The true obscenity of the National Party of NZ



Forget stealing back poor people’s money, forget borrowing billions in tax cuts for the richest, forget mass surveillance lies, forget Dirty Politics, forget draconian welfare reforms, forget the 305 000 children in poverty, forget the rising unemployment rate, forget the unaffordable housing crisis, forget the lack of economic direction,  forget telling NZers we weren’t going to war and then sending our troops to war, forget using state spies to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before an election, Nothing sums up the true obscenity of the National Party better than two news stories today.

First – the new Salvation Army report  of homelessness and children living on the streets…

Auckland housing crisis makes more children and families homeless – report
Almost half of all homeless in Auckland could be children sleeping outside, in cars, or in uninhabitable situations which could be fixed through more effective policy.

That’s according to the second of three homelessness reports Invisible in the Supercity released by the Salvation Army on Wednesday.

The housing crisis in Auckland needed to be urgently addressed and government action was vital, the organisation said in the report.

The number of children affected by homelessness was of most concern to the report’s authors. The homelessness survey was carried out over three months and represented more than 1200 people, 568 of whom were children.

568 NZ children homeless living in cars, under bridges and on the streets. That’s the National Party of NZs legacy. Those 568 homeless NZ Children in Auckland must be thrilled that $26million is being spent on a vanity project like changing the flag.

What is the point of saluting a new flag when half a thousand children sleep on the streets?

The second news story that highlights the obscenity of the National Party is this one…

Anne Tolley wanted to pay CYF panel chair $3000 a day
Revelations of a $2000 a day fee for the chair of a panel reviewing Child Youth and Family caused political and public outrage – but correspondence shows Social Development Minister Anne Tolley was pushing for much more.

Based on a standard eight hour work day, that constitutes a rate of $375 an hour: three times the normal maximum daily fee specified by Cabinet’s guidelines.

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…$2000 a day to crack down on CYFs is obscene enough, but to suggest $3000 a day to attack CYFs for being underfunded? $2000 a day while hundreds of children are physically and sexually abused in state care?

How anyone can defend voting for National is beyond me.


  1. I’m not that bright so I have to ask. Why is tolly not running scared for her life while being chased by an angry mob consisting of the police , the milatary and the general public? Instead of sitting on her huge arse in our offices being paid $-six figures plus entitlements taken out of our taxes while kids go hungry and/or live in fear in cars and sheds ? One couldn’t invent this shit, am I right ?
    All you fuzzy , lovey hand wringers and lets-cuddle-for-Jesus types are surely coming to realise that this is war.

    • Whoops. That was I going thumbs down by mistake.

      I agree with what you said. Looks like cheap plastic trinkets and junk GMO from the warehouse makes the middle class feel like kings, total ignoring there falling wages, and not motivated enough to act.

  2. The real figure for the flag change is closer to $200,million. Countryboy Key should be chased by a mad crowd if he succeeds in getting his way with the flag change ,most reports say 80% of people are not in favour of flag change but hes going for it and showing all signs of expecting to get his way as he always does.
    People marched all over the country to say no to TPP,Key hasn’t even acknowledged us, last time he called us rent a crowd,hes an arrogant fool and yes it is war.
    Key and his brain washed mps have ruined NZ , LEST WE FORGET.

    • Read an interesting article about flags psychology which said when kiwis are shown our New Zealand flag they become more egalitarian : could this whole flag-change thing be a way to finally expunge this part of our national psyche – what qualities will this new flag stir in people?

      • I’m conflicted about changing the flag. No nation can become great with some one else’s flag in the corner of our own, belonging to the most repressive system to ever grace this planet. We have to get rid of it.

        On the other hand when nations change flags, they do so because of profound political change, USSR to Russia, The empire of Japan to, just Japan, all preceded the changing of there flag during great change and have become relatively better off.

        Now the people go on Holliday more, generally live better lives because the empire isn’t demanding there labour on the cheap, to maintain the financial viability of some desk jockey.

        Today we can call those desk jockey bankers and traders. Question is, will those jobs be scraped with the changing of the flag like the rise of other grea nations?

        • I had a discussion with a client the other day that really made me think. You know the union jack is a representation of union – the St George, St Andrew and St Patrick flags, bringing together these three countries under one rule. They actually have a history – story surrounding it. Same with the scandi flags – a story, history, binding of peoples. Same with your flags – history, story, binding together. Even SA. Do any of the flag choices actually have this: yes I know we are no longer a part of the UK – oops actually we ARE! At bald face the flag represents a commonwealth country under the southern cross (ie in the southern pacific). Maybe think about splitting from mama first ?(yeah right, we can’t even get rid of knighthoods!) Remembering – history again – we were the FIRST country to use this, maybe we need to grow up and stop living like a sad sister under big sis Aus. WE know our flag (test it and see) – but what will the new flag mean?

          P.S. I bloody hate people going on about the bloody silver fern being on soldiers’ graves – do people honestly think “nz soldiers” when they see it? Truthfully,guys…

          • Soldiers Moree than anything else want peace to reign supreme. No really, there mates may come into there thoughts, wife, mother, children ect. But a flag? Those are just photo oppertunities for PR campaigns.

            To be honest, out of all the royals, William is the most level headed of the lot, I’m not to thrilled to wait 50 years for Charles to kick the bucket and hand the rings over. Charles is just to meddling for my liking. Like I said before, we can’t become a great nation, with some unelected Royal on the other side of the planet as our head of state,

            The flag poses problems of identity, IMO it’s holding us back in more was than artistic ceremonies. But this aspect of a change of flag isn’t that visible flag change campaigns. Keys arguments that our flag looks like the Aussie one is a poor excuse. What ever his reasons are, they don’t sit well with me, I hope he loses support over this.

            • I agree – soldiers don’t fight for a flag. It is however a symbol of national of identity – look at facebook this week. We can’t choose a new flag because our PM decides we should. The repercussions for changing our national symbol for a political vanity project are unknown – god love it’s ugly butt but old blue has been our flag when we gave women the right to vote, had an envied education system, the best industrial relations in the world, our social security system, nuclear free,and “Jack’s as good as his master” was an ideal if not always carried out… but I suspect we will become more nationalistic like americans and australians when they see their flag instead of egalitarian as we do now (according to research). We must have the discussion of and implementation of a republic BEFORE we change our flag as then it WILL mean something. I’m not in love with our flag but it does represent our country and it’s past that I am proud of. Our identity problem has more to do with the destruction of these qualities of egalitarianism through neo-libralism. As I said before old blue does – to a bland extent -tell what we are ie a commonwealth country under the southern cross, but when I was a sad old 21 year old overseas I had no problem with what it represented: New Zealand & home.

    • At least with TV3, we won’t have to, once they go bust from bad ratings and poor management. One can hope that TV3 is bought by someone other than FOX/Murdoch/Sky, so that NZ might get more honest news.

  3. Soooo….the pony tail pullers lackey is in defense mode in justifying this Key led govt’s total economic incompetence and negligence, eh?

    You see, Anne Tolley , …history shows that when we lie we have to have a jolly good memory because the more we lie the greater the chance of slipping up….

    And you , Anne Tolley …are a victim of these lies… as such , …you and your colleagues find themselves more and more and more having to broadcast ridiculous and nonsensical statements such as these.

    Telling the truth is a lot easier ,… it means you can actually sound convincing and sleep well at nights….and not have to wonder what people REALLY thought of you at that dinner party.

    My sister was the head honcho at Bethany ….run by the Salvation Army for around 60-70 years. Then this govt decided to cut funding.

    Just where do all those young women with new born babies go …back to the unsavory gang /family environments they came from?

    Nice one , Anne.

    Or perhaps a few end up under Mangere bridge or whatever… or sleeping in a garage or a derelict car.

    Oh yes , Anne… telling the truth is good for the soul , it is said.

    Do you really think it will make a difference if a child born in neglect is buried under the old flag or the new ‘ red peaks’ one.

    Do you really think it will make a difference if alienated and starving youth living rough under a bridge see that you want to pay $3000 per day to yet another oligarch? … when one days pay of $3000 could set up a flat, put on the power and leave some over for food and a bar of soap?

    Anne….the more I see and hear about people like you… the more irrelevant people like you become.

  4. “How anyone can defend voting for National is beyond me.”

    It’s beyond me too. One has to be morally and empathetically bankrupt to even consider voting for such an incompetent and greedy lot.

  5. Roll on the day when NZ learns the lessons of history and deals with our traitorous government as Tamerlane dealt with his traitors. Queen Street could use a new monument.

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