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  1. Here is another comment to delete. Quick – would not want the truth to get out.

    So Chomsky – if you want to ” stop participating ” in terrorism, then why does your portfolio show that you do that very thing, invest in war mongering corporations etc.

    That TDB continues to revere Chomsky shows how asleep and uneducated you are. But the really disgusting thing is that when someone puts up links to expose this closet capitalist hypocrite, you refuse to publish them. You refuse to publish the links that show the hidden truths behind Chomsky and this is BIASED JOURNALISM at its worst.

    Biased journalism and blocking freedom of speech – not good traits for alternative media outlets. Shame Shame on TDB. Now press delete, quick quick quick.

    • Very good, in regard to your indepth expose.

      Now, if, like the polished journalist you are, you could just post one verifiable source as to these ‘invest in war mongering corporations etc’, in order to show that you are a purveyor of substance instead of a cheap, right wing, rhetoric exponent (something I believe you’ve just thrown at TDB), I’m sure we’d all be suitably grateful.

      • Don’t feed her him. He’ll just through out 2k words and more about chomskys non existance investment portfolio.

        I would point out that all state funded retirement funds in the US, Y2K funds ect, use JP Morgan as there fund manager. So Blake is technically correct

      • See what I mean. I haven’t looked, but if you type Noam Chomsky into any regulators website, ASIC (Australia), financial markets authority (NZ), SEC commission (USA), FSA (UK) Thai SEC, ect ect. If your search comes up empty, that means Noam is not regulated and there for does not have the credentials to manage a financial portfolio.

        Like I said, I’m not going to look because I already know he doesn’t have one.

          • Blake, have you actually read this piece in it’s entirety; http://uncensored.co.nz/2005/09/29/noam-chomsky-controlled-asset-of-the-new-world-order/#sthash.6MO9Awx1.dpuf

            It appears to be a covert attack on Chomsky for his anti-gun stance. The author openly states his support for the gun lobby;

            Gun Control

            Another one of the great successes of the Left gatekeeper has been pushing for unconstitutional gun control agenda through their publications like The Nation, Z Magazine, The Progressive, and their internet kin at DemocracyNow! & Indymedia. It is a great achievement of propaganda when the supposed radicals “opposing Bush” call for a completely disarmed American populace and inflated budget for BATF thugs in ski masks. Chomsky mock s those who support the Constitutionally endowed right to bear arms. In fact, he says it doesn’t exist:

            “It’s pretty clear that, taken literally, the Second Amendment doesn’t permit people to have guns. But laws are never taken literally, including amendments to the Constitution or constitutional rights. Laws permit what the tenor of the times interprets them as permitting.”

            (Secrets, Lies, and Democracy)

            Then later in the interview, Chomsky is asked if guns are a proper way to respond to government tyranny. He responds as follows:

            “As for guns being the way to respond to this, that’s outlandish. First of all, this is not a weak Third World country. If people have pistols, the government has tanks. If people get tanks, the government has atomic weapons. There’s no way to deal with these issues by violent force, even if you think that that’s morally legitimate.

            Guns in the hands of American citizens are not going to make the country more benign. They’re going to make it more brutal, ruthless and destructive. So while one can recognize the motivation that lies behind some of the opposition to gun control, I think it’s sadly misguided.”

            (Secrets, Lies and Democracy)

            It would be one thing to hear such rhetoric out of the Fabian socialists in the Democratic party. But to have the supposed “fringe radicals” saying there is no second amendment and advocating gun seizures is remarkable. And because of globalist infiltration of the left, this policy once favored by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and other mass murderers has found a comfortable home. Hence it has become common to hear activists protesting the Iraq quagmire while simultaneously calling for gun control.


            In doing so they pollute the conservative movement and help marginalize true conservatives voices like Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and groups like Gun Owners of America.

            Chomsky and his gatekeepers do the same thing. They write about the crimes of American imperialism and then call for population control, gun control…

            It is apparent that Mr Abrahamson has his own covert agenda.

              • Interesting…

                The “Uncensored” website advocates people to “Think For Yourself”. I’ve checked the websites you’ve linked to; read much of the material which you offered to us as “evidence” of Chomsky’s alleged duplicity. I’ve considered the material; thought it through; and arrived at a possible conclusion.

                In what way is that an “agenda”?

                • TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE ! ! !

                  9 / 11 – left gatekeeper !

                  JFK murder ! ! ! !

                  You have your beliefs Martyn and we have ours. It appears you want to prove your point and I am just wanting the truth. I trust my gut and my intuition.

                  Truly – look into Tavistock more and any investments can be hidden in a trust. Way ! too many now are questioning Noams ethics and his connections and his need to deny the truths to come out about so much.

                  I care less about others closed minds over this issue. Keep up trying to prove something that may show in the future to be based in more of the mis – info and pro-NWO propaganda we have been immersed in.

                • Martyn, you say you have checked out the links yet I believe that you already have your mind made up.

                  I bet you have spent not much time at all with the site Educate Yourself for your own reasons and thats fine.

                  We feel that there are a ton of truths on that website and it seems to us that many prejudge and discredit so much before learning some truths they may be exposed to no matter where you go or what you read.

                  You- and clearly others here at TDB have your own allegiances to Noam Chomsky and your own beliefs. I and others feel that someday in the future – that all of this will come out when we can truly nail the murderer of JFK and expose the real culprits of 9 / 11. We still and will always believe that Noam is playing a part in this cover up and that he is heavily involved in the bigboys network
                  behind the NWO.
                  THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE IS ALL ABOUT THE NWO AND BRAINWASHING AND PROPAGANDA and so much more ugliness. It is truly shocking and most are completely unaware of any of this. I am about done with this Chomsky thing. It seems a waste of time for us now.

              • “Agenda”???

                Jeez, Blake, you demand us to look at your material and expect everyone to “think for themselves” but in reality all you’re really wanting is total compliance with your beliefs???

                That’s not free thinking at all. That’s blindly following whatever you’re spewing out to us. No thanks.

  2. Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, ” I have been made victorious with terror.” 
    — Sahih al-Bukhari 2977, (on Jihaad), Book 56, Hadith 186 

    Mohammed re-invented terrorism and his political legacy known as Islam has been exploiting his inventionfor 1500 years. The inversion phenomenon where Chomsky blames the victims of the terrorism for perpetrating it is a well understood phenomenon.

  3. Here is another comment that TDB can delete and ignore.
    If so – have the guts to tell us why you refuse to expose the truths.

    Noam Chomsky is not who you think he is. He is heavily involved with the
    Tavistock Institute. He endorses the lone gun ( Oswald ) theory of the JFK murder and denies the evidence and the truths about 9 / 11.

    WHY WHY WHY ? ? ? Look into it and find out the truths.

    Check out the book ” NOAM CHOMSKY – CONTROLLED ASSET OF THE NWO ” by Daniel L. Abrahamson

    TDB has shown that it needs to kill the messenger and keep the truths from being exposed about Noam Chomsky’s deep cover connections.




  4. To all of those who have commented on my submissions about Noam Chumsky I say this – check out the truths behind this man who has many fooled.

    The book ” Noam Chomsky – controlled asset of the NWO ” by Daniel L. Abrahamson.


    Why is it that TDB is so afraid of publishing my comments about chumsky ?
    They delete most especially the ones with links. Why Why why ????? We know why.

    • Blake, I’ve read the above. It’s an opinion piece written by Daniel L. Abrahamson, who rants against Chomsky;

      What he does advocate is population control, gun control, support for U.N.E.S.C.O., and the end of national sovereignty in favor of a one-world government under the UN. In other words, the major goals of the New World Order.

      So Abrahamson condemns Chomsky for advocating gun control?

      Then Abrahamson condemns Chomsky;

      “Chomsky has never discusses the effects of sodium fluoride, nor the lead and arsenic used in water as silent weapons of pacification. As a scientist, he is apparently uninterested in sodium fluoride’s proven link to cancer, leukemia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer disease, and brain damage.”

      So Chomsky is condemned because he “never discusses the effects of sodium fluoride”?!?!

      Jeez, that’s me down the proverbial gurglar then.

      No links or references or evidence is provided. It’s just one long diatribe against a man whose fault seems to be that he hasn’t shared Abrahamson’s multiple conspiratorial-obsessions.

      Calling Chomsky a CIA agent without any evidence is not conducive to proving your position.

      • Some conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

        -CIA fakes the second coming of Christ in efforts to assassinate Castro

        – CIA releases canisters of nerve toxins around U.S cities

        -Israeli Airforce attempts to mask its fighters as Iranian, destroys U.S war ships, twice.

        – X-Key score

        – and my favourit, mass surveillance of NZ citizens.

        But none that has anything to do with Chompsky 😉 Conspiracy theorists are known for their inane combination of “Question everything, think for yourself” and inability to do any amount of research or critical thinking ever. The added smugness you tend to get from them doesn’t help.

    • T A K E S — O N E — T O — K N O W — O N E ! !

      ” Awakening means tearing down the layers of programming and perception that hold us in servitude to ignorance. ?

  5. There’s more about Abrahamson’s victimisation of Chomsky here;


    Abrahamson is a card-carrying member of the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement”. But interestingly, a google search on his name yields no other information on Mr “Daniel L. Abrahamson”.

    If it’s there, I can’t see it. If I were of a conspiratorial mind…

    • We are all the victims of people like Chumsky and all his buddies at the Tavistock Institute. We are the ones led into believing in the propaganda dished out about 9 / 11 and who murdered JFK etc. and what culture owns most all worldwide media. We are the victims of these greedy elite upper 1 % NWO psychopaths who control all banks and most all governments. Chumsky is in thick with this same lot and he is heavily connected with the Tavistock Institute and we are presently looking into his very secret past connections with the CIA.
      He is very slick and so subtle in his left gatekeeping propaganda. Time and more exposure will prove us right, wait and see.

      Ken O’Keefe states a lot about this clearly but someone at TDB does not like Ken exposing the truths and likely this comment will not get through.

      Everyone – calm down, I could care less whether you agree with us or not about Chumsky. That’s you choice.


      • Blake, if you’ve read Abrahamson’s piece carefully, you will have noted his references to deriding gun control.

        It is my contention – from what I have read – that he is a lobbyist for the NRA, masquerading under the cloak of opposition to NWO conspiracies and within the 9/11 “movement”.

        Considering that Chomsky is an opponent of the NRA, it appears that there is a “mole” within your 9/11 “movement” who is hijacking that movement to subvert Chomsky.

        If ever there was a conspiracy to undermine a critic of the Establishment, I think there’s one staring you in the face.

  6. Heh! I’m blown away at how much conspiracy theorists complain about the muzzling of free speech and discussion of their pet theories but when someone takes times to look at their ideas, they don’t appreciate criticism.

    Blake, you asked us to look at your links. We did. I, for one, found no compelling evidence to back up the allegation that Chomsky is a fraud. What I DID find was unfounded allegations; lack of hard evidence; and the author Abrahamson being an advocate for liberal gun ownership.

    There. You can call me a gatekeeper or having an “agenda”, but that’s my free thinking. Free thinking involves looking at the evidence you’ve presented and arriving at a conclusion. My conclusion is that you’ve been sucked in by a NRA gun nut masquerading under the guise of a 9/11 Truther.

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