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  1. Guess what folks? We are a police state! More conformation of this fact!

    TV journalist Heather Du Plessis Allen and husband Barry Soper’s home searched by police, looking for evidence to charge her with gun offences, after her expose` of loopholes in law re gun purchase.

    Obviously the “establishment” doesn’t like (or want) investigative journalism!

    Let’s see …

    Gilbert (although not a journalist) a research academic
    now Du Plessis Allen

    Next ….

  2. After reading Franks contribution ( ), I’ve been thinking (AGAIN), and it’s become so dangerous and frustrating it’s bad for health.
    Whilst I commend and support(ed) the “SAVE TVNZ7” campaign, and the CBB, I’m now even more convinced of the following:

    Firstly, there’s very little point pushing shit uphill (arguably based on neo-liberal un-principles) that enable politicians to tinker, and interfere in the 4th Estate every decade or so. I suspect most don’t even UNDERSTAND the idea of the 4th Estate and how it relates to a functioning democracy.
    Secondly, we need to find a way of protecting the 4th Estate specifically, AND public service more generally from political interference and cronyism (note Frank’s crony watch – and you’ll see a problem – and its one that occurs on all sides of the political spectrum, but in recent times – blatantly, forcefully and without shame from what we perceive as the ‘centre right’. In fact there are totalitarian regimes that’d be proud of the means by which this gubbamint has influence and manipulated media (by a number of different mechanisms such as underfunding, crony appointments, privatisations or threats of it, and so on)

    Thirdly, before anything worthwhile and long term can be achieved, we need to find a mechanism whereby this political interference (direct), and influence (indirect) can be demolished. And actually that doesn’t just apply to PSB and the 4th Estate more generally. I’m not sure how that is best accomplished – there will be constitutional lawyers and others better placed than I to make suggestions but I do know that it requires a commitment that it is at a constitutional level – i.e. alongside Te Tiriti, B.O.R, and so on. In the current environment – maybe something the Guv is required to commit to; but also something that includes appointments to Administrative positions being required to have the approval of ALL political parties.

    Fourthly, (and with all due respect for CBB and others), the goal for a non-commercial PSB TV channel amongst other of their goals is a little unabitious (and I’m probably the least ambitious and competitive person on the planet).
    Our PSB (and all the etherial electronic equivalents) – the ability to broad-cast in a way that is free from political or commercial influence id pretty fundamental.
    At the very LEAST, we should not simply be striving for retention of RNZ Nat; and something akin to what was TVNZ ……. but for a diverse population of 4.5 mill, we are ekshlly entitled to quite a bit more.
    At the least: 4 Radio channels …. Natrad, Concert, The Wireless, and an Iwi radio network with localised breakout coverage.
    At least 4 TV channels …. a One (a TVNZ7 look-alike perhaps); a Heartland type operation that provides for our social and cultural values – sporting, artistic, musical, etc; a Kidzone channel that isn’t simply for those that have the ability to pay more for intellectual property we already have as of right and that isn’t digitally divided; and an MTS.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that not only are we fucked over by political interference and tinkering, but we’ve also now become fucked over by many in the industry that have a huge sense of entitlement and egos in which they promote their personality cults, have an expectation of huge salaries, and who’ve been allowed (without being challenged) to dictate the terms – usually only based on longevity in the industry OR whose dick they’ve had the opportunity to lick OR even engage in marital vows.

    There is actually a better way – and one that doesn’t involve various little feifdoms and empires. It’s one that is able to provide for the 4×4 I maintain we’re entitled to, without little empires associated with each.

    But then, like I said – my thoughts can be a danger to health

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