TDB top 5 best and worst politicians of 2015



Pundits are starting to put out their top 5 MP lists and they seem to be based on who can play the game of politics rather than what these MPs have actually done for the people of Aotearoa. The Daily Blog’s best and worst list is drawn up based on what MPs have actually done for those with the least  be it positive, negative or in some cases, just speaking the truth.

Top 5 Heroes of the People:

5: Chris Finlayson – National Party

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Chris Finlayson has been tireless in trying to reach honourable Treaty settlements with Maori, and with so many racists in the National Party, that’s no easy feat. It also takes a lot of guts to call your own Party leader out as a maniac which is exactly what People’s Hero Chris Finlayson did this year when asked a question on the GCSB  spying for Tim Groser to win the WTO job by Guyon Espiner on RNZ…

“When this (the GCSB spying for Tim Groser to win the WTO job) became public in the New Zealand Herald one comment was that “this was a backward looking anti American bunch of plonkers thats what these guys are.  They are not interested in the future of New Zealand or making it stronger, they are just opposed to the Government”.  Do you agree with that?”

Finlayson replied…

“You always get that type of wild eyed stuff on the right.”

…what Chris may have not known was the quote was actually from the Prime Minister John Key. How a person of Finlayson’s intellect and ethical integrity tolerates a power abusing, ponytail pulling multi-millionaire bully like John Key is beyond us all. Keep calling John Key out for the deluded fanatic he is Chris!


TDB Recommends

4: Marama Davidson – Greens

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For someone who has only been in Parliament for a nano second, Marama Davidson has done more to push for social justice than the entire back bench of the National Party put together. Despite just entering the debating chamber, she has already been asking questions and was one of those courageous MPs who stood against the Speaker last month and was the first one to be ordered out of the House for challenging him. Legend!


3: Kelvin Davis – Labour


I’m a Hone Harawira fan so had zero time for Davis, but even I have to admit that I have been surprised and impressed with his amazing stand on the human rights of NZers jailed on Christmas Island. Davis has shown a compassion and courage by taking this stand because few NZers care about prisoner rights, going against that negative flow deserves respect.


2: Metiria Turei – Greens 


Turei has been tireless in attacking the privatisation of public services that are looming in CYFs and social welfare. It’s work that has largely gone unnoticed by the media (hungry children in poverty is a downer in the clickbait world of mainstream media) but we here at TDB have seen and noticed the huge amount of energy she has thrown into this debate. Her leadership by standing and talking about her sexual assault in Parliament was surely one of the most brave acts our Parliament has ever witnessed. She spoke for every woman who had not seen justice and our history books will be far kinder than the media today were.

1: Sue Moroney – Labour


While her bill proposal for parental leave was defeated in Parliament at the last minute, Sue was able to push more progressive legislation through than anyone else on the Opposition benches. While she failed at extending 26 weeks parental leave, the Government did acknowledge there was legitimate cause to extend it to parents of premature babies, multiple birth babies and babies born with disabilities. Getting those concessions was worth it and will help those mums and dads who face such challenges in a  real and meaningful way, and in the end – surely that’s what our MPs should be in Parliament doing, not playing at bullshit Game of Thrones chess moves. All hail Sue Moroney!

Top 5 Enemies of the People:

5: Sam Lotu-Iiga – National


The full scope of Sam’s incompetence when handling Serco’s numerous failures and his bungling are all highlighted in this gruesome interview on The Nation this year…

Owen: “So are they getting paid and how much?”

Lotu-Iiga: “Well, the contract is between Serco and PlaceMakers, and I’m not privy to those sums, but—”

Owen: “So you don’t know how much the business is going to make—”

Lotu-Iiga: “I don’t have the figures on me, but we could ask Serco what the contract’s for.”

Owen: “Out of the inmates building framing and having these contracts. So who makes the profit out of the contract?”

Lotu-Iiga: “ Well, we don’t know whether there’s profits being made, but what PlaceMakers—”

Owen: “Why don’t you know that, Minister? Because this is under your watch.”

Lotu-Iiga: “Well, I spoke to the managing director of PlaceMakers yesterday, and they said that they will pay a standard contract for fees to Serco. I don’t know what that amount is…”

Owen: “Right, so in terms of rehabilitation, but you don’t know who’s making a profit or if one’s being made?

Lotu-Iiga: ” Hang on. They’ve got a commercial transaction between Serco and PlaceMakers. I don’t know what that figure is, but we can work it out.”

Owen: “Even with that $30 million? Even with that $30 million profit that they’re making per annum?”

Lotu-Iiga: “I don’t think they’re making a $30 million profit.”

Owen: “You don’t think it’ll make $30 million, and what you’re saying is it’s still saving money even though this company is making a profit out of it? It’s still saving us money even though they’re taking that profit.”

Lotu-Iiga: “It’s… Well, it’s saving the taxpayer money. It is saving the taxpayer money.”

Owen: “Who employs those monitors? Who employs the monitor in the prison? “

Lotu-Iiga: “There will be— If I can just finish, there will be an ombudsman. They will be subject to complaints—”

Owen: “So the monitor in the prison, Minister, just to be clear, the monitor in the prison; who employs the monitor?
Lotu-Iiga: “My understand is that the monitors are based in the prisons, but they report to the Department of Corrections.”

Owen: “Who employs the monitor and pays their wages, Minister?

Lotu-Iiga: “Well, I don’t have those facts on me, but they do report—”

Owen: “Well, I do. The person who employs the monitor— the person who employs the monitor is the company, Serco. They employ the monitor, and pay their wages.”


That has to be the most painful interview of the year. His total lack of command over the portfolio, his inability to work out when Serco had lied to him and his ongoing lack of ability mark him out as a terrible Minister who has allowed Serco to get away with running an asylum of corrupt violence. Should have been sacked a long time ago for incompetence.


4: Tim Groser – Trade Minister


Conning NZ into believing the nothings he gained for the TPPA were somehow magic beans in disguise  marks Groser out as a traitor to the people of NZ. He has helped sell the entire country down the drain with a deal that robs Aotearoa of our economic and political sovereignty so that America can jockey for positioning against China in their geopolitical posturing in the Pacific. Getting the GCSB to spy for him while he was attempting to win the WTO job is as disgraceful as his ‘fast follower’ crap on climate change.


3: Louise Upston – National


In a year when rape culture reared its ugly head again our Minister for Women’s Affairs has done nothing at all to progress women’s rights. A Minister who proudly declares she’s not a feminist and thinks beauty pageants are positive could only offer up a this advice to women who were harassed in the workplace  ‘they should speak up for themselves’. Upston was then  quizzed on her Leaders bullying and harassment of Amanda Bailey and all she had to say was that he had apologised and “that was the end of the matter”.  Cameron Slater may be the only person worse at being Minister of Women’s Affairs than Louise Upston.

2: Anne Tolley – National


So the latest report into failures within CYFs shows hundreds of children being abused and damaged in state care and Tolley’s solution? Sterilisation. Unbelievable. Remember these are children being abused IN state care, how will sterilising parents stop the abuse of children within state care? Well that’s never been explained because National believe beneficiaries breed for business, when asked why she thought parents who kept having their children removed had more kids, her unbelievable answer was ‘I think they like having sex’. That’s the intellectual weight behind the latest move to privatise welfare. 


1: John Key – National 


The worst politician of 2015 has to be John Key. It’s not his policies or politics but his personal behaviour which this year has been that of a petulant spoilt bully arsehole. Abusing a waitress on 10 separate occasions at her place of work was creepy, unacceptable and bullying. It led to world wide mockery and pulled the entire country’s reputation down. His callous nature was revealed over his foot dragging on the refugees fleeing war zones he’s sent our troops into and his weird interview where he talked about urinating in the shower, masturbation and stealing things brought more mockery.

It was his extraordinary abuse of Opposition MPs who were asking questions about the human rights violations on Christmas Island that sealed him being so awful. Screaming that Labour backed and supported rapists and murderers (when there actually weren’t any on Christmas Island) was sick enough, but refusing to apologise as female MP after female MP stood courageously and stated how offensive  they found his comments due to them being sexually assaulted was a deplorable moment not just for politics but for us as a society.

John Key is a repugnant human being, put aside the abuses of political power, the shallow vision and the self serving policies aimed at empowering the wealthy who vote National, on a personal level he is dreadful and deformed.

He’s Donald Trump without the wig.


  1. I have a feeling that I am going to get slapped for this, but when you say “John Key is a repugnant human being” …… “on a personal level he is dreadful and deformed” you undermine your argument completely. Don’t get me wrong, I love TDB, but for TDB to build more credibility and a wider audience, comments such as this are counter productive. Stick to the issues (and his behaviour in parliament IS an issue) and leave out the personal stuff.

      • Interesting that I have replied to this question twice, this being the third. Is there a reason that my replies have not been published?
        For the record, the bullying of Amanda Bailey by the PM is just that; bullying, ugly, arrogant and unacceptable behaviour. Having directly asked me a question, you could at least publish my answer.

    • I also don’t understand why you called John Key a “repugnant human being”. The first word I can undestand but I don’t feel that the second and third are entirely warranted.

    • @ Steve King.

      Ah ?

      You’re logic’s what I’m going to ‘ slap’ you for.

      An example of your logic could be that it’d be ok to employ a paedophile in a kindergarten so long as they kept to being a paedophile outside working hours.

      jonky is truly and utterly repugnant. His ( It’s ) modus is entirely dodgy and he should have been dragged out of our offices years ago. Why we haven’t yet done that warrants ever closer examination and alarmingly , he’s been able to surround himself with like minded creatures.
      When I think he has sway over the steerage of us and our country ? I feel deeply disturbed.

      And you have yet to answer @ Martyn’s question. We’re all waiting. I’m sure it will be very revealing.

      • I have answered it twice, but it aint been published yet!
        I consider myself slapped, but I think your paedophile analogy doesn’t quite fit.
        My point is that name calling doesn’t actually advance anybody’s argument. It undermines it.
        I am very unsettled about the direction we are heading in as a nation, and by the things that are done in and around government by a cabal of morally bankrupt so-called representatives. The behaviour is repugnant. They are so frantically hanging on to power that they haven’t noticed how much the mask has slipped.

  2. Worthy mention in Enemies of the People have to go to:

    Nick Smith for his intentional do nothing approach to housing problems in Auckland that have only made things worse. Lost in ineptitude but worse because he is threatening to take over Auckland Council or functions of it if they don’t do what he says. Fuck off Nick!

    Paula Bennett: Skin crawlingly loathsome in her hatred of people who have fallen by the wayside, most recently those poor individuals who have life threatening illnesses who have to beg to WINZ over and over and over. Paula never lets an opportunity go by to put the boot in to such people for personal gain. Where in life were you once upon a time Paula?

    • Agreed. I’d put Bennett on that list, if only for her appalling hypocrisy and willingness to play the role of “obedient party minion”. Her obnoxious condescension toward opposition MPs like Jacinda Ardern also warrants lashings of contempt and derision.

      Oh, and Michael Woodhouse. Anytime someone attempts to get him to answer a question regarding his portfolio, he either runs away, or parrots the “operational matter” fob off. The police seem to be a law unto themselves these days, and all Woodhouse can do is blush, stammer and scurry away like a startled hare. Pathetic.

  3. One of the good things about TBD is that people here are willing to give credit where credit is due, even to an MP who is of the opposite political alignment. Can you imagine Whaleoil doing the same?

  4. Groser, the grocer! Like many of his orthodox financial persuasion,”key” players in jobs for the boys, and sadly of late for the girl (HC????????) playing with our state assets, and losing without even a profit! Then, of course he is “pushing” a convincing argument” for the TPPA. Gambling MIGHT be a better word for his addiction, unless he wishes to deny it.

    Groser ,the grocer, would be better in a play such as ‘open all hours’.

  5. Why does this country need full time ministers. Ultimately most of them don’t seem to seek the best for NZ. Looking after their own interests or the interest of their buddies. I would think Amy Brooks 100 days idea (look it up on her website) is not a bad idea to restore a democracy

  6. If the NZ MSM did the same ‘best and worse’ list – you know who would be at the top of the ‘best’ list…. Yep, you know it… what a f**ked up world we live in.

  7. You are right about Anne Tolley too.

    When she was a Napier City Councillor she was known as a do nothing for the people.

    She has now done nothing for the Napier & Gisborne community either now she is a National politician.

    She is like Shonkey, and changes her word later to suit their agenda.

  8. Winning the gold medal for Enemy of the People is like the 50m freestyle at the Olympics. There are so many within a fragment of a finger nail of taking it, yet not even get into the top five.

    To wit Hekia Parata. Parata’s continued assault on schooling is like burning down the Waipoua Forest, banning music from the radio and banning colour from pictures.

  9. Yes you left off Parata and that nasty Paul Bennett. She of the free education and benefit whilst a solo mother herself. Still there are so many who could be on the list.

  10. I would put Andrew little into the worst category as well he is damn well unelectable, I know it, we all know it, but because he is Labours latest offering we on the left are supposed to treat him like the next messiah, it amuses me no end whenever we don’t hear from or see him for some time his popularity actually rises, never let it be said I haven’t given a free election strategy to Labour, David Cunliffe he is not-in any way shape or form, throw in Paula Bennett as well that’s one seriously nasty piece of work

  11. Your right Martyn about Key, the man is an insult to the intelligence of any logical thinking person, he has no scruples what so ever.

    They said Muldoon was the best PM that NZ ever had, but history tells us something very different, dividing the population has never been a successful long term policy.

  12. It is a good list Martyn but the addition of Bennett and Tolley for their treatment of those with serious illness like cancer having to present for work readyness and for Bennett and English selling g state houses when there is record homelessness, they must qualify

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