GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Another Prison Suicide



3 weeks ago, the guy in the next cell slit his wrists and was taken to the prison hospital , where he recovered.

Corrections left his well bloodied cell for a week before cleaning it , saying it was a “crime scene”. We had to look at, and smell it, every day and volunteered to clean it .

Yesterday afternoon, I heard the guy killed himself in his new cell by swallowing a watch battery.

Corrections was clearly on notice of the guy’s high suicide risk .

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How much longer will these preventable deaths continue in NZ prisons?


Arthur Taylor is a prisoner rights activist and TDBs blogger inside prison.


  1. As long as “middle New Zealand” holds power, I suspect Arthur.

    For Corrections to work better requires pressure and accountability from the outside. The current popular belief that human rights only applies to a limited number of people (and definitely NOT convicts, beneficiaries, the poor and children), blocks any effective change for the better.

    It’s a sad, sad country…

  2. Serco is not only in prison “Trade”they invest in arms and weapons as
    well .
    Monsanto is involved in arms and weapons trade as well as food.

    The American dollar is in dire straights and expected to fail late next year,Chinese remimbi is now a world currency.
    details in Wake up New Zealand

  3. I think this will continue while Serco has the contract ,and as long as John Key is in power,both are without compassion.
    The parents wives and families must be suffering as well and they are probably innocentThis government is guilty of so much wrongdoing I just cant fathom how they are still in power.

    When labour did the slightest perceived wrong the Herald and National were screaming for resignations.
    Its hard for any opposition to get traction with an arse like the speaker
    controlling the house, or should I say opposition,he never controls National party ,he is as guilty as any serco inmate

    • Serco has contract for Mt Eden prison,Auck central remand prison, and a new 960bed prison at Wiri. Google it and check. Corrections issues contracts with the government.

      • Yes, I don’t disagree. But Arthur Taylor is in Auckland Prison (aka Paremoremo) which is where this suicide occurred. So while this is a damning story about Corrections, it has nothing to do with Serco. That’s my point.

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