TDB Political Caption Competition


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  1. Why does nice Mr Obama always make nice Mr Key stand in a hole for photos? Is he worried that the Mighty All Black Captain and sometimes PM will tower over him?

    • Sunny, mine do to, so it must be a security process to first check the content before they place our comment up for review.

      I stopped posting on the Standard a year ago when they banned me for a month around election time as I was lambasting planet Key and the standard took offence to it all???? I don’t want to ever go back there again to be insulted again like that.

      The Daily blog is the best in the land and full of great contributors.

  2. ” We’re so happy and full of smiles that we can both scratch each others backs and secure our interests in the pacific.” — ” get a room . . . ! ”

    ” We are just two smiling fools at the feet of our lord masters the huge mega-corporations that pull our strings. ”

    Obama is thinking – ” It is good to finally get NZ on board with us like the Aussies are. ”

    Key is thinking – ” Damn it feels good to rub shoulders with my idol and won’t they be proud of this photo of me and my puppet master back home. I am such a good little servant. “

  3. “Time to stop your scheming, time your day was through
    Can’t you hear the bugle softly say?
    Time you should be dreaming, little man, you’ve had a busy day
    Little man, you’ve had a busy day…”

  4. “Lord, help the mister
    Who comes between me and my brotha,
    And Lord, help the brotha
    Who comes between me and my man

    Brotha, don’t come between me, me and my man…”

  5. No John . We don’t want your Israeli mates to move to Texas, you can have them in NZ and if you pull that off ? Another $ 50 mill for you and we’ll throw in an extension to your Hawaiian mansion for free after we light up the middle east for their oil.

  6. Say more TERROR & destabilisation please! The Global Banking elite are smiling just as much as these two: Key a traitor to our country never really maintaining or protecting the interests of ALL New Zealand Citizens, seen here 100% supporting a real terrorist Obama and hegemonic interests of the US Govt / Military-Media-Security-Intelligence-Industrial Complex. . .

  7. The new “Hollow men” presenting Obama and his cling on.

    Both are agents of global corporate power interests, as paid assassins.

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