The irony of Key calling poverty protestors ‘bullies and thugs’



I’m sorry – what?

Protesters at Christmas party ‘bullies and thugs’ – John Key
Picket lines of protesters who stopped prominent National Party members from attending their West Auckland Christmas party have been called “a bunch of thugs and bullies” by the Prime Minister.

John Key was unable to attend the annual event in the West Auckland suburb of Te Atatu on Sunday because of protesters led by former Green MP and veteran protester Sue Bradford.

Auckland Action Against Poverty have a direct action philosophy which when you consider the draconian welfare reforms and war on the poor being waged is more than justified. They stopped Key having his Christmas Party the way this Government are stopping the 305 000 kids in poverty from celebrating Christmas.

Having Key call the protestors ‘bullies and thugs’ is hilarious when you consider how his Government have bullied and threatened anyone attempting to hold him to account.

Key talks with Cameron Slater all the time, is there anyone else in NZ who is a bigger bully or thug than whaleoil?

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  1. Judith Collins might just be a bigger bully and thug than Whaleoil (it would be close) and Key just promoted her.Then there are Tolley and Bennett……….etc (so many bullies so little time). In terms of bullying and thuggery though, Key with his ponytail pulling and Shouty Sam displays in parliament (“the opposition backs the rapists and get some guts” outbursts) is probably the biggest bully of them all. And like many a bully he is a coward so he normally gets his thugs to do his dirty work for him unless the target is in a weaker position than him or he has someone like the speaker to back him up.

  2. The real THUG is our very own elitist; lying PM Donkey Jonkey.
    He helps create division ; unrest ; stress and chaos in our country.
    The protesters are only trying to expose the lying unethical embarrassment of a greedy psychopathic leader who is damaging this country is so many ways. He cares less about the people, its all about profits for him and keeping his corporate/bankster buddies and Obama and the UN happy.

    That more voters still support him is beyond believable and shows how asleep ; uneducated and brainwashed so many still are.

  3. Yes…..when Key pulls a worker in a cafe’s ponytail 10 times over a 6 month period and reduces a worker to tears in her own workplace its all just a bit of fun.

    When people stop little Keysee – weesey from getting a piece of Chrissy cake because his own country’s people are starving and homeless suddenly the people HE WAS ELECTED TO SERVE are bullies and thugs…

    No wonder the French people took a dim view of Mary Antoinette and decided to have a revolution . And this idiot would have fit right in with the French aristocracy of the time.

    You can just see him now frolicking and pontificating round in his frilly cuffs and collars – having a field day with all the ponytails and ribbons…but a little coward like him wouldn’t dare pull the ponytail of a burly labourer or Kings guard , would he now…..

    Oh no,… not him.

    Not little Keysee – weesey.

  4. Thank you AAAP, couldn’t get there myself but really appreciate the work Sue Bradford and other protesters do.
    I don’t think creepy John would get as much ridicule for his hair fetish if he admitted he had a problem.
    Lucky for Mrs Collins that she doesn’t have a ponytail or she would never have been allowed to get so close to him.

  5. Ekshully, there’s a great piece of column art in Lower Cuba Street in Wellington. A column in National Party blue with a gold lump of shit on top. It’s proof you can polish a turd AND put Christmas candles on it

  6. @ WANAFLI .

    A hell of a lot of people ARE awake and well aware of what jonky is . The problem is, what do we do about it?

    That’s a serious question and not at all rhetorical.

    We can say things and write things and paint things on walls until the cows come home but what do we DO to get that bastard and his minions out of our parliament buildings that won’t result in any one of us being arrested at the very least?

    That’s why I’ve always been a bit of a fan of asking the police for help with that. After all, they’re the ones who must deal with the tragic consequences of jonky’s steerage ( Read greed . )

    I talked to the cops at the farce that was the ‘ Show us your txt ‘ display outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they made more sense than the people ‘protesting’.

    If the cops could be made to understand that they’re NOT acting in the interests of the governing status quo but instead being fooled into degrading our political system for foreigners to make it easy for them to come here and colonise our lands then surely the police would have to act on our behalf and arrest jonky and his aforementioned minions for treason? There must be some kind of over-ride mechanism when a government , like National , go rogue on its people ? Some kind of Big Red Button ?

    If that’s not the case ? Then surely life in NZ / Aotearoa has become lawless and it’s everyone for themselves. Just like the foreign bankers can do when it comes to them helping themselves to our money but perhaps worse still the time on this earth that it takes for us to earn that money to pay them for our politicians treachery.

    People do care and greatly but no one’s come up with a definitive plan to rid us of the crooked fuckers without us getting our shit fucked up. And they know that.

    I think the police need to get involved and I think the Crown needs to get involved. And if they don’t , won’t , can’t ? Then we’re fucked and it’s every person for themselves because like it or not ? We’re the ones in denial , we’re the ones who’re in a minority, we’re the ones soon to become extinct. A boat load of ferrets has just foundered on the coast and we flightless birds can only look on in growing horror . Oh, the fucking irony .

    • Afraid not mate, the only way to get him out is to actually vote him out. We do live in a democracy after all.

  7. There’s just no money in it. The capitalism that is emerging and the Adam Smith warned about, is just feudalism with scientific tendencies. That’s to say your lot in life is dependent on the wealth you are born with.

    The largest amount of cash the poor will have access to is $2k, $3k at best, only once in there life time, and there are very good reasons why these people should never start a business.

  8. To be fair the way that particular group of protesters conduct themselves is pretty bad, I’ve seen them before. The result of their protesting, “style” I guess, generally doesn’t do much to hep the cause, sometimes doing the exact opposite in the public eye.

    • Have you ever been at the receiving end of a ruthless WINZ case manager, another person employed by government or now outsourced private so called service providers, who tell you, do this, or else?

      You seem to belong the the privileged or so far not yet harmed parts of society, and need to go out and learn something.

    • Horus, if the public experienced the humiliation of bing a WINZ “client”, they might be joining the protesters on the picket line…

      As Herman Melville said,

      “Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.”

  9. John Key is himself not a bully, but he hides behind tattoed police and security officers 24/7, so does that not make him an instrumental sort of bully himself? I have no respect for that liar, and his “apology” today in Parliament was so damned dishonest, I call it BS.

    John Key is a liability for NZers, sadly most are dumbed down idiots and love a cunning, slimy, and simple words and slogans speaking “leader”, as most are so deficient with themselves, they like an image of a leader to make up for that, emotionally.

    Hence the upper middle class, Key voters, love having minimum wage earning Filipinos and others fill their bags at the supermarket, fill their petrol into their car tanks, have them deliver fast food, and do all other service jobs, including low paid share milking of cows (who had their calves taken off them).

    Those people, and most people, do NOT care, they are like the NAZIS, not in similar mindset, but in behaviour, as Hitler loved to get the middle class on his side, bribed them, so they loved it, ignored all else, and so Germany did between 1933 and 1939 run like a smooth, successful machine, where “all was well”.

    Few NZers would ever understand that, particularly since they are under a similar spell of manipulation and bribery, a stuffed, screwed, morally devoid nation, that is the truth.

    • “John Key is himself not a bully, but he hides behind………”
      Couldn’t agree with you more. And not just members of the DPS (who’re on a cushy little number – but others as well).
      I’m not sure why there are so many unprincipled disciples that are prepared to prop the little flea up, but its probably because by doing so, they climb onto that carousel whereby a little bit of the ‘rock star’ oikonic bullshit is seen to rub off on them. That carousel of course includes a number of fellow MPs, and journalists in the MSM. It boosts their pathetic little egos – which of course is where they derive most of their self-esteem from.
      Christ this country has changed for the worse in so many ways.
      Can’t blame them though ….. it’s part of the cult of the neo-lib society – all built on a solid foundation of bullshit and spin.

    • You could argue of course that he’s a bully in the sense that he gets others to do the dirty work – aside from all those who run flak for him (arse lickers) on their own initiative – in the hope he’ll reward them in some way.
      There’d be quite a few disappointed that have done that though.

  10. Yet again, the Key sycophants are out in force, thumbing down any comments against Key. How pathetic.

    Key and his National Party colleagues engage in thuggish, bullying behaviour constantly. I could list the examples, but I don’t have all night.

    It seems that to be a National MP or supporter, you have to have a) stunted moral development, b) spite and malice i.e. functioning like a nasty preteen girl, c) a voice that weirdly morphs into sounding exactly like John Key, d) complete lack of compassion coupled with smug self-satisfaction, e) enjoy others being disadvantaged.

    One example I will give is Jonathan Coleman’s repeated attacks on Annette King. It is hard to believe that someone so devoid of integrity is a doctor.

  11. A bully is a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. ”John Key is himself not a bully” – I disagree. John Key is a bully. He fits the definition perfectly, and as a bully himself he uses his special forces as tools to further harm and intimidate the people – us.

  12. John Key’s ironic label of protestors as ‘thugs and bullies’ is a clear demonstration of Freudian psychological projection.

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