Report Shows Roastbuster Rape Survivors Also Failed by CYF



Today came the terribly sad results of the inquiry into the Child, Youth and Family handling of the Roastbusters incident.

The failure of CYF could suggest what we already know, that officials such as police and those in positions of authority quite casually buy into the widely discredited myth that false rape claims are “common”. I suggest this is likely with police. They often automatically view claims with suspicion and are quite comfortable disregarding the validity of claims. They have a real desire to protect guys.

Many of the international studies carried out on false rape reporting in the past have relied upon figures thrown together with scrappy methodology by police. Samples sizes are usually low, and some have estimated the level of false rape claims at about 10% some booming to an astronomical 20%. But when these figures have been subjected to scrutiny and review by experts, the number almost invariably drops to a low 2-3%, let’s not forget these are reported rapes only, and rape reporting is usually incredibly low. Reviewers attribute the overblown figures to high levels of unjustifiable police skepticism. That means the police/official environment is hostile and antagonistic toward rape reporting and has a culture of disbelief.


It would seem that CYF is in the same position. Though it could also be that this is a situation where CYF did not feel that their role was adequately defined or see obvious ‘talking-based’ pathways of communication with other official agencies, the school and parents. That they did not feel enabled to create and support community safety, beyond the use of legal means. Jacinta Ardern has said that this is a funding issue, and that quite simply the good people working at CYF do not feel that they have the resources or support to adequately make safe the lives of children. If that is the case something has to be done.

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But I feel skeptical and worried by that claim. I have no doubt they need more funding. Everyone does. National have stripped down all of the essential services to operate like skeleton crews while they fuck about with flags and sheep and unending levels of bullshit. But I would have imagined that such people-based ‘communication strategies’ would be one of the primary functions of CYF. I mean it’s 2015. Either way, these are people in positions of authority and this once again demonstrates the way in which intentionally or unintentionally our culture serves to protect the (often males) from being accused of rape over protecting kids from being raped.

We have to ask how is it possible that these girls were failed by almost every single group responsible for their safety. How can this actually be? Failed by the police, failed by the justice system, and failed by Child, Youth and Family. Who else is there? And these agencies didn’t just fail the girls, they also failed their parents. As parents we do everything we possibly can to keep our children safe. Who are we supposed to talk to if no official group will ever take rape reporting seriously?  If this continues it will be nothing other than vigilante justice that people have left to protect themselves and if the day comes that someone takes matters into their own hands then I lay blame for that squarely at the feet of all of these service groups who have done nothing to fix this situation.

This is truly one of the worst things I have seen exposed in New Zealand, but sadly and I say this with a lot of anger and regret, the 111,000 people who signed our petition will NOT be surprised. That petition was how we communicated with one voice. We’re SICK of being failed and the inaction of the government.   

WE NEED PROPERLY FUNDED SPECIALIST SEXUAL VIOLENCE SERVICES in every area who are strongly resourced enough to be more than rape crisis hotlines. We deserve well resourced community groups (with a special focus funding minority groups who are particularly at risk) who have the money to work on the kind of rape-prevention literacy that is not only missing from the world of teenage guys in schools, but is also clearly missing with police, with CYF, within the justice system.

I’m talking about restorative justice systems that require some god-damned basic human communication with all of the people involved.

We need to break down those ugly Whale Oil values that say rape-accusations are almost as bad as rape itself. We need to stop letting patriarchal values of ‘protecting our boys at all costs’ from dominating and controlling rape narratives, because these values have effectively crushed all opposition to rape and the functions of service providers who are supposed to protect our safety. We need to rewrite the script and to be supported by government to do so, because these are our kids, our families and this is our safety. They haven’t been able to do it so I say let community and advocacy groups show them how it’s done. It’s up to us to decide the kind of country we want to have and I say that’s a rape-free country, not a country where rape is just let slide or where rape is virtually legal through the inaction of everyone.




  1. The complex fabric of our society ( and others globally ) is being shredded by a crafty few who know some tricks taught to them by teachers in select schools on how to fuck everyone else on the deal. The consequential hardship for the many brings about psychological changes in the way those societies function.

    An example would be where a society is constantly bombarded with advertising to suspend normal life to work endlessly to earn money which is ultimately recycled back into the banks that peddled the debt in the first place. A simple trick hidden behind high brow types with degrees and influence.

    From that consequential , and manufactured, hardship comes dysfunctional behaviour. People push their normal human emotions to the back and bring out the most basic sets of emotions. Competition, determination, a stalking-predator patience and cunning and while the hunt is on human empathy, care for those in need and a romantic need to stop and ponder the stars is lost in that war like head space. A war-like headspace quickly capitalised upon by bankers and their minions in waiting , the advertising companies with their high levels of training and educated in the wily ways of whole sale, broad spectrum, across the board head-fuckery.
    So, while society implodes under the weight of a dysfunction foisted upon it, a cadre of other jackals stand in line to get to the carrion . We can see them in our parliament. The worse it gets for us ? The more money there is to be made from that. The lobbyists wear a path through our expensive parliamentary carpets to our politicians waiting with their hands out. Really, it’s that simple.
    You want to know how bad it’s become? Go out of an evening to a public bar with an attractive woman wearing a short skirt.

    Rapists and other violent ( And not so violent ) monsters are manufactured, not born. We Kiwis need to stop that manufacturing process.

    How ?

    Kick out all the foreign owned banks. Wipe them out. Wipe ALL mortgage debt. Some will win big, some will win small, the many will come to realise that building and owning a house for ones self and the kids is now well affordable. Therefore all will win.

    Make it illegal for anyone starting a high interest money lending business in poor areas.

    Build a free to air advertising free TV and Radio infrastructure. Educate, inform, entertain.

    I’d LOVE to see the last nasty , dirty , vile, evil infomercial fade into oblivion from a lack of public interest.

    I once went to a freezing cold old house on a dreary street in Bexley in Ch Ch one winters day. A young women and her three little girls were huddled together in bed with the electric blanket on and watching day time TV. I saw, on that tv, Jeremy Kyle pitting other poor people at each other like dogs in a fighting ring and as I stood there talking to the mother I noticed a foul smell and as I looked about in the gloom I say dog shit here and there. I felt a freezing cold draft coming down the hallway from the kitchen and as I stepped back I saw that the kitchen door was open , outside I could hear a dog barking and snarling from a kennel.

    The woman had rescued the dog from the pound to protect herself from her violent ex who’d stalk her and give her the bash if he could. The cops could enforce a restraining order on him but he’d have to offend first and her having to live constantly with that kind of terror and anxiety was almost unbearable for her. So, she left the kitchen door open for the dog to come and go to protect herself and her girls and the down-side of that was that the dog would shit inside and the kids would walk through it and track it into their bed. I saw dog shits with little toe marks stamped into it.
    I like to say that , that was an isolated case. It wasn’t. I’ve seen things that I have to say I wish I hadn’t. People living lost lives in squaller in a land renown for it’s plenty and we wonder where rapists and their victims come from.

    There was one overriding factor to that scenario . Poverty. Unnecessary, crushing , never ending poverty. In a country the size of the UK and specifically designed by God ( Used as a metaphor. I’m no God botherer ) to produce vast amounts of food with a population of 4.3 million people and this young mother and her daughters were living like starving rats.
    You do know what chance her kids have in life right? None. No chance at all. By the time they’re 10 or 11 years old ? They’re gone and they’ll never come back.

    And who’s fault is that? The dirty filthy beni’ ? The lazy useless violent father ? The greedy landlord ? The rorting power company? The grasping supermarkets ?

    The fault lies with us. The ones who know what the problem is but do nothing about it.

    If people are curious about where to focus their outrage then here’s the answer.
    Your local MP.
    They’re the ones at the coal face, as it were. They’re the ones we pay to take care of us. If they’re not doing their job? What happens to people who can’t do their job properly? That’s right. Out they go.
    Are they ALL corrupt and on a power bender ? If you answer ‘ yes’ ? Then , they must ALL go.

    People can and should take this issue to their MP. Daily if necessary. Keep at the bastards until they actually do something. If they do nothing? Then why are we paying them?

    • You keep on at this one Countryboy from the same angle.

      While I agree with what you have said about the system producing dysfunctional human beings, there is a whole other facet to this particular problem that your comment misses.

      We are all in this same system together. But we don’t see women raping men and children to anywhere near the level that men are raping others.

      And why is that?

      Because part of this dysfunctional system is how we encourage each gender to behave. Specifically, we teach men that to be “real” men they should not show emotion, be strong, be in charge. That the rewards of “working hard” and “success” are the bodies of women. That women primarily exist for sex, and to look pretty for men.

      Its how we do gender. And its gotta change.

      And we need to teach our youngsters about the simple concept of consent. Every and all sexual encounters should be happening between consenting individuals. And if girls are under the age of consent then it’s not consensual. If boys deliberately get young naive girls drunk in order to sexually assault them, that’s not consensual.

      The issue isn’t just one of our dysfunctional economic system. There’s a gender element to it as well.

      • There is also the fact that men are far, far less likely to report rape, which when taken into account when looking at the reported figures still paints a horrible picture. Is it on par with female rape numbers? I’m thinking its probably not but it really is hard to tell.

        We must also consider that many common interactions between women and men are seen as normal, or played down, whereas they would be seen as rape/sexual abuse if it were the other way around.

  2. The most depressing thing about Roastbusters 2 for me is not that it happened again (and I’m pretty sure it’ll happen again and again and again…) but the response from Middle Nu Zilind to focus yet AGAIN on the behaviour of the victims, and because they were under 16 years old, their parents.

    “what we’re they doing out at parties? drinking alcohol? why didn’t their parents know where they were/ what they were doing?” and on and on and on.

    It’s exhausting. And it’s bullshit. Because nothing victims can do in terms of changing their behaviour it going to change the behaviour of the perpetrators.

    And while middle Nu Zilind is focussed on behaviour of the victims and their families they’re nicely diverting attention from the perpetrators.

    Looks like again the crime was premeditated. It was a game, a contest. They planned to get young girls at a “cool” party, to ply them with alcohol and then photograph them with their genitals in the girls faces. To shame and humiliate the girls. On purpose. Because …. that’s fun. Apparently. And because they consider those girls “sluts” and there for the debasement or enjoyment of males.

    When we focus on the behaviour of the victims we let the perps get off. They know it. They purposefully choose victims they KNOW will not be believed, and they KNOW social focus will not be on their behaviour but that of their victims.

    NZ needs to bloody well stop doing this. Focus on what it is in our culture that encourages men to abuse women and girls. Focus on that and change it.

    Because we are not predestined to be violent abusive human beings. We can live with less violence, particularly sexual violence. If baboons can change their culture, then we can too.

    But it’ll never happen while the focus is NOT on those perpetrating the violence.

    The other really sad thing a focus on victims behaviour does (and it’s all the time, publicly) is it tells rape and sexual assault survivors that if they dare to make a claim they will be disbelieved as a default, and every single aspect of their behaviour will be picked apart including sexual history. Because of this level of disbelief and scrutiny and shame most survivors never report their assaults. That’s why sexual assault and rape has one of the lowest reporting rates of all crimes.

    Two links:

    First, baboons can change their culture from violent to non violent and keep it that way for 20 years. Surely we can too?

    Second, a psychologist who works with rapists explains exactly why our victim blaming narrative plays into the hands of rapists, and so why we need to stop doing it.

    • It is completely inappropriate to talk about the behavior of the victims in any way that would put the blame onto them, but there is absolutely conversations to be had with protecting oneself and ensuring the same situation doesn’t happen to others.

      Just as you would tell your son to avoid certain roads and alleys and certain times, tell your daughters how to keep safe from predators. Because like it or not, the predators are out there and are not going away any time soon. Draw the line at blaming the behavior of the victims when you should be blaming the criminal.

      • Interesting, you say to tell daughters that there are predators out there but don’t believe it’s worth while saying to sons – yet you seem to be saying above that women rape men nearly as much as men rape women. It seems a bit of a contradiction.

      • Did you even look at the two links I posted?

        You’re basically saying that we can’t do anything to stop the predators, that it’s inevitable. So we have to change behaviour of victims.

        I’m calling complete bullshit on that.

        Look at the damn links. It’s not hard, and it doesn’t take long. Educate yourself.

        Or do you seriously think that you’re no better than a baboon?

        • Right…no I never said that. We are nowhere near eliminating violence from society, so yes predators are inevitable, but of course we are going to keep at it. But to be honest I think you are naive if you think that is a realistic goal anywhere in the near future.

          You should probably also find more compelling evidence that it is even feasible than a single study, focused on a single group of baboons, who are yes, quite different from humans.

  3. CYF is simply the government agency that has to deal with the dirty bits of whatever ails society, and as such mirrors society around it. If you have a government that thinks sexual harassment of females is a bit of a joke, like our PM, then you can’t expect the underpaid, undertrained overworked toilers at CYF to be on top of it.
    If we are serious about ending the scourge or rape and sexual harassment, and this is no small task considering it has been around since humans were, then it has to start simultaneously at the top and the bottom.
    At the bottom means in the family, at home, at school, in the workplace, on the street, at the pubs, on the buses, at the sports clubs, at the churches.
    At the top means the government, community leaders, sports stars, celebrities, the trade unions and employers associations.
    Expecting CYF and rape crisis centres to deal with it is like handing over a sticking plaster to fix a severed leg.
    We need real leadership on this, ladies and gentlemen. We will never get it from the political right because there is no profit in it for them, (just like climate change).
    The underlying mantra in dealing with sexual violence is that it never acceptable in any circumstances.

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