SBW grows again in mana by highlighting dead Syrian Children


I thought SBW amazing sportsmanship in consoling a losing player was amazing…


…I thought his handing over of his medal to a kid who was tackled by a security guard was beautiful…


…but it’s his incredible journey with the amazing Mike McRoberts to Syria that cements SBW as a real hero…

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Sonny Bill Williams was ‘ignorant’ of refugee crisis before visiting Lebanon
All Black Sonny Bill Williams says spending time at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon has made him realise how “ignorant” of the refugee crisis he was.

The sporting superstar is currently visiting a temporary settlement in Faida, Bekaa Valley, working with Unicef to bring awareness to the conditions Syrian children and families are living in after escaping their war-torn country.


…and his latest decision to post the pictures of dead Syrian children on his twitter account just proves the strength and courage of his commitment.  Most NZers like their rugby stars stupid and shackled to John Key like a pet, so Sonny Bill Williams constant leadership in ethics and morality will make many feel uncomfortable. NZers don’t like to think at the best of times making SBWs stance even more impressive.

We finally have a sporting hero who is as conscious as they are physical.


  1. Yes Its great SBW has highlighted the misery wrought by this war. Seeing things through his relatively naive eyes, with respect to international militarism, is refreshing compared to the US State Department press releases that the mainstream media subjects us to. Lets hope more people become aware of the primary cause. NATO and the USA.
    They don’t like images of dead children to be associated with their military adventures so expect a lot of propaganda about Assad and Putin being responsible. It is high time that NATO and the USA were made to be accountable for the death and destruction they have wrought in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.
    TV1 has just said UNICEF is distancing itself from SBW’s tweets. Talk about not being able to handle the truth. They are under the thumb of good old Uncle Sam.

    • Sources have commented, the dead kids were killed by Russia air strikes. So perhaps consider that for a balance to the criticism of the US and western powers active in Syria.

      There is no clear good and evil in this game, and some seem to protect the Russians from criticism, while their strikes are as deadly as any other.

      • Russia is there at the invitation of a sovereign nation, Syria. Nato and The USA were uninvited and are there as part of their program to remove Assad and install a puppet regime that will allow a pipeline from Qatar to supply gas to Europe. This is how American capitalism works. If they are the winners in supplying gas to Europe thats ok. If Russia is the winner then Russia’s pipelines will be disrupted by destroying the countries through which they pass, Ukraine, by pressure from the US puppet EU, Bulgaria, by installing an undemocratic US puppet government, Macedonia. Is this the competition we learned about in economics 101. There have been 9000 lives lost in Ukraine thanks to the USA fomented revolution there. The same scale of death is underway in Syria thanks to the USA. As I said above look for Putin to be blamed. Thanks Mike for proving me correct.

      • They were dead kids, in the Middle East where war of some sort or other has been being waged since forever. Splitting hairs over exactly whose bombs killed those exact two kids is petty, indeed.

  2. The Kiwi rugby fan will turn on SBW, All Blacks are expected to remain politically naive and in awe of Key. Displaying a good set of values and a moral compass that points to compassion and empathy will not go down will with the rugby heads who adore Key.
    Rugby players that show intelligence are often vilified within the rugby community.

  3. With respect for what SBW tries to get across, I feel a bit uncomfortable with using such pictures of dead children. I give SBW the benefit of the doubt, that he really thought it was the appropriate thing to do, to raise awareness, that he only just obtained during his Middle East trip with UNICEF, visiting refugees and their children.

    But dead children and also adults, killed in war, or through war, these are images often abused by all sides in the battle. So I understand that UNICEF were not comfortable with this, and have distanced themselves.

    Yet some may need to be shocked out of their indifference, as too many like to turn away from what really goes on. I note that various media and also blogs try to avoid showing too graphic images and videos. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, but on the other hand, it does also create a situation where people will simply not take note of conflicts and the consequences of such.

    So I have very mixed feelings about this.

    There is no mention of this on TS, I wonder why, perhaps they simply do not like too uncomfortable visual images, as I have noticed before.

    This country has had its own blood and guts in past wars and conflicts, also with the upper class suppressing workers’ actions. It seems much of that has been forgotten, and many just love to fool themselves, that all is safe and well here, as they do not see anything they would find unpleasant.

    Wars are not fights with noble high tech warriors shooting “clean” and high tech ammunition at each other, they are usually bloody, not just video games that some play.

    SBW has just given us a glimpse of the horror, it is far worse, and has cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Syria alone. And millions fled, inside and outside of Syria.

    Europe did not take much note, until they came in their thousands in boats, and until a graphic image of a drowned child on a Turkish beach was shown all over the globe.

    Maybe more will now wake up, I doubt it though, as most will turn away and distract themselves, as it is the most common behaviour now in John (Not the Baptist) Key’s New Zealand.

    There is no other explanation for the state of affairs, and these pictures are unlikely to change things. Sad this is, very very sad.

    • I too, admit to mixed feelings, but I have absolutely no doubt, whatsoever, as to what motivated SBW.
      I used to see him as a sporting mercenary and a bit of show pony, that moment when he gave his medal away, it was look on his face made me change my mind, completely.

      • Ditto Rae.

        Whatever it is that drives SBW, religion or something else, it’s showing in his compassionate attitude towards humanity.

  4. Sony Bill Williams is a decent human being. He’s doing what UNICEF and international media should be doing, exposing the devastating effects of war on innocent children. Instead he is being vilified for his actions.

    As awful as this situation is, I say good on you SBW, for bringing the horror of the middle east to the rest of the world. A good Kiwi to be proud of.

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