TPPA ALERT: How spineless is NZ? A tale of two protests


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In Auckland, barely 15 000 protested climate change (although there are a number of reasons for this) in Paris the Police are forced to use tear gas to quell protests.

30 years of individualistic neoliberalism has robbed solidarity of its strength, so much so that National can now push through reforms they never believed they could con the majority of NZers into passing:

  • Mass Surveillance
  • Vast increases in Police power with few checks and balances
  • warrantless spying
  • sale of assets
  • killing off of critical media and public broadcasting
  • Using state spies to smear the leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election.
  • Manufacturing a property bubble to falsely inflate economic growth
  • right wing experiments in education
  • Crippling of Housing NZ
  • Allowing a US warship that refuses to adhere to our Nuclear Free legislation to visit us.
  • Draconian welfare reforms
  • Re-invading Iraq

The Right Wing and the Deep State must be amazed at how much they’ve managed to get passed the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind, so the cherry on the top  of our spineless acquiescence as a nation, the humiliating symbol of our total capitulation to our Corporate OverLords is the news that when  the Nazgul gather to sign the TPPA – they will be signing it in NZ.

TPP signing likely to be in NZ
The official signing ceremony for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal is likely to will place in New Zealand next year but at Trade Minister level only.

That’s right, NZ has been chosen to host the signing of the TPPA because we won’t put up much of a fight compared to any other country that understands what is actually at stake.

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How embarrassing.


  1. sod ’em, I for one will be protesting and hopefully there will be demos and disruption to remember

    local plods and bully boys of the “deep state” will use all their powers to prevent dear leader being embarrassed so the actions will have to be carefully planned

    yes, there are a lot of reactionary conservatives, neo lib dingbats and plain numbskulls hooked on commodity fetishism out there, but that is no reason to join them–
    Nat Sells Out!
    Lab Sells Out!
    But We Won’t Sell Out!!

  2. There are great and frightening forces at work to install a number of insidious psychological mechanisms into our hearts and minds, one of which renders us immobile when faced with danger. Another kind is the one where-by we don’t ask questions. We don’t question authority. We let them assume that their roll is to always know better. How do they think they know better? What information do they have that we don’t that gives them the edge? Especially if it involves the collective Us as in the case of the TPP. How fucking dare they not tell us information that affects us directly. I’m still fucked off about the beige brigade that wasted my time playing scuffle with the cops at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hippies playing fucking bongo drums ! It was embarrassing. They actually got arrested for wearing man-buns without a man-bun permit. Did you know that?

    This is going to cause tectonic movement-like eye rolling but I’d suggest those who are curious watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s film ‘Bruno’ and listen to the directors ( Cohen’s ) narrative. ( Coen’s brother is a psychologist, or a psychiatrist. I can’t remember which )

    Once those psychological mechanisms have been down-loaded into us via the media they become stuck fast in our subconscious and once there and after a few generations they become a bastard to purge from ones self. Ask any abuse victim just how tough, perhaps impossible, it is to move away from that kind of conditioning?
    The only way forward is to examine that ‘data’ at hand, gain an understanding of that ‘data’ and push past its influence.
    How to do that? Especially now that our abusers have control of the way they feed us psychological conditioning?
    Well, this Blog’s an excellent start but TDB refuse , for some mysterious reason, to market themselves therefore gain some market access and most importantly, a market profile to those many, many people who are in information free-fall.
    Graffiti is a personal favourite. Intelligent and poignant messages on walls. Not the scribbled gibberish most often seen. ( No disrespect to those who’re just plain fucked off and are not afraid to show it. )
    Someone here suggested a pirate radio/TV station . Brilliant ! And that can be done via a plethora of Websites . Youtube a show and graffiti it’s address ?

    And hippies ? Please . Next time you go down town to protest? Hire a fucking suit and get a fucking hair cut. Show some class. Honestly, you looked , and smelled like a Sandlewood Incense sales convention.

  3. Two smiling idiot puppets on the end of strings pulled by their mega- corporate criminal and bankster con artist buddies.
    Smiling as they are doing what they are told to do meanwhile the world suffers under their insane perpetual wars for greedy war mongers and arms sales and weather weapons etc.
    Encouraging fear and instability in the hearts of those who really only want peace and justice in the world. Chaos producing psychopaths.
    Two smiling idiots with barely any conscience or integrity but – BOY – DO THEY BOTH LOVE THE PHOTO OPS ! ! !
    Agenda 21 – NWO – Agenda 21 – NWO – Agenda 21 – NWO

    • Photo opps – it is their policy to win votes – same in Northland. When ever an individual or group achieve something and end up with the publicity they deserve – why is it, all of a sudden, Shane Reti, National’s MP is in the photo – to grab some of the credit …. thinking people see past that but unfortunately, many don’t (think).

  4. TPP discussions starting Wed 3rd Dec till 10th Dec.
    Australia is bringing a law that unless children up to the age of 20 get vaccinated and immunised, they will not be allowed to go to school.
    There are so many vaccines and immunisation now ,Pharmecutecals are making a fortune and damaging the health of all children.
    Russia is doing all it can to stop one world government ,so proponents of OWG are stepping up control ,TPP ,will finalise it .Cabals want control of as many countries as they can including Australia. NZ. Canada etc
    before they are stopped by Russia,thats why things are accelerating at a fast pace.Nz has only just under 5 million people, and National is controlling us all,turnouts at protests are small because NZers are great at letting someone else do the donkey work, and most don’t know whats going on because they arnt advised by our National controlled media.
    Try telling some people whats going on and they say oh don’t be silly,they are going to get a rude awakening soon.
    Expect I will get down ticks by some people ,we used to be all in this together but now I see some smartypants are critising and arguing ,
    TDB is not the same anymore.

    • Goose. You still haven’t convinced any that you have moved past being an idiot, plus a moron.

      Do you remember the stuff I said about you making New Zealand look bad? FYI, you embody all the worst American traits and call yourself kiwi.

      I just want any readers of your comments to know you are racist to any one other than goosemen and all othe above

  5. Jane Kelsey is an independent authority on this subject – read her book “The Fire Economy” if you have any doubts as to the depth of her research – far greater knowledge than any of our politicians could ever dream of.

  6. “the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind”

    you won’t win power until you can get those sleepy hobbits to vote for you…and they’re hardly going to do that when it’s clear the alternative simply doesn’t like them.

    If there is one thing you should learn from Key is his emphasis on likeability. Without that you’re going no where.

    • I didn’t realise I was currently a member of any political party or was in fact even a candidate for a political party.

      • Fair enough. I’ll qualify my statement.

        Your *low* opinion of the vast bulk of NZ’ers is very representative of the left. Until the left start to like NZ’ers the left won’t get back into power.

        • Awanderer, I think we, as a nation, are *big* enough to take a bit of criticism? If we’re that precious about a few critical remarks, well, someone forgot to put their Big Boys/Girls booties on, didn’t they?

  7. The putative reason they are having the signing in NZ is that NZ is the depositary for the negotiations, and means, sadly, we will continue to be its administrative hub if and when it comes into force. The signing in NZ is definitely not because we are the most docile – in fact, we have been the most activist of all countries in protesting against the TPPA – although it may reflect the desire of Groser and Key to stick it to the majority of Kiwi’s who the TV3 poll says oppose the deal. They will keep the details of the mid-week ministerial meeting (4 Feb) secret for as long as they can in their now-familiar way, and we fully expect it to be at some remote gated community. However, there is a lot of water to flow under the bridge before then, both here and in the US. The first of the NZ expert papers analysing the text will be released later today and posted on

  8. Having lived all around the world – the neoliberal attitude seems the deepest in NZ. “Other peoples country” was a good video to delve into this.

    NZ should be a test case in indoctrination of neoliberalism for the last 20 years and the success of government and opposition to all adopt the same ideology even when it is clearly not working! No wonder Obama loves Key – he’s spreading the US neoliberal messages globally, even though it is making NZ worse off.

    We now have dumbo Key getting the ‘fossil of the climate change’ award. Good job and well spotted! Pity our MSM are still in the dark. Although it seems climate change is acceptable to agree with (but TPP is clearly NOT as it challenges neoliberalism). Clearly TPP will bankrupt and delay governments ability to curb climate change, but hey who has got time to think when you are a politician trying to climb the ladder, or joe blogs getting paid $15 p/h on a zero hour contract?

    After the privatisation of assets, our governments economic strategy is based on selling off our land piece by piece to keep the charade in place.

    The Natz coup is getting the Maori party and Labour to let it all continue and fight for the ideology on their behalf, cos if they are all saying the same thing ….

    The Internet Mana party was our biggest hope for real change, (mostly killed by Labour. NZ First is getting popular as some sort of righter wing version that at least trys to challenge neoliberalism, and the Greens are against neoliberalism, but the fight seems to have gone out of the party now Kegley and Bradford have left. (However Greens probably still the best out of the rest). Now Norman….

    One of the biggest problems in NZ is that people do not want to collaborate. Kiwis are not good at it. Look at Northland, when the opposition worked together they defeated National. However since then, look at the Labour Tat Loo/ Nash debacles. Collaboration anyone – no fucking way and that is just within their own party!!!

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