National Party climate denial is beneath us



The science has been in for a long time. Human pollution is causing the planet to super heat and risk catastrophic climate change. Feedback loops built into nature will start exacerbating the damage. Permafrost thawing, frozen methane on the sea floor, desalination of the global ocean current, vast spikes and collapses in temperatures that wipe out huge numbers of animals.

The inevitable Russian roulette  we are risking by continuing to allow free market capitalism to promote quarterly profit margins over future investment is the problem. This Government’s ‘fast follower’ status rather than ‘leadership’ on climate change is driven by a mix of self interest and appeasing their climate denier voters. With many National Party MPs in the pocket of the agricultural industry, any moves against them by this Government will be meaningless…

Agriculture ruled out in Emissions Trading Scheme review
The Government has started its review of the Emissions Trading Scheme but has ruled out any consideration of agriculture in that review.

The review would consider how the scheme would have to change to help ensure New Zealand could meet its new post 2020 target of reducing emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, Climate Change Minister Tim Groser said.

Almost half of New Zealand’s emissions are from agriculture and it is not included in the scheme. Mr Groser ruled out re-considering that despite the Ministry for the Environment saying in a briefing paper last month it did expect agriculture to be considered.

…how much denial is the National Government in? Look at their response to rising sea level data…

Bill English rejects call to budget for the costs of sea level rises

Finance Minister Bill English says the Government will not budget for the costs of rising sea levels, despite a call from Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright to plan for the cost.

…see no climate change, speak no climate change, hear no climate change seems to be actual policy.

Our Government has put all our cows in one Beijing paddock, and dairy intensification has stolen water from democratic bodies set up to distribute it. The dairy intensification has increased pollution into our rivers and removed incentives to grow forests. With the Government opening up more land to mining, National are more than happy to vandalise the environment for short term gain and that’s why they aren’t serious about climate change. Why would the National Party care about the environment of the future when they are so busy trashing it in the now?

NZ needs a green socialism and it needs it now.


  1. Extremely spoken here Martyn, – the issue is so much more serious than they know.

    As we went out to the East coast beaches this month to check if a caravan can be left out there ON OUR OLD SITE and we saw that yet again the foreshore has again lost another meter of land area from the waters edge as it has every year now as the bluffs are caving in and sinking into the sea with sea level rise.

    The sad issue of seeing the land lost every year now for 10 years, has left me stunned that there are still others that refuse to see the naked truth in front of us all.

    A clear discussion was given by a professor on a BBC learning Channel program on climate change that was on TV the other evening.

    He was explaining how the increased temperatures now occurring at record consequences for the last 14years in a row from the beginning of this century has caused the sea level rise to occur.

    He simply explained it by showing us a vessel of glass with water in it at room temperature with a high water mark on the side, then he placed it into a microwave oven for two minutes to heat up the water and took it out and we saw the water level was about three millimetres above the high water line and he said that is primarily why climate change will dramatically increase the water level as melting ice will to increase the global water level much faster now than previously thought.

    Very disturbing isn’t it.

  2. +100 “NZ needs a green socialism and it needs it now”

    …All political parties on the Left must make this a number one priority..and this necessitates NO TPPA.

    This is one of the best interviews /discussions on the urgency of doing something about Climate Change I have seen ….and it is certainly measured and Not the most scary

    ‘Understanding climate change: A conversation with Michael Mann’

    “Thom goes over the basics of what global warming is, what’s causing it, and how we can stop it with climate scientist Michael Mann, author of the book “Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change.” “

  3. New Zealand won’t know itself when the Greens get into power – I just hope when the day comes – New Zealand’s environment won’t be too far gone… for all our sakes the tide has to turn.

  4. Just what are they protecting? I don’t give a shit about someone getting another holiday home, or a second yacht. Because that’s all that their economic reasoning amounts to: enabling things some to have lots they don’t need, while everyone else can go suck a lemon.

  5. The continued use of fossil fuels is incompatible with continued existence of the human species (and most other mammalian species) on this planet. However, humans will not stop using fossil fuels until they become unavailable, via depletion or economic collapse. Therefore the current situation is actually a terminal predicament.

    There is still debate concerning the timing of Near Term Extinction but all the scientific evidence

    indicates industrial activity -mining, making stuff, driving, flying, producing food industrially etc.- will render the Earth largely uninhabitable for humans some time between 2030 and 2060.

    Needless to say, the coming climate ‘negotiations’ will do nothing to even slow the planetary meltdown, let alone prevent it. With atmospheric CO2 now permanently above 400ppm (120ppm above baseline and at least 50ppm above the level which triggers positive feedbacks) and expected to reach 405ppm or 406ppm in 2016, we must expect the Arctic sea ice to disappear within 5 years and the process of planetary overheating to accelerate markedly.

    Geochemistry and geophysics are not negotiable. And we are governed by criminals. Most people still seem unaware of either of those facts.

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