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Every so often, the mainstream news media do their job well, and little nuggets of insights are revealed…

An interview on Radio NZ on 27 November with  Damascus-based Syrian historian, political analyst, and journalist, Sami Moubayed gives valuable information on the origins and rise of ISIS.

Rather unsurprisingly, the genesis of ISIS lay with the US invasion of Iraq in 2003;


Under the Black Flag What is daily life like under ISIS - radio nz

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This is the background story that is too complex for our nightly TV “News” broadcasts and only a dedicated current affairs broadcaster can allocate the necessary time to analyse the issue.

In fact, the TV News broadcasts, being constrained by micro-brief sound bites and superficial, five-minute formats achieve nothing except reinforce myths, confusion, fear, and the official government party line of “evil Islamic fanatics”.

Once upon a time, TVNZ and TV3 used to air documentary specials such as Bryan Bruce’s Inside Child Poverty (2011) or John Pilger’s The New Rulers of the World (early 2000s?). Now, we get a nightly diet of brutal crime “dramas”; inane US sitcoms; and “reality television” (The Block, X Factor, Highway Cops, Masterchef, The GC, et al) which actually are as far removed from our real world as is Disneyland.

The sugary diet we consume in the West is not confined to beverages and processed foods – it is in our nightly TV viewing. The “empty calories” of junk TV is as unhealthy for our minds, as soft drinks and many breakfast “cereals” is for our bodies.

Lecture over.

Now listen to Kathryn Ryan talk with Sami Moubayed.




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Radio NZ: Under the Black Flag – What is daily life like under ISIS?

TV3/Bryan Bruce:  Inside Poverty Poverty

John Pilger: The New Rulers of the World

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  1. I found these very interesting.

    How Turkey Exports ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence

    The “ISIS Rockefellers”: How Islamic State Oil Flows to Israel

    Israeli Colonel Caught with IS Pants Down | New Eastern Outlook

    Sultan Erdogan’s War on…Russia

    • Thanks for these… the final puzzle pieces fall neatly into place.

      We are in the coalition of helping to bomb Syrian civilians to facilitate oil extraction and distribution via their country. No wonder we need guts.

  2. “a nightly diet of brutal crime “dramas”

    I have a non-scientific theory that the majority of people who watch CSI type ugly crime dramas drive huge SUVs and utes.

  3. ISIS = new CIA / Arab legion
    Al Queda = CIA / Arab legion – the original one from 1980
    All with the help of US and British intelligence and more.

    NATO cooks up fake chemical weapons provocations. The CIA and other intelligence agencies do what they want and don’t ask Obama or any other
    govt.s / ministries / presidents. Phony staged terrorists attacks.
    Death squads exploded in 2000 – 2004 = shadowy network inside US govt and CIA.

    Notes above taken from “Nato behind the Creation of ISIL. ” Webster Tarpley on the website : Republic
    The following link goes into detail and is very important for us all to hear. Urgent info not to be seen or heard elsewhere.

    Please put this comment up as I see that you have decided not to put up two recent ones of ours.

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