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TDB Political Caption Competition

By   /  December 30, 2015  /  46 Comments

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  1. Which one is the living artist residing in Paris?

  2. Roy says:

    Keeping up with the KEYdashians : We go to Hawaii as often as people eat chocolate we are decadent

  3. J S Bark J S Bark says:

    Holy Family turns down manger. “We deserve better than that” says Joseph…

  4. Hi Vis. says:

    A selfie of ” the first family “. What a joke.

  5. Sandi says:

    “Smile for the plebs so they know we are thinking of them in their misery”.

  6. We all got push-bikes from Brian John Evans, the Talkback Terrorist of New Zealand, for Christmas – but all the bloody bikes had no seats – boo! OUCh OW!! Bloody Brian said they would keep us on our toes! – but you know what – we are really starting to enjoy them now…..hee hee hee…

  7. Isis just named John Key its new Jihadi John for soon getting rid of the old Union Jack and all that patriotism BS the present flag engenders. Like Hussein Obama trashing the Oval Office Winston Churchill statue…
    Allahu Akbar! God is great!

  8. Roy says:

    Um Hawaii home sweet home with the fam ..little do people know . Achshully I just wonder what Obama wants me to implement when we next meet for a round of golf. .. any suggestions State visit to NZ ..cake of soap in the shape and likeness of Obama….add some more stars and stripes to that Lockwood design which I originally didn’t want but presumptuous on my part will get through …f*k I hope it does

  9. Better even than our Dad John Key getting “Jihadist of the Year 2015”, for insulting the New Zealand flag, (Hussein Obama who funds Isis was second) Dad got “The Half-Time Oranges Girl” award from All Black Richie McCaw!
    Max and Stephie Key.

  10. Max Key: “Very very sorry Dad – but me and Stephie are off to join patriot Donald Trump soon, in whipping Isis, wiping the phoney smiles off Hillary Clinton’s blood-stained chops, pissing off General Hussain Obama, by shooting his illegal murderous drones down and all to make New Zealand great again. Cheers Dear Leader!”

  11. Max and Stephie Key bragged that just as George Orwell wrote that, “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – “So our Dad John Key will never get that hatred!”

  12. doc says:

    look at them all lining up at at the, city mission any one would think they’re starving lol, I hope last years leftover ham we donated is still ok,

  13. Actually kids, I really need you to infiltrate, charm and trick the anti-zionists Mike and Claire Rivero on nearbye Oahu Island who run “What Really Happened” radio talkback, that daily sends our boss Bibi – up the mucking wall!

  14. Free! – at last! Away from all those adoring, forgiving, sheeple! – and bloody Richie McCaw – my gawd!

  15. elle says:

    Just look at our beautiful American white teeth,all paid for by NZ tax’s

  16. We always safe kids – the NZ Herald has our backs – every whistle-blower – like the latest loudmouth patriot Donald Trump – gets a Lord Haw Haw bullcrap bollocking!

  17. Dad – all of New Zealand’s bought and paid for editors are sayiing that Barack Hussein Obama, your mate, is so hugely admired,- but he scares the shit out of me and Max!

  18. Hey kids – think of our millionaire holidays as more like God helping the Israelites and Moses merciful escape from Egypt!

  19. elle says:

    Don’t think that is Stephie Key she said she would never come back to NZ,looks like Max girlfriend so if its the case not a complete family selfie.

  20. America’s nine hundred military bases, to Russia’s only two, must mean we are stuck in the real Evil Empire Dad?

  21. e-clectic says:

    I think it’s a lovely photo of a dedicated family man who only wants the best for all New Zealanders.

  22. The NZ “”protest movement””, could easily telephone en masse and defeat our talkback-radio fascist agenda 24/7, bringing the truth to 300,000 dumbed-down, captivated, isolated listeners, but bizarrely John Minto and Co, keep ordering NEIN! Thanks MANAGED, VICHY PROTEST LEADERS!

  23. The NZ Women’s Weekly cover wanted an Alsatian pet dog in our selfies to win over the undecideds mob but the SPCA said “Nah – Cruelty to animals mate!””.

  24. Marcus Lush today as the NZ Herald joins our sturdy nazi never-talkback-radio 1ZB,- banned Brian Evans, but contracted Dopes’ Delhi belly when sailing down the Nile. Iron Cross stuff!

  25. 2015 I pulled a ponytail and became Dear Leader, but picked up soap and nearly lost my title;
    2016 I must chinese-burn the Queen and get pronounced Great Leader!

  26. Obama is going to invade Russia because they hate our fascism and give me Stalingrad!

  27. Mussolini initially called it fascism, but we put New Zealand on the map with our “She”ll be Right Fascist Party!”. Great days, great days…

  28. I decree all school lunches must remain appalling and the names “obesity” and “diabetes” must be called something else,- to obscure the numbers of tragic losses to the nation!

  29. Hillary Clinton’s response to brave Alex Jones of Infowars T shirt, saying “HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016”, is a logical “”THE CLINTONS ARE TOO BIG TO JAIL!””. Good luck Hillary – National needs you!

  30. In World War 2 terms “”A little war a day keeps the real auditing at bay.””

  31. It is Maori’s-own-fault-Alan Duff is back on National’s NZ Herald – Go Duffy!

  32. We must increase the sugar-water, the fluorided water, Big Junk Food and Medicine and Leíghton Smith’s 1ZB coverage and salary, to dumb the bastards down, much much more.

  33. Kim Dotcom has to be stopped anyway possible, or he will make a movie exposing that “”Äll Wars are Banker’s Wars””, destroy our surveillance and worst of all – host Jane Fonda!

  34. Any child of mine saying kiwis need a strong binding Constitution like America and a set in concrete, no censoring allowed internet, will get sent to sit on the naughty seat!

  35. Alan Duff NZ Herald – “”Help our kids to fly”” We need more maori morticians and dentists”” except the poor blackened teeth, early death overweights, now need to buy two seats. Is Alan actually hurting National?

  36. Father, we just saw Keira Knightley in Jane Austen’s “”Pride and Prejudice”” and you really, truly, should leave the lovely lovely “British” in our flag, or its the very saddest, worst of rest homes, for you daddums…

  37. I had this just awful, scary nightmare, where the german Kim Dotcom, was prosecuting “”the coalition of the willing””, as war criminals based, on the Nuremberg Trials of Nazis in 1945…

  38. Dad, was “”I know nothing!”” Sergeant Schultz, your most copied role model?

  39. Daddy, honestly – you should really stay in your prim William F Buckley shtick ‘cos your “”let it all hangout Gore-Vidal-Myra-Breckinridge”” just ain”t working!

  40. The main-stream-media discourse allowed, is more and more just sound bites, almost grunts – which of course is why the Neanderthals died out daddy.

  41. Not all main stream media are knuckle-dragging conceited weirdos Dad – Leighton Smith can always go back to driving his Sydney taxi!

  42. It’s not the Silent Majority National fears, so much as their raised digital fingers – uh – those are so loud!

  43. “”Ïf you just said something I did not hear what it was”” – Nag nag nag – my Voice to Text I swear, is being hacked by bloody Kim Dotcom operatives…

  44. Dad I am going to marry an Asian girl as I find their baby-high singing voices, denote an effort to follow, than lead and boss, like our more Marlene Dietrich types.

  45. I asked Dad if I got poor what he would send me, – he said it would be the address of the local Methodist Mission – so he”d get big Brownie Points with Maori.

  46. Struth – Kim Dotcom is threatening to reveal we make low-fat Trim Milk from skinny cows made to run round the paddocks all day and then do push-ups!

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