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  1. On J.P.Morgan bribes …All in the family ( cf mafia)….Bankster Fraud…and the Now crisis of social mobility

    Episode 846

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that JP Morgan just happened to hire 222 friends and relatives of Chinese companies and politicians as the bank took these companies public in Hong Kong.

    In the second half, Max continues his interview with Liam Halligan of and the Telegraph about central bank policy, George Osborne’s long-term economic plans and Thomas Piketty’s so-called new book, Inequality.”

  2. I was thinking today about the TPPA and something occurred to me. One of our biggest criticisms of it is that it opens the door for international corporations to sue anyone, including the government if there are any laws, regulations, conditions, etc. put on them which they feel might affect their sales and profits, etc.
    I thought about Consumer magazine. They rate and criticize all kinds of products and services in New Zealand. They are not afraid to call a spade a spade when faced with dodgy companies, retailers and products.
    Is it possible that the TPPA, as it stands and may well be signed off by now, for all we know, can stop Consumer from doing this?
    Imagine if Consumer did a test of soft drinks, as they have often done before and reported how sugar laden they all are and how this is a link to diabetes. Would Coke, for example, be able to sue the Consumers Institute or better still obtain a gagging writ preventing them from publishing such information?
    Such legal jiggery pokery has happened before a few times, but Consumer has almost always been able to prove that its information is factually correct and in the public interest.
    Does the TPPA change all this?
    I would love to get some feedback on this, but only from people who have some facts or something useful to say. Trolls can have sex and travel.

    • Theres more to it than being able to sue the government mike in Auckland,and yes it has been signed just waiting for parliament to ratify it.
      See Wake up NZ Wed 9th Dec story about TPPa they give the whole story behind it.
      Its just a take over of everyone,Key is a traitor and it dosnt matter how many vote against the flag ,he will do what he wants
      his minders the cabals have given him the orders and he follows it regardless of what people want.
      This article is very important to understand what’s happening

  3. Very interesting video about how TTIP (and likewise TPP) can destroy small and medium farmers (i.e. like NZ farmers), introduce Genetically modified foods, introduce chlorinated meat washing techniques and USA agricultural intensive farming practises around the world with these ‘free trade’ agreements.

    It is not only NZ farms being bought up by agribusiness and foreign investors it is also happening in Europe. Soon as well as being tenants in our own country we will also be able to afford the ‘raw food’ materials of our country as they will be exported using mega supply chains to other countries to be processed.

    The video also has a lot of useful statistics like how 70% of the worlds fresh water is used in agribusiness and 52% of emissions are from agribusiness as to get that massive scale petrol is used to ship around the world.

    While we like to think NZ is an exporter so TPP will ‘help’ farmers it appears that most mega agribusiness like Montanso and investment companies buying up land for food are most likely to use NZ as a banana republic, and use their own migrant labour, offshore productions and supply chains to export the food cutting out the middle men (Kiwis) and using sophisticated tax laws to pay the minimum of taxes while getting the maximum of corporate welfare.

    It is already happening, TPP just means governments will not be able to stop it as they can be sued.

    We all know John Key is for the future re-colonisation of NZ but perhaps his biggest coup is getting the Maori party and Farmers to support him to sell off their land and NZ resources on mass!

    Hope everyone has deep pockets as under the ISDS they will need it!

  4. We are in a war with Global corporates now, since they have infiltrated MBIE and a host of other Government agencies to change the way we do business now.

    Also it is now very likely that Goldman Sachs are also inside the treasury!!!!

    Why else would treasury come out with a treasury report to suggest that we shut our Kiwirail down???

    This is what happened to Greece!!!

  5. Well the neolibs, care of the Herald, are widening their targets beyond the unemployed.

    Women’s work fear: Done at 50

    11:24 AM Friday Dec 11, 2015

    Middle-aged females struggling to land job need to create their own luck, say experts.

    The subliminal message here is that the reason you unemployed over 50s can’t get a job is that you don’t make the proper effort.

    It;s all your fault.

    We know what will be coming next.

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