Arctic to hit 50 degrees hotter than average this week – no one told the North Pole about the ‘successful’ Paris Talks



Beyond the self congratulatory crap spouted by some NGOs and Green movements over the supposed ‘success’ of the Paris talks, something deeply disturbing will happen to the Arctic this week

The sun has not risen above the North Pole since mid-September. The sea ice—flat, landlike, windswept, and stretching as far as the eye can see—has been bathed in darkness for months.

But later this week, something extraordinary will happen: Air temperatures at the Earth’s most northernly region, in the middle of winter, will rise above freezing for only the second time on record.

On Wednesday, the same storm system that last week spun up deadly tornadoes in the American southeast will burst into the far north, centering over Iceland. It will bring strong winds and pressure as low as is typically seen during hurricanes.

That low pressure will suck air out of the planet’s middle latitudes and send it rushing to the Arctic. And so on Wednesday, the North Pole will likely see temperatures of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2 degrees Celsius. That’s 50 degrees hotter than average: It’s usually 20 degrees Fahrenheit below zero there at this time of year.

…50 degrees hotter than average. Just think about that for a moment – the Arctic will be hit this week by a storm that will bring heat 50 degrees hotter than usual. The simple truth is that the Planet is on the verge of feedback loops that simply can’t stop the warming.

We need to be on a war footing to prevent this and look for radical change so we can adapt to the changing climate fast enough. A report in 5 years to record the weasel word promises is like a band aid on a decapitation.

Meanwhile a climate minimiser like Government propagandist David Farrar admits temperatures are climbing while a climate denier like Cameron Slater still claims it’s all a great big hoax perpetrated by Greenpeace. When the debate is locked between right wing hate bloggers who are still arguing why the Planet is warming and delusional environmental advocacy groups who think the spineless response in Paris is somehow a success,  we will gain no real traction to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Ultimately I believe the Greens and their pro-market framework with their Coke-Cola consultant leader is simply not the best vehicle for change – there needs to be a radical green socialism to provide the solutions because if the Paris talks are really the best we can get – then we are doomed.



  1. What would successful Paris climate talks look like for you, Martyn? You seem to think that any outcome that doesn’t immediately (possibly using magic) reverse the existing warming and stop extreme weather events is a failure…

    • Tomatoes tomatoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7 degrees Boodlebum, it’s still getting fucking warmer. Why split hairs?

      • JSB

        Because facts matter.

        Converted to celsius the projected temperature anomally is about 30 degrees (from approx; -29 to 2 degrees). An important thing to note is that this hasn’t actually happened yet.

        In the linked article was mention of a century high christmas eve temperature in New York of 67F (19C). This is likely to have made a more immediate impression on a large number of people about the reality of climate change than a weather forecast for an uninhabited region.

  2. “Ultimately I believe the Greens and their pro-market framework with their Coke-Cola consultant leader is simply not the best vehicle for change – there needs to be a radical green socialism to provide the solutions because if the Paris talks are really the best we can get – then we are doomed.”

    Yep, now we are talking!

    I despair at what I see every day, and New Zealanders must in their majority belong to the greatest climate change deniers and doubters in the world.

    We have the usual “silly season”, and thousands, hundreds of thousands, have left the major and smaller cities in this nation, and are at it again, driving, driving and driving more, long distance, not so long distance, many short distances (to get some ice cream from the nearest shop, or some take away to feed the kids). All done in usual fashion, using fossil fuels. We have cars using fossil fuels advertised in the media, we have consumerism propagated and encouraged all over the media sphere, and like mesmerised and addicted, most follow the commands, buy, buy, consume, consume, as if there is no tomorrow to worry about.

    Indeed, the Greens thinking now that environmental issues can best be solved by letting the market decide (not all of them though), that is a real worry. As it is the very market and “economic growth” obsession that has led us to all this madness.

    Even just letting people decide with their votes, when they do not get informed, as the MSM is hardly ever reporting anything of substance on these matters, that will fail to wake people up, to have people decide with a conscience.

    Uninformed “democrats” are useless democrats and voters, as they will not know and understand what is going on, what is at stake. The tiny bits of “news” we get, a few seconds about a melting glacier, about a flood or storm, a drought, a new heat record, that will not sink in. With the Twitter madness, any bit of “news” that is squeezed into 140 characters, same as “news bits” we now get via TV, radio and more often also in print, we will NOT get informed people, and they will rather be deciding based on the brainwashing they get from infomercials and commercials.

    From a young age kids get brainwashed and hooked to the lifestyle and wastefulness we have in society, they “hook” them on sugar, fast food, Ronald McDonald, gadgets, rubbish toys and instant gratification goodies, but that kills the sense in thinking.

    With a Key government, that itself does not want to face the realities, and with their almost complicit useless MSM entourage, we will be lost, as a people, as a nation, as uninformed “democratic illiterates”.

    So we are heading right there, towards the huge, deep cliff, and I fear that other people and nations are also poorly prepared and falling for these “negotiators” and diplomats that made the COP21 a supposed “success”. It is a message sending too many back to sleep, thinking, it is all on track and in “good hands”, while it is not.

    Prepare for the worst, and hundreds of millions going to be driven off their own lands, as it will become inhospitable in too many places, like the Middle East, too hot to live there. But one small consolation is, there will be more “fertile” land in Siberia and Canada, and Alaska, to grow more food, perhaps, sadly this may only be done by continuing the fossil way, thus only aggravating the future situation.

    Wake up, dear people, get out of cars, use bicycles, walk, use public transport where you can, stop fooling yourselves, the way most of you go, you are all contributing to the dug grave of the human species.

    • Exactly right my friend, but how do you persuade the neanderthals in this country that that is the case? The silly buggers just don’t wanna know…

  3. Jesus Christ ! That is alarming. Just as well we have paula bennett as our new climate change minister then.

    And your post also supports my belief that we’re being colonised by rich, climate change escapees on their way as I write.

    We’re fucking lucky to be Kiwis are we not.

    • Paula Bennett:

      Her competency so far seems to be limited to simply referring to Ministry of the Environment reports on emissions and so forth:

      Her “bio” shows damned little in educational achievements:

      Wikipedia has a bit more on her life, her “education” and “training”:

      “Her father had a flooring business in Auckland, then in 1974 bought the village store at Kinloch, near Taupo. Bennett attended Taupo-nui-a-Tia College in Taupo. At 17 she gave birth to a daughter, Ana, and raised her alone whilst receiving welfare payments from the New Zealand Government.[4]

      Bennett moved to Auckland in 1992[5] where she worked in a rest home, first as a dishwasher and then as a nurse aide. She began studying social work at the Albany campus of Massey University in 1994.[4] She became the welfare officer of the Massey University at Albany Students’ Association, then, in 1996, the president, which gave her a taste for politics. She dropped the social work component to her course, leaving simply social policy,[4] graduating with a BA.”

      So she started off as a “teen mother” on a benefit, I suppose that “qualifies” her for having been Minister for Social Developent, where she did all to kick off the lower rungs of the ladder for all others in similar circumstances and in need of support.

      The she became a “dishwasher” and “nurse aid” in a rest-home, began studying “social work”, but soon dropped the social work component to her course, leaving simply “social policy”.

      As she became interested in politics, she then moved on to become a “recruitment consultant” and worked for Murray McCully, MP for East Coast Bays. In 2005 she stood unsuccessfully for the Waitakere electorate, but in 2008 she had her “second coming” and very narrowly managed to win that seat in the general election.

      I think we know the rest of this solo mum “dishwasher” and “short stint student” turned boasting politician.

      Yes, where is her science degree, to qualify her to hold the portfolio for climate change issues, I wonder?

      Maybe she observed the “climate” in the rest home kitchen, and saw the steam rise from the dishes, so she knows a lot about “the weather”?

  4. We desperately need someone to drag Fahrenheit into a dark allay and completely disembowel it (I recommend starting with the “n”). Rankine has been dead for a while, Fahrenheit needs to join it.

    Viva Celsius! The best temperature scale (Kelvin’s ok though, sometimes).

    • The green Party is now loosing faith within all we approach due to their new centrist path they have chosen, making the greens a blue green party, and NZ First a real environmental party due to their prominent policy on transport in particular rail as a solid method of freight and passenger movement as transport causes almost half of our greenhouse gas emissions.

      Green party has no clear transport policy other than allowing lip service to NatZ after they are callously closing rail corridors (Gisborne Napier)and attempting to turn them into cycle ways.

      We saw Russel Norman accompanying Jonkey on a cycle along a new cycleway after the rail in a part of Northland was ripped up to allow a cycleway there last October, called the “coast to coast cycleway, thus killing off yet another rail provincial corridor.

      Wake up Green party!!!!! you are destroying the memory of Rod Donald & Jeannette Fitzsimmons hard work to make the greens a viable environmental force previously.

      • Clean Green – try reading up on the Green Party’s transport policies. You can find lots on the subject on their website.

  5. Martyn Bradbury is spot on and expecting the Blue/ Greens to be a part of the solution is now impossible. It would appear that Coca Cola wins the day.
    We have crossed so many tipping points that our ability to even slow this juggernaut down is slipping away.
    The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand twiddles it’s thumbs whilst the eco-terrorists at the helm of our sinking ship keep their foot to the peddle of the 6th great extinction.

  6. You are dead right young Bomber Beetle!

    I’m so glad I’m not a youg person and will be logging out in the next whatever years. Although I can’t say I will be totally sorry to see the extinction of these stupid dominant apes, I would love to watch the US and their vile foul capitalist system get eradicated by forces that make them look like the ant colony they are. Jeez just have a look at the kind of forces that are at large in the universe and tell me we have the ability to withstand them. We are as nothing.

    What you cretins don’t realise is that your opinions are completely irrelevant; it will happen whether you believe it or not!

  7. So how does humanity respond – one option is the grass roots Transition Town movement – building resilience to prepare their communities for the future – and in doing so perhaps creating a better way of life that ‘main stream’ may turn to and adopt when they wake up. So blog away and increase public awareness – but also research and start some action on the ground in your community, where ever you are.

  8. What about a Treaty that binds every country to build large extractors /carbon scrubbers to take CO2 out of the atmosphere and sequester it underground?

  9. Do any of you eat meat or dairy products? Are you supporting the animal abuse industries that are destroying our biosphere? Animal agriculture has strangely been left out of this discussion just as it is left out of most discussions on global warming. Strange when it is responsible for around 50% of GHG emissions globally. Even this climate denying Key government admitted 48% of our emissions come from agriculture, published in their little booklet last year when they did a speaking tour to get ideas to take to the Paris talks. These meetings were of course a farce, were not publicised widely and nobody had any guarantee what was said made it to the desk of Groser or any of the other idiots who went to Paris.

  10. ‘When the debate is locked between right wing hate bloggers who are still arguing why the Planet is warming and delusional environmental advocacy groups who think the spineless response in Paris is somehow a success, we will gain no real traction to prevent catastrophic climate change.’

    Absolutely right, Martyn; we have gained no traction to prevent catastrophic climate change over the past 15 years and that continues to be the case.

    It is probably too late be we could try.

    Tuesday, 5th January, after the extreme temperature event: Arctic sea ice cover is more than 2 standard deviations below the 1981-2010 average, the lowest on record for the time of year. And there has been NO ICE FORMATION over recent days. That’s no ice formation in the middle of winter, when there is absolutely minimal solar heating.

    It’s going to get very ‘interesting’ from here.

    Anyone who says the next generation is not doomed to life on an overheated, overpopulated, resource-depleted planet is a liar or an idiot.

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