John Key’s Wealth Creation & Economic Violence



This week’s irony was Key calling anti-poverty protesters “bullies”.

By bullies he means people who won’t sit down and shut-up as homelessness and hunger consume New Zealand’s poor and unemployed as a direct result of the economic violence that he and his mates have instigated. Key and his buds love a bit of poor-people poverty and see it as a sound punishment for being lazy, just like Collins reckons rape is a bit of due punishment for people in prison. There is no context, there is no intelligence or empathy, just brash, sweeping judgments that clump everyone together. They love flogging the whip! They gleefully furnished a number of austerity measures on our public health and social systems while his cabinet fuck about blowing money on projects of ego – such as his flag “re-brand”. Which, hey if we were going to have a new flag that probably should have been worked out as part of a slow, ruminative process in relationship with philosophers, artists, people who inspire us, indigenous people, spiritual groups and not to mention FLAG DESIGN EXPERTS; you know what I’m talkin’ about here right? MS Paint *cough* hack job *cough* say no more. This is what happens when you let a few corporates take over a country because fuckin’ NEWSFLASH bro, get this, a country isn’t a corporation?

It’s a country and it’s quite different. It’s supposed to be remarkably different because we have so many more considerations beyond economic to ensure people are healthy, successful and vibrant. It should be at the very least philosophic, not just a shoot-from the hip hack job at social politics based on the detached values of a bunch of self-inflated egos and a-listers. Every time I watch Parliament TV I am uncomfortably reminded that this is what it comes down to; four million of the rest of us and then a few people in this dusty, ugly-as old room who get to make really important decisions that effect us all. I mean what kind of math says that’s an OK level of representation to make such important decisions? Seriously things are way too amenable to a change in a 3 year period. Fact is when it comes to people he’s a multimillionaire and he don’t care. The brutha don’t care.

His kind of wealth creation relies upon stock market extractionism which necessarily requires taking money away from someone else without creating anything of value as a way of building his own wealth. In this regard he doesn’t actually work like other people, he accumulated his wealth by manipulating the perceived future value of stuff and this is how he dicks the figures when it comes to us. He sees us as units of production. He uses tactics like welfare reforms and keeping the minimum wage low to work bodies of people like market forces, in this mindset we’re not people, we’re implements of pressure. And he’s good at it. You might call it capitalism but some would argue that heavily regulated capitalism could be tolerable.

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The issue is that his kind of extreme wealth creation also often requires wholesale theft from the community and environment and requires an impoverished underclass to act as a force, so there is no incentive to improve people’s lives, just one to keep using them. Using people like this is the ultimate form of bullying because it’s objectifying and pays no mind to their needs and quality of life. It kills. So I’m feeling satisfied after reading reports of Sue Bradford‘s recent Auckland Action Against Poverty action. Seeing people locked inside the event looking gloomy about not getting to eat and drink fancy food and dance on the ashes of the poor was a genuinely great confidence builder. It’s like “No! You don’t get to degrade the public services to the point you’re running an unsolicited austerity sham and then go party it up and pat yourself on the back and feel great about your politics. Your politics are bad and you should feel bad. They may as well have had a party swimming in a tank of cash, those shameless fucks.

And yes it’s rude and and we should be rude! Key is described as a “real people person, very sociable” – he’s superficially nice. And it’s lovely to be around superficially nice people. They’re fun, funny and charming, but if they’re actually hurting us with their values and creating greater poverty then we need to re-assess what it really means to be nice, and what is legitimately valuable to our communities. Being nice has it’s place but honestly there is nothing nice about pushing people into economically dire circumstances in a country where he has 55m of his own in the bank based on those kinds of wealth creation principles. What a lousy, disconnected twig! I am ready to be rude about that. He’s not being kind or accountable. That’s genuinely antisocial and anti-people behaviour.


I wish we looked to the Nordic regions for inspiration. We need to set up a Pinterest ‘political mood board’ and send it to the “representatives” to make it easy for them. If only it were that easy! Unfortunately we know the drive to bend laws and manipulate populations to facilitate wealth growth is more powerful than any force of human compassion. Key will be a billionaire in his lifetime if he has done a good enough job of smoothing the path for his future wealth creation. I’m seriously beyond using the term ‘leaders’ any more.


  1. Brilliant! You’re absolutely right, being nice to sociopaths just doesn’t work. The total lack of compassion, empathy or even interest in the general populace whilst punishing them relentlessly is just unbearable.

  2. Unfortunately JFK and many of his disciples seem to think that because they grew up in a State house, and then ‘got where they are today’, everybody else in that situation cudda shudda wudda done the same.I mean to say, why can’t these stupid people just be a clever as they were.

  3. Nice? Nice?? Nice???!!!!

    With what this little pony tail pulling creep has done over the last 6-7 years we need to be NICE???!!!


    Screw him !!! – good job he never got to have his little piece of Chrissy cake and ham. Good job he got a taste of what he does to so many in this country, good job he never got to pat his fellow Nat kids on the back.

    Nice? Nice???!!!

    It could never have happened better to a more rude and manipulative little weasel who’s pretended to be a PM of a democratic country for the last 7 years.

    Bloody good job. And if that’s the least he’s got to complain about then that proves hes a spoilt brat as well.


    • Also- while Im at it – I might make mention also of one Paula Bennett – who also seems to have a short memory of her origins as well as Key.

      BOTH came from a background of welfare dependency and BOTH have shat all over people in a similar predicament that they and their family’s found themselves in.

      It seems to me that these types have been overcompensating all their adult lives for some sort of inferiority complex they picked up as kids or something… so now they go double time to screw those that remind them of their origins..

      Following is a song that I reckon sums these types up nicely.

    • look what happened to the rich pricks that ignored the masses in France and Russia one lot had there heads chopped off and other had date with the fireing squad no democracy can function with massive inequality the end result is civil unrest and violence

      • The super-wealthy are becoming increasingly aware of this, which is why they’re buying up luxury properties here in New Zealand. When the reckoning comes, and it will, our fair nation will serve as the armageddon bunker for thieves, liars, charlatans and amoral bags of filth who don’t feel compelled to share with the rest of the planet, no matter how desperate they happen to be.

        We must make sure our pitchforks are sharpened and our torches aflame in preparation for this inevitability. I’d hate for the Martin Shkreli’s of the world to feel they can get away with this sort of behaviour and not face the consequences.

  4. Well done Jessie, nice piece of work. Key is truly ” superficially nice. ”
    He is not a leader at all, but a pimp for his corporate/bankster buddies gains and his own personal gains. His followers are duped and uneducated and have bought into the greedy; lack of ethics his elitist ” OUT OF TOUCH” party is so famous for. Watching he and his lame party in Q & A parliament time shows how childish he and his party are and how rude and insulting they continue to be.
    Waste of time and frustrating watching Q & A and the grossly biased speaker. Very embarrassing and disappointing.
    Judith Collins appointment is just another example of a leader not being a leader at all but a puppet patsy.

    We believe that the Key govt. has already chosen the new flag no matter what the vote outcome will be. It will be the fern one with the red on top and the stars on the bottom right side – wait and see. That flag has already been put on other products shipped overseas recently.

  5. You talk like Marlene Dietrich
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    ‘Cause I can look inside your head.

  6. You are quite right. I too thought “How ironic” when the PM labelled them bullies and thugs. And of course, the nats would miss the irony. Their values are so different from those of most of the rest that trying to explain stuff to them like, ‘you really shouldn’t exploit poor people with your austerity policies and all the limited choices that flow from that’ is like speaking another language. So good on the AAAP for getting in their faces and spoiling their party. They still don’t get it. More direct action like this is needed until they do.
    Thuggery and bullying doesn’t have to be physical. As Woody Guthrie said in ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’,
    “As through this world I’ve wandered
    I’ve seen lots of funny men;
    Some will rob you with a six-gun,
    And some with a fountain pen.”
    Its the bastards with the ‘fountain pens’ that do the most damage.

    • Did they pull anyone’s pony tail? Did they send anyone around to ransack someone’s house? did they hack anyone’s e-mail account? did they spray graffiti on anyone’s car? did they conspire with known hate-merchants to publish libel on their opponents? No? Well that is exactly what John Key and his henchmen have been doing to people that oppose them.
      Who is the bully then?

  7. There is no such thing as wealth creation by humans. All humans do (or have ever done) is extract wealth created by nature and use energy (also created by nature) to change it into stuff plus waste.

    A real economy consists of using natural resources wisely and within ecological boundaries.

    Present [dominant] economic arrangements are illusory and are based on legalised fraud -Fractional Reserve Banking and charging interest on money created out of thin air- and legalised looting-and-polluting -extracting fossil fuels and burning them quickly to the long-term detriment of everyone and everything.

    The general populace has been carefully trained to think all this fraud and looting and polluting is normal and sustainable. It is not, and is now in the early stage of collapse.

    The return to normality will be very painful, especially since the loot-and-pollute economy has triggered abrupt climate change..

  8. The least radical change would be a Hone Heke tax (a 1% tax on all directives) or to raise interest rates too, as Paul Volkner once said, let the dead wood drift- meaning raise interest rates to increase the cost of fraud.

    We are just passengers really, the people with the power who are driving all this are central bankers. And they will always come up with excuses to keep there zombie banks alive, and will always have an oligopoly that religiously protects them. The only thing that has ever changed this psychosis is a Great Depression.

    • hi sam, i agree re the hone tax.
      i understand it would not have to be as high as 1%. i thought it was nearer .1% tax every time a $ changes hands.
      that is simple, fair and picks up lots of currently untaxed transactions.

      finlands ubi is an exciting initiative that could be a game changer for any political party that dares to run with it.

  9. Key has borrowed over 100 billion maybe more ,who accounts for this money,where is trickle down of this enormous amount of money.

    Maybe the apartment costing millions bought overseas for the ambassador for America, Groser of Tpp imfamy, is John Keys name on the ownership papers ?where is all the borrowed money going ,maybe in a cabal bank for when the ratbags arrive to take us over,and who pays it back, us taxpayers ,Key will be long gone

    How much of taxpayers $$$$ is paying Paula Rebstock and Goldman Sachs to privatise us, sell us off to the cabals .
    John Keys wealth was said to be $50million ,I bet its a hell of a lot more now, why are putting up with this rotton National excuse for a government.
    Key thinks he is so smart ,I think there are far smarter people on the streets of NZ.Key is doing what he is told, hes not smart enough to realise we see right through him .We are paying high $$$$ for increased security because hes running scared ,he looks sick, uncomfortable and grey,as well he should.

    Groser has started the exodus that is coming ,he gone to hide in his flash pad, Its said he wanted to get the TPP signed before he went , bet he signed it , they are too cowardly to admit it, Key will follow as will the rest of his brain washed greedy mps .Good riddance to the lot of them

      • Also New Zealands Ogldmen Sachs made 23 million this year. Mostly from selling the failed solid energy coal mine and privatising other state assets.

        • They earned more than that Sam .They have bought
          retirement villages under the name Ryman Healthcare.Check it out.

          • It only comes to 23 million. and a lot of the state housing deals are brokered by New Zealands Glodmen division. It’s commodities that saw ball Sachs profit drop from 50-60 million last year to 23 this year. That and a lot of there research is being done in there Australian division. Pretty soon all that will be left of New Sealands Glodmen Sachs is an answering machine

    • i still think something like the
      Pechora commission will be needed to probe and deal with the corruption of the national party to get our stolen assets and money back the fuckers need to pay

  10. NZ overseas debt has risen 10 fold since National came to power, I don’t want to sound negative however I would like to know where it is being spent and is it traceable in the National Accounts. I heard $500 million is invested in a Chinese Infrastructure Bank?

    • Yep Jack, i’ve often wondered about that too. National borrow hand over fist to run much the same economy as Labour succeeded in running without borrowing. Nevertheless, there have been few visible outward signs of change in NZ other than tax cuts for the rich and an endless ratcheting down of social welfare. So where EXACTLY is all that borrowed money being spent?

      • Where is the money going? On things like flag referenda, extra money to make up for Serco’s ballsups, subsidies for polluters and greenhouse emitters, bribes for Saudi businessmen, campaigning for United Nations Security Council, money for spy agencies to harass political oponents, perhaps even Pandas for Wellington Zoo.

  11. His kind of wealth creation relies upon stock market extractionism which necessarily requires taking money away from someone else without creating anything of value as a way of building his own wealth.

    That is how all people get rich. It can be no other way. The rich are the biggest bludgers we have and we simply cannot afford them.

  12. John Key is filthy rich and yet is constantly painted by the media as an ordinary guy just like us. How come? As a culture we used to be good at spotting bull shit.

    • Merchant Banking is where all the money is unfortunately we can not all be Merchant Bankers however he has converted NZ into a Rockstar Economy according to MSM.

  13. Great post.

    For a start the mega rich don’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us!

    Personally I would prefer Labour to look at why the top 100 rich listers in NZ are not even paying the top tax rate!

    Obviously it makes the doctors and teachers annoyed in the last election that they were targeted for extra taxes (and increased age of pension) while the mega rich are still enjoying low tax rates and in many cases corporate welfare.

    “Inland Revenue has found that 107 out of 161 “high-wealth individuals” who own or control more than $50 million worth of assets declared their personal income in the last financial year was less than $70,000 – the starting point for the top tax bracket of 33 cents in the dollar.

    The multimillionaires used a variety of 6,800 tax-planning devices – such as companies, trusts and overseas bank accounts – to avoid paying tax. One had a network of 197 entities.”

    (p.s tax avoidance is going to increase under TPP like ‘free trade’ agreements).

    Or how corporates avoid taxes…

    Rather than working out how to further tax, surveil and profit from ordinary citizens maybe opposition NZ political parties should have a look at why inequality is growing around the world. (p.s it is not the middle classes not paying their taxes so maybe not target them:).)

    Or how overseas billionaires can avoid taxes and alter public policy…

  14. When it comes to National and wealth creation, National basically adopts a Machiavellian approach – the end justifies the means, it doesn’t matter how it happens as long as it happens.
    Translated into wealth creation it means that National wants to make money by whatever means possible, without any consideration of social conscience or morals.
    That is why most of the wealth creation in this country is based on speculation, underpayment of labour, manipulation of laws and especially greed.
    In New Zealand we used to have a culture of designing and making things. Where firms such as Watties would buy locally produced meat and veges and turn them into a product, all made by New Zealanders with the profits going back into the New Zealand economy.
    Now we have the obscene profits made by speculators and vulture companies who make nothing, employ hardly any New Zealanders and the profits they make go out of the country.
    That is the kind of economy that National wants – an economy that works for the 1% and f…. everyone else.
    These are the self-styled great economic managers. They couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery!

  15. National & their ilk are deliberately bankrupting NZ like Greece was, so their rich oligarch mates Goldman Sachs and all, can take the whole lot in a fire sale.

    They should face treason charges.

    • Debt is used as an instrument to gain control over a country’s assets, that is why we are selling State Assets to pay the interest bill on National’s Debt of $105 Billion unfortunately not many NZers can read between the lines.

  16. Excellent article, now we need people to start making formal complaints under the Terrorism Suppression Act, which from my reading and understanding makes all neo-liberals terrorists and criminals.

    Economic terrorism, especially of an ethnic minority, is illegal under so many NZ laws, why aren’t our lawyers and judges protecting people? Money perhaps.

    And to think our government passed economic terrorism laws under urgency – apparently they hadn’t realised they are terrorists. So how do we get this terrorism in front of a judge to be argued?

      • The Herald is moving ,developers building big on the land.i hope the herald moves overseas ,we have had enough of them.

        Ive heard that geoffry palmer is writing the new constitution to go with the new flag. Parliament is on holiday till February so lord knows what crap will be happening under the radar,tpp has been agreed to and signed just needs parliament to ratify it,
        Paula Bennet has been moved to another position ,to cover her from problems with social welfare,all the rats are hiding out.
        Prepare for nasty surprises in Feb.

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