Coke Adds The Fun Factor To Racism And Colonialism


In a great example of how not to think – here or anywhere else – and what locals have called “A painful metaphor of ongoing colonialism in the country” Coke create an ad that’s so racist it brings a whole new dimension to racism. Fun!

Notice the part where the coke hipster models are wrestling with powertools and it’s embarrassingly obvious they’re not even building. Who screams and yells “woooooo!” and rolls around on the floor while they’re using dangerous electrical equipment? In a scene that is strongly reminiscent of the petrol-pump “water fight” scene in Zoolander I have to wonder if these people were high on a different kind of coke, which is a political issue in and of itself. Then the heartwarming moment as the privileged white kids swarm the village and hug the simple brown villagers and we all learned something about how colonisation works. I love watching the faces of the locals as they stare at the models with thinly-veiled resentment and sarcastic acting. They’re so happy they are now consumers and can contribute to the important work of helping Coke get richer! Thanks Coke! Building quality relationships with quality beverages.

Meanwhile from TeleSUR:

“Like most white savior plots, the ad is all about having a huge emotional experience about Brown victimhood that urges European descendants to take up the moral duty to save the oppressed from their oppression. It is founded on a white egocentric myth that there is something that Brown people must need that only White people can give them.

In this colonial fairy tale Brown people can only be conceived as passive objects in need of white care, not active agents that might outright just reject white rescue missions.

In fact, for the Indigenous of Mexico, white people bringing Coca-Cola is not just a joyful Christmas ad, it is a reality of corporate and cultural domination and destruction.

“The video is a clear demonstration of the presence of transnationals in the Indigenous territories of Oaxaca. In the last years, these companies have increasingly been taking over natural, economic and now cultural resources from the communities,” Laura Melchor, a human rights advocate in Oaxaca, told teleSUR English.

Since 2000, Coca-Cola has worked with the Mexican government to privatize water resources, including aquifers and rivers that belong to Indigenous peoples. Coca-Cola even uses some of these simply to dump their industrial waste into public waters.

The increasing privatization of water has left well over 15 million Mexicans without access to drinking water, turning Mexico into the second top consumer of bottled water in the world. Horrifyingly enough, these too are mostly sold by the very same Coca-Cola company.”

If you want to explain racism, cultural imperialism and colonisation to people a good place to start is Coke’s unbelievably mindless ad but a better place to start is the really shitty entity that is the Coca Cola corporation.

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  1. Ah but you must understand them. They already bend over a lot by accepting that Coke was BLACK, so this was really too much for their single brain’s cell. Which mean there wasn’t any room in their brain to know that the ad is not a South American anthem

  2. Wow! That shooting coke gun! It worries me. Can you blame the Vietnam war on Coca Cola? I’m anti-war,anti Corporate-capitalism,anti Coke …. but also I’m pro accuracy.Agree though, about Coca Cola imperialism. I’ve heard it said a way for the individual to combat the spread of unhealthy corporate product is not to buy the product. Trouble is we’ve got enough people in this country to keep our chief corporate flag waver in power. How on earth do we persuade those people to take a more thoughtful look at what goes on and what it all means?

  3. Love it! sarc

    Coke can rot your teeth and introduce obesity and diabetes! So buy our unhealthy products, work in our factories, while megamultinationals take over your real estate and economy with our fucked up neoliberal privatisation colonialism – so much fun!!! Soon you will be buying our ecologically unfriendly bottled water, but only if you can afford it:)

    White kids can be your over lords!!!

    By the way, water is not a human right in the USA so while the USA are in a race to the bottom to deprive their own citizens water they are selling the idea of free market fun in a better future. Not fun!!

    an extract ….

    “A Detroit judge ruled that there is no basic human right to water. Judge Steven Rhodes refused to extend a moratorium on water shutoffs another six months in the city of Detroit.

    Judge Steven W. Rhodes at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that citizens do not have an implicit right to water and that no basic human right to water exists. Some say that this seems to be the antithesis to the ideals of America. The country was founded to “promote the general welfare” of the people. Water is a very basic need. Not only must people have clean water to drink to stay alive, they also need water to wash, to cook, to eliminate waste, to clean clothes and bedding, to maintain a sanitary environment, to ensure fire safety and more. The lack of water could make more Detroit homes uninhabitable. No one is sure how many children, elderly or disabled people are being affected by the water shutoffs. Judge Rhodes agreed that a family without water faces risk of irreparable harm, but found no legal basis to prevent water shutoffs.”

  4. What an awful advertisment.

    I’m intrigued as to whom the advertisment is targeted toward.

    The subtities are in Spanish, my Spanish is poor so, are they part of the original or are they later additions?

    If the ad is targeted at the Spanish speaking population of Mexico and Central America as the language suggests, surely they would immediately recognise it as being extremely, maybe offensively, patronising. But these ads are often tested before release. If this has been tested and passed by a target Central American audience then it raises further questions as to their self perception.

    It’s very strange.

  5. The main photo leaves me a little cold though , however , Jesse… I really don’t like it being put up here… the original one that’s taken off is a photo by a South Vietnamese Police officer publicly executing a Vietcong assassin caught in the act…

    True this sort of thing happens ,… but it is the degradation that humans do to each other that gets me.

    Lem ( the one shot ) had massacred 10 people of a family ,… in some ways he deserved it…but all these atrocity’s carried out because of leaders who are far from the front ,careless about the reality of human destruction they cause…using us all as stooges ,pawns and tools…and being rewarded with titles and medals and honour’s…

    And as always it is the civilians and innocents that pay the price for their evil.

    • I agree completely I removed it the moment I saw it just because of my own feelings. My editor chose it and I didn’t see it before publishing. Unfortunately it seems to be ‘stuck’ on the main page somehow and I don’t know how to change it.

  6. A very worthwhile read the wider topic of misguided aid can be found in Ivan Ilich’s 1968 address to the IASP (InterAmercian Student Projects) who regularly sent American students to “help” the poor and impoverished in Mexico:

    To Hell with Good Intentions.

    The whole essay is worth a read, but the closing paragraphs are succinct:

    “If you have any sense of responsibility at all, stay with your riots here at home. Work for the coming elections: You will know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how to communicate with those to whom you speak. And you will know when you fail. If you insist on working with the poor, if this is your vocation, then at least work among the poor who can tell you to go to hell. It is incredibly unfair for you to impose yourselves on a village where you are so linguistically deaf and dumb that you don’t even understand what you are doing, or what people think of you. And it is profoundly damaging to yourselves when you define something that you want to do as “good,” a “sacrifice” and “help.”

    I am here to suggest that you voluntarily renounce exercising the power which being an American gives you. I am here to entreat you to freely, consciously and humbly give up the legal right you have to impose your benevolence on Mexico. I am here to challenge you to recognize your inability, your powerlessness and your incapacity to do the “good” which you intended to do.

    I am here to entreat you to use your money, your status and your education to travel in Latin America. Come to look, come to climb our mountains, to enjoy our flowers. Come to study. But do not come to help.”

  7. From reading the Guardian newspaper the offensiveness is the “natives” speaking Spanish in the village when in fact these people speak a local dialect.
    Hey Coca-Cola is it true that your product has 16 tablespoons of sugar in it to offset the bitter taste of phosphorous that makes up most of your beverage ?

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