Summer TDB Contribution Drive and plans for 2016

By   /   December 21, 2015  /   12 Comments

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To all our readers, to all our writers and to all our Unions and companies that help us do this daily, Merry Christmas and Seasons blessings.

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It’s Summer and TDB will be posting throughout with a holiday crew and we should all be back on board second week of January.

It’s been an amazing year with over 3 and a half million page views. We continue to have the largest diversity of bloggers than any other NZ blog and we have provided unique live streamed content. We broke news stories, influenced news headlines and we landed a major exclusive with the PM and the Waitress story which showed how the mainstream media and the PM really work.

While other sites complain about the new media landscape, we actually go out and just do it.

We have LOTS planned for 2016, and I think they could be serious new additions to challenge the narrative of a right wing dominated media, but we can only do it with your help.

If you are in a position to contribute – please do so here.

To all our readers, to all our writers and to all our Unions and companies that help us do this daily, Merry Christmas and Seasons blessings.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Thanks The Daily Blog,

    You also have a good relaxing Xmas to everyone at TDB and recharge your batteries as we have a big year ahead as we fight for a better government and throw out this corrupt lot.

  2. captain obvious says:

    you only had 3 1/2 million views???

  3. Mike in Auckland says:

    What about offering a separate subscription based (affordable of course) news feed and live cast discussion forum, which could compete with the news and stuff on MSM. As I remember, some of that is planned, and if you ask people to sign up, for a not too high monthly fee, there may be enough to fund this and make it a success.

    Just an idea, we will get paywalls and so anyway, from the MSM, those who have not already done so.

  4. Mike in Auckland says:

    I just read this excellent post by BLIP on TS, and it deserves a thorough read, as it exposes the crap that goes on in the politosphere during our “silly season”:

    Is there space for BLIP to also post here, perhaps?

    We got some excellent posts from BLIP before, listing all the lies and betrayals of Key and NatACT, it is in the NATIONAL INTEREST, to read what BLIP reveals!

  5. elle says:

    A very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2016 to staff and commenters of T D B, keep up the good fight.

  6. countryboy says:

    Merry Actual Human Beings day and I hope you all have a Great Fuck jonky Year and lets hope all the Neo Right get the terrible, screaming shits after they sit their fat arses down to eat the foods our beleaguered farmers grew for almost nothing that should really be in the bellies of the 305 K.

    Merry Crassmas and Happy New Fears .

  7. Blake says:

    Thanks TDB for being there and for all your hard work and for allowing us to have such a diverse and alive space to share. Let us all start the new year with no regards to all of those right wing negative tickers and know that we must be doing a good job to warrant so much attention.
    Hitting nerves that need to be hit and exposed to the light of day.

    —- And to all you right wing negative down tickers, wishing you a happy new year and hoping you will wake up a bit and learn a few home truths about the worst PM that New Zealand has ever had. We are not a corporation or a play thing for the NWO crew, we are a country of great folks and beautiful lands, seas and environment. We will continue to expose those needing exposing who threaten the good will and happiness of a country worth investing all our hearts and love into.
    More peace and more joy and happiness to you all in the coming year ! !

  8. mary_a says:

    Compliments of the season to Martyn, TDB staff, contributors and posters, who make this great little blog site the best there is 🙂 Thank you all.

    Take good care and stay safe. Looking forward to some more good debates next year 🙂

    And I will even be charitable this Christmas Eve, wishing those from the opposite side of the political spectrum, who come over here to TDB, regularly giving the thumbs down, the best of the season festivities too.

  9. Paddy O'Connor says:

    To all the staff at TDB.

    Have a great Christmas / New year.

    Thanks for all your awesome work over 2015.

  10. CLEANGREEN says:


    2016 is the year before an election and we need to prepare to counter the NatZ master Propaganda machinery of the heart of MBIE & it’s Minister (of propaganda) Steven (Goebbels) Joyce, after he aggressively closed down all democracy and those voices of dissention against his criminal Government.

    Bring on the election preparation year of 2016 folks.

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