The Serco spin – what you are not being told



The very same mainstream media who are spinning that Judith Collins was found innocent last year are now framing the decision to end the Serco contract at Mt Eden as the Government taking charge.

Here is what you are not being told:

  • The Billion dollar private prison at Wiri is still being run by Serco
  • Serco should never have been allowed to run Mt Eden in the first place.
  • Serco is taking the Government to Court to hide the true awfulness of their time at Mt Eden
  • and most revealingly – Serco has a long history of being corrupt and deceptive to the Governments they work for.

Serco gave NHS false data about its GP service 252 times

Serco, the leading private contractor to the government, has admitted that it presented false data to the NHS 252 times on the performance of its out-of-hours GP service in Cornwall.

The NHS Cornwall primary care trust (PCT) asked the company to audit itself following an investigation by the Guardian in May, in which several whistleblowers alleged the company was repeatedly so understaffed as to be unsafe and claimed that managers manipulated results when it failed to meet targets.

Serco and the PCT revealed the admission in separate statements on Thursday when a report for the PCT board published online highlighted this and a raft of other concerns about the privatised contract and how it was being run.

This move to end Serco’s contract at Mt Eden is just an attempt to cauterise the public prison wound National have caused.


  1. And just to rub salt into the wound we get back the awful tainted minister behind this mess, Judith Collins.

    One way of the other this cautersing is going to cost taxpayers dearly!

    Make it stop, please!

  2. So in the urgent Serco debate in Parliament Amy Adams gets up and says that the prisoners are hard to manage and that prison environments are dangerous.

    With such wisdom and such a grasp of things it’s a wonder she hasn’t landed the job of Corrections Minister.

      • Wensleydale…

        … Though Sam Lotu-Inga was unable to confirm those colours in a recent media interview.

        … Judith Collins was unable to comment, being out of the country on “business”, in China, at Oravida.

        … And under Serco’s stewardship, the trees withered and died, and the sky is now jet-black.

        … John Key is relaxed. (And planning a new referendum on whether to change the anthem or not. He thinks a song about silver ferns and pony tails would be nice.)

        All is well under National.

        • Lotu-Iiga’s response would like be, “Colours? There are colours involved here? Why did no one tell me? Incidentally, what are colours?”

          And as for Collins, “I’ve no time for your colours! Tell someone who cares!”

          I’m sure things will improve immeasurably under Judith’s delicate ministrations.

          *shakes head sadly*

  3. It gives the appearance that this government still has some power as an independent representative of the New Zealand public.

  4. Serco will be kept warm as a contender for future contracts, including for getting these “riff raff” beneficiaries with mental or other health issues into Jobs. That is what you can bet on. Parliament and speeches by the relevant government speakers just totally proved that. They are NOT going to change, they will continue playing games and experiments with the weakest of the weak, to have them handed to private enterprises with profit motives, to make money out of them.

    As it is Christmas, most will not even take note of what happened today, the fight is far from over, dear friends, it is not over at all, this is not yet a victory.

  5. A very good post, Martyn, I heard NONE on TV3 or TVNZ mention this in their six o clock news, leaving most people as ignorant as they ever have been, the dumb servants keeping this government in place, working and working, paying taxes and hating prisoners and beneficiaries. Donald Trump at least speaks his mind in the US, John Key may think similar stuff, but is a too mindful manipulator to say what he thinks. So people love endless lies and spin they love Father Christmas, even if he pisses in the shower.

    • Trump speaks his mind in the same way a 4 year-old just blurts things out in the middle of the supermarket checkout line, causing you such embarrassment you’d wish the ground would open and swallow you.

      I feel genuine pity for progressives in the US right now. The Dark Side is strong in this one. (He’s an absolute muppet, but a muppet with disturbing influence over the less enlightened members of the populace.)

  6. Agreed. What I think will happen is that Serco will be guaranteed the contract in 2017 out after the election, the govt just wanted to look good in the eyes of the public

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