BLOGWATCH: So is Cameron Slater going to apologise now?



One of the worst blogs Cameron Slater ever wrote was when he insinuated that Tania Billingsly, the young woman who was at the centre of the Malaysian Diplomat fiasco in 2014, somehow led her attacker on so that she could grandstand on Rape Culture.

Here are his most offensive assertions…

Now, dear readers, what are the odds of a Malasian diplomat deciding to follow Tania home from a bus stop, apparently at random?  What are the odds of him picking a woman that is befriended with and herself involved in women’s issues going back many years?  What are the odds of him randomly standing there not touching her, then, backing off and waiting for police to arrive out in the street?  What are the odds of Green MP Jan Logie getting involved, erm, randomly?  What are the odds of a situation that has NONE of the hallmarks of an attempted rape, being shopped by TV3 as attempted rape and the label “Rape culture” being used to intimidate and shut up critics like ourselves lest we look insensitive to (real!) rape victims?

It’s an ugly read but he and commentators made all sorts of claims because Tania wore lipstick during her interview and wasn’t prepared to be weakened from this event. Slater and his fans decided the strength Tania had shown by speaking up somehow meant she was plotting something. The banality and gross offensiveness of the argument is beneath most people, but Slater carried it on for a very long time.

Today the diplomat has admitted and pleaded to indecent assault…

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Malyasian diplomat pleads guilty to indecent assault
Former Malaysian defence attache Muhammad Rizalman has pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a Wellington woman.

…so when will Cameron do the decent thing and apologise for his crass commentary and allegations?


  1. Nope, don’t think he will put dear leader in it, Slater is a creep who gets away with it because he is KEY protected.

  2. ‘sorry’ still appears to be the hardest word for the PM in the Billingsley case and Slater oil expunged ‘sorry’ from his dictionary when he first started up his filth pump of a blog, but he should be reminded none the less

    rape culture is not just a trendy saying, it is the reality that sees time and again women who have been assaulted get marginalised, slandered, minimised, “slut shamed” and not believed

    the little germ in this case entered Tania Billingsley’s house with no pants or underwear on, perhaps this is not unusual in Slater’s circles but for most people it is worrying behaviour

  3. Compare the media treatment in both the Tania Billingsley assault and the ponytail pulling of Amanda Bailey by the PM. In both cases the media framed the reporting of the assaults as politically motivated. The herald had to apologise after the press Council found them at fault (who would have thought????)
    and so should Slater.
    Our mainstream media reporting is atrocious.

  4. Urrrgh I’d forgotten about that gross Slater post, I read the entire thing at the time. I think it was the point I realised that there really is no low he won’t resort to in defence of his daddy’s party. Lower than posting Hager’s address; lower than throwing Bevan Chuang under the bus once she’d served her purpose; lower than his pay for play campaign against Matt Bloomfield; lower still than his gleeful work as an Israel shill.

  5. Slaters other blogging highlights include posting up unusual names of dead children for humor/entertainment ……..

    Calling a young teenager who died while a passenger in a car a “feral”…… Slater got a lot of stick for this but John Key rang him up to commiserate with him …… as the dead teens mother had berated and shamed Key over his false promises regarding the killed miners at Pike River …

    Slater probably has lots of dirt on Key with all the texting and phone calls they were doing while in full blown dirty politics mode …….

    Also I know this post is about the lost sole slater ……But what was that other sleaze and dirty politics operative Farrar saying about this sexual assault on Tania Billingsly at the time ????????

    I ask because Farrar was probably doing the polling and advising John Key not to apologize to Tania based on the numbers his national affiliated company/business was getting ………………..

    Farrar is worse than slater for many reasons …..

  6. [Rob, your comments are highly defamatory and would put The Daily Blog into a position for court action. As such, they will not be published. If you have any evidence of wrong-doing by Mr Slater or anyone else, I invite you to lay a complaint with the Police. – ScarletMod]

  7. I’m not sure what Slater has to apologise for.

    He has been proven correct in that there was no rape or attempt to rape.

    He’s also been proven correct when he claimed blogs like this one shamefully made the incident a political football by immediately claiming rape when in fact there was none.

    It’s likely we’ll never know the full truth and, as in many cases of this nature, one cannot trust the statements given by either party.

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