TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. Once again Crosby Textor forget to instruct Key to wear trousers to event, leaving fellow attendees not knowing where to look.

  2. ‘I had no option other than to tell the whole world that I wee in my bath tub, but hey, the world has no idea, that right now, right at this very minute, I have a silent pee quietly gushing out of me! Ha ha, fooled them all again. I feel like Peter Sellers! How cool is that!’

  3. Jeez, the people gathered here seem to think that Global Climate Change is a serious issue.

    “What, me worry?”

  4. The salivating grinning fool spots a ponytail … “hmm I must remember to give that a bit of a tug when I’ve finished here.” Hand immediately goes into pocket at the thought!

  5. “hmm, the dorks have placed me right in the middle of four of the underclass! Oh dear, where is Obama? Don’t the dorks know who the bloody hell I am?”

    • They know alright! He is the world famous bath tub pisser and pony tail puller! BTP and PTP! Who wouldn’t know that!

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