BLOGWATCH: The anger leaving migrants have towards New Zealand


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NZers like to see NZ as a bit of ‘God’s own’. 30 years of neoliberalism tells us that you succeed here based on your own skills, screw everyone else, so the idea of people migrating here and not succeeding is going to be a voice that is ignored or muted.

More reason to read E2NZ. It’s a blog that publishes negative reviews about NZ from recent migrants.

It’s a fascinating insight into perspectives never given platform.

Here’s a taste…

Thought for the day – NZ’s Dairy Pollution is Equivalent to the Population of China

Spin and Counter Offensive, How NZ Deals with Bad News. Contaminated with Cruelty

New Zealander Charged With Murder for Road Rage Attack in Australia – updated

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Their exit blog which some leaving migrants fill out as to why they are leaving NZ is particularly angry.

We are not a culture that tends to examine itself, these opinions suggest we should.


  1. Varied imo. Great comments on workplace culture, employment, rental/living costs, and lack of decent transport infrastructure. Likewise the knee jerk parochialism you encounter should you criticise anything about New Zealand. It was hard not to sympathise with a lot of the Asian migrants who found such hostility here, but then you get to the white folks and their adult problems…

    Tracy’s interview made me cringe a little; the need to ‘be around people who are progressive thinkers, not either socialists or uber capitalists’. Translation: I like to live around blue-green Prius driving Dem voting Northern California ‘liberals’ who look forward to a second Clinton presidency (replete with eloquently justified humanitarian bombings of those bad people you find wherever oil and minerals exist), and felt very progressive when curing America of racism by voting for Saint Barry of Wall Street.

    John Lowe’s exit interview certainly confirms my general conclusions from experiences of Singapore and its citizens. Now there’s a group of fascists you won’t hear Hilary Benn making a ‘rousing’ speech about.

  2. I just spent a rather sobering and depressing hour on the Exit Blog, my God we are a benighted intolerant sick little society. As an optimist who has enjoyed so much of Kiwi life over the years this really brought me down to earth with a thump.

    How long can it be that we will blithely look the other way and ignore our own plight? When I was a child in the 60s and 70s life in NZ had promise, a future, and inclusiveness. We dealt with our isolation by having available a pretty good alternative like free camping (remember that?) and unspoiled green countryside.

    Now we are what the people on the blog said we were: overpriced and exploited by rapacious landlords and other rent takers. Underpaid, badly educated, not friendly, racist / xenophobic. Violent.

    We have the potential to be good again: it is time to overhaul our institutions and governance, reinstate educational excellence and freedom from indebtedness. Time to rebuild skills training. Time to get rid of created “markets” in what are utilities (power, telecoms etc). Time to address our health provision to universality of outcome between public and private providers. Time to break the cycle of youth unemployment by creating a work environment that is able to absorb the skills they need to be trained for (as opposed to paying to be educated and then finding no work). Time to rebuild our housing stocks base around communities (as opposed to automobile based urban sprawl).

    There is nothing impossible above. I wish I could find a Labour MP who could espouse and commit to even a fraction of that vision.

  3. Enjoyed the complaints section. Didn’t find anyone mentioning that New Zealanders are incredibly tight – a trait that has yet to be acknowledged nationally.

  4. Spoke too soon. Here’s something: “This is also partly because Kiwis are very cheap as buyers. They have no interest in buying quality, only what’s cheap and will do the job for now. If an item is better quality and will last twice as long but it’s 20% more expensive, it won’t compete with the cheaper alternative. Part of this is that Kiwis don’t have money to spend, part of it is just the mentality there. Consequently it’s very difficult to do business there, the Chinese make out like bandits exporting there.”

  5. There’s almost nowhere to run, and though migrants gripes may well be valid they will struggle to find anywhere better. Global corporations have taken over almost the entire western world and practically every western nation at every level -from kindergarten to parliament- has been infiltrated and assimilated. Fascism is alive and well from Canada to Australia, from Belgium to New Zealand, from the US to Japan, and traditional values continue to be eliminated. Remnants of resistance are dying out as populations age.

    Banks and corporations have been working towards a ‘New World Order’ for decades, and are close to achieving their goal -complete integration and control of the many by the few- in numerous locations.

    Only Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria and a few other nations stand in the way. Syria was being dealt with until Russia ‘interfered’. Russia and China working together will prove hard nut for the Rothschild-backed globalists to crack.

  6. Ive read that site for the last couple of years …some of them are quite old now yet the truths remain. And many of those truths are the tip of the iceberg.

    Still more of those truths became far more blatant after 1984 . The year of the neo liberal. In fact , most of the garbage conditions these people write about have become entrenched as a direct result of neo liberalism. And these are folk who can compare different places. They can see the differences.

    This is what treason under Roger Douglas has produced. And successive neo liberal govts since. A rip off , negative society that has a number of people pulling the strings and the rest scrabbling and grasping and shafting each other just to stay afloat.

    Its called the ‘trickle down’ theory.

    Maggie and Ronnies dream world . A ruling class presiding over bums and peasants who are given some trinkets and told constantly that this is as good as it gets.

    These migrants are saying graphically and bluntly what this place has become.

    Its embarrassing, its shameful and ,- if I was a political leader – I couldn’t hold my head high and honestly say I was proud to be part of the whole charade.

    Neo liberalism.

    You voted for it , you keep on voting for it , and are like lemmings jumping off of cliffs in droves.

    And still you keep on voting for it and the appalling people with vested interests who want you to keep them in power.

    • So true Wild Katipo, Kiwis are too close to see whats happening here and don’t have anything to compare to either…

  7. Yes Martyn,

    And shonkey is just cementing our demise every day before he shuffles off to the USA with other national traitors paid by the corporations and Goldman Sachs.

  8. I better not go into details, I have met hundreds if not thousands of totally disillusioned migrants to this country, and that is because most were misled re opportunity, the false label of fairness, the promises of inclusiveness, of a future, of opportunity, and while some may have had too high expectations, most seemed real and honest, they started to actually question and hate this country.

    Truth is, we have had this under this government, and the previous one, to be honest, they treat immigration as a business, a revenue earner, a low risk experiment, to get people in, to work on trial, or study and work on trial, and if they fit in, to some degree, they may get a permanent residence permit. That also includes a wide variety of investors and business migrants.

    But as usual, once problems arise, or once the results are not delivered, especially if you show serious health issues that may cost society, you will be shifted out a.s.a.p., and no chance of re-applying. NZ is a total BS society in this, and sadly most honest, ordinary Kiwis have NO idea about what goes on, all they see and hear is, more migrants, more expectations, more possible competition for jobs and business, and “it cannot be good”.

    I actually agree with the latter, it is not good for many migrants nor locals, to have such a BS dishonest system, that only creates friction, tension and competition, and where endless pressures are created, not met by housing, health care, education and more.

    So we have a shit Auckland mayor and council, tell us, we must grow, but they tell us all the good things, but pretend it will all be good, and do lie to us, they do not even have the water and other resources to provide for the 2.5 million city they envisage.

    This country is run by liars, opportunists, rip off artists and arrogant administrators they do not care for the fate of individual people. All they want is growth for growth sake, to make more profits, and boos their own coffers and powers.

    As long as NZers foall for this shit, they fall for the same crap as most of America, and Donald Trump is just another ruthless opportunist exploiting the fall out of the dream that fell to pieces, and he like some rich pricks in NZ, will earn big money, no matter how the tide turns.

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