence” in National because of their corrupt practices with bribing Saudis.

    ‘Bring the bastards down’ should be the Left’s New Year’s Resolution.

  11. Given Saudi Arabia’s abysmal human right’s record, if the The John Key is consistent (he isn’t of course, being a fucking hypocrite) he’d also be trying to negotiate a FTA with North Korea. Wouldn’t it be glorious if he actually did that though?

  12. great post Martyn, and Winnie said it right ‘Bring the bastards down’ should be the Left’s New Year’s Resolution.

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