TDB 2016 – time for a new kind of NZ media


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Look at the Herald or Stuff website. Isn’t it incredible how terrible the new generation of clickbait infotainment journalists have denigrated and degraded the news in a mere year?

Look at the mainstream media – the same right wing commentators saying the same right wing things.

Look at the political current affairs in NZ – panelists who have no idea and less insight.

Look at Seven Sharp and Story – how truly awful are these current affairs show that provide nothing but junk?

From Paul Henry to Mike Hosking – the depth of dialogue has never been so shallow.

Now some could argue that a glorified press release aggregate site like Scoop is the future, others might suggest  the twitter bubble is the new arena and a few could declare tired old blogs which have been around for almost a decade is the new frontier.

TDB disagrees.

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We here at the Daily Blog have been working on new ideas to generate a new kind of current affairs with voices and opinion shapers mainstream producers won’t allow on. To debate the ideas and news of the day in a new way that reaches out to the audiences that a progressive Government needs to reach if they have any hope of beating National in 2017.

There needs to be an alternative to the awful ‘Story’ and ‘Seven Sharp’.

2016 is the year to try that.

We can either blame the media or we can be the media. If the Fourth Estate won’t live up to their obligations to democracy, the 5th estate will.

Stay tuned. More to come soon.



  1. Yes we will pledge anything to be a part of the fifth media that we need so very much in an effort to reach;


    Good move you opened up my day to a new beginning Martyn good stuff again.

  2. A new media approach with a progressive, more transparent outlook is what’s needed.

    Go for it TDB. Show ’em how it’s done. With you all the way on this one 🙂

  3. I look forward to the TBG concept of a higher standard of journalism.
    I was absolutely astonished to read in yesterday’s NZ Herald the mini “essay ” by Hosking on the subject about flag change. It was full of error, and was another attempt to preach, in that ” key speak ” manner that changing our Flag, is now a foregone conclusion, just as the TPPA is (?????). His comments on the costs were not researched and were fallacious , plucked out of come dark place and inserted to dupe the average reader. His rationale was based on lies and he was emotive, if not somewhat irrational. His predictions were skewed.
    Hosking is a presenter, powder puffed and placed in position at seven.

    He is NOT a journalist and is like many others on live, social or paper media simply there as the result of the ” Dunning Kruger effect.
    I cannot suffer ” key speak” lackeys lightly.
    I look forward to 2016 by which time it will more or less be E- 690, M-22, and Y-2.

    I look forward to 2016 as we plan for a new and extremely powerful Opposition for 2017.

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