Charlie Sheen’s Bullshit



Charlie Sheen is a narcissistic, misogynistic scumbag who many New Zealanders love.

We heard today his supposedly “earnest, open and honest” declarations regarding his HIV status. But what we also heard was truly some of the most scurrilous and disturbing scapegoating of sex workers by Charlie and reporter Matt Lauer. It was just slipped in there like these misogynistic values are a given, taken for granted, natural even! When it is likely those sex workers are the very people who have been most terribly abused by Charlie. This interview was quite simply an act of violence toward women in order to shield Sheen’s reputation. Sheen was of course outraged and shocked that anyone could think ill of him and with great confidence stated that he’d always disclosed… and the narrative he selected was that it was his “honesty” that resulted in the blackmailing he experienced. Sheen, you’re a fucking liar. And your “bad boy” image is not in any way lighthearted, fun or venerable:

A little bit of background about this popular misogynist who has no respect for women’s bodies:

“For the past 20 years, Charlie Sheen has allegedly assaulted, threatened, harassed, abused, and—in one incident—shot women.” It’s a huge, despicable list that involves almost every former partner talking about severe beatings, strangulation, death threats and more, he is a psychopathic terrorist of women and children and he is NOT, fucking, funny.

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And now here is his one of his most recent partners exposing him as a liar when he says he disclosed. Bree explains that during that entire period she was never told he had HIV and they even chose to use a form of lambskin condom that specifically did not protect against the virus.

“When asked what sort of action she’ll take, Olson said wasn’t sure.

“I haven’t even thought about anything, but all I know right now is now, because of him, every time someone hears my name they think of HIV right next to it,” she said, later adding, “He doesn’t even value my life.””

I have no doubt that many more women will emerge with shocking similar stories and I believe them.

So when we sit through Sheen the narcissist, the ultimate mates-mate, elevated to godlike status by the nation’s bros and glossy dude magazines, a people’s poet, the man who can do now wrong, and listen to this abusive millionaire and news anchor refer to sex workers as “unsavoury and insipid types – I’m imagining prostitutes” the blood boils. Firstly, there is none so unsavoury and insipid as Sheen and for his ongoing violence toward women. He deserves no sympathy. He is scapegoating sex workers and playing into the various damaging stereotypes about them to protect his reputation.

Secondly, get to know the real lives of sex workers! Many are parents, students, sports people; just normal people just making ends meet. They get paid to entertain people like Sheen and it’s a fantasy performance, it’s probably not their whole life. Sheen likes to imagine they’re unfettered 24-hour-party-people (because that’s the fantasy he wants to buy) but often the real lives of sex workers are just the same as other people’s lives. The fact is sex workers are regular people who deserve basic safety and respect like everyone else. It makes sense if you think about it that no one cares about a sex-workers body more than the person doing the work. In this country sex workers have better sexual health than the regular population, because they care about their own health and understand the specific kind of risks they might be exposed to. They certainly care about their bodies far more than the likes of men like Charlie Sheen on a bender who has to be the worst and most dangerous client imaginable.

The idea that Sheen – the abuser of women – who according to claims did not disclose his status to his own partner was somehow likely to disclose his HIV status to sex workers (who he obviously sees of low value and low regard) while he was in the midst of a drink and drug fueled rampage simply defies reason. He’s lying! If he has failed to ever treat any women with anything other than violent disregard why would we believe him on his treatment of sex workers?

Sex workers deserve better than relaying nasty stereotypes that these workers – often family people – are fundamentally more likely to be “unsavoury and insipid” 24-hour party people than anyone else. Especially when we damn well know that plenty of “respected” public figures are perfectly capable of having these traits. The way the media treat HIV/AIDs is also disturbing and incredibly phobic. It’s really important that people aren’t HIV-phobic. HIV is crap. I’m not going to say it’s some kind of ‘punishment’ that someone deserves because activists have done a lot of work to try and distance the idea of HIV from the idea of punishment for queerness. But Sheen himself is not to be believed. Never uplift and admire this person. Never uplift and admire people like this.

If he’s given air time and held up as a hero, a funny-guy, with light-hearted misogyny that we can all relate to then it’s really important we don’t forget the fact that his breed of misogyny actually kills. He leaves in his wake a huge list of victims. We must never forget the genuine beatings and horrors experienced at the hand of such misogynists and why these attitudes are both destructive and incredibly, violently, rawly real. It’s not actually funny. It’s very, very bad. And every person who ignores his violence and upholds him and pays him and lifts him up is culpable. Sheen is simply the worst of the worst and he doesn’t get any honesty cookies from this feminist.

My heart goes out to those who women have survived him and his children who are forced to endure him.


  1. and then there’s that other elephant in the room….

    Child/teen actor Corey Haim (dead at 38) named Sheen as the person who sodomized him, when they were filming the movie “Lucas” in 1985.

    Sheen was one of a handful of abusers that Corey Haim named to police when he and bff Corey Feldman were questioned by LA police (for the Michael Jackson case). According to Feldman, police didn’t bat an eyelid and didn’t follow up.

    When Denise Richards divorced Sheen she made a detailed statement about his penchant for under-agers and porn etc. She lost her career for having the audacity to leave Sheen when she was pregnant. At the time everyone dismissed her as a lying gold digger.

    Richards is now allegedly raising the child born from one of his flings (Eloise) who has some special needs…. Despite adopting this child, Charlie still spews hate at Richards when he’s having one of his “episodes” via twitter.

    Corey Feldman tweeted this: “Yes I saw the whole interview debacle 2day! My only comment at this time WHO IS BLACKMAILING WHO? Cmon Sheeple! #pray4thevictims #croctears “

    • Gah! I had no idea. I knew that Corey Haim had been sexually abused within the film industry, but I didn’t know it was Sheen.

      Haim and Feldman are my two favourite actors in 80’s movies. The way they play off each other is just genius. What happened to them is a disgrace.

      One of the things that totally made me stop watching Game of Thrones, even though I loved the plots and the acting and sets/costumes are just amazing, was that I got really uncomfortable about the nudity and sex scenes performed by young, female, unknown actors.

      If a well known, well paid actor (say Lena Headey) decides to do a nude/sex scene you know she’s powerful enough in the industry to freely choose if that’s what she wants to do. Work won’t dry up. Fine, no harm, no foul, her choice. But when young unknown women, striving to work, with a bunch of other people also fighting for that same work, do nude scenes it makes me very uncomfortable. Powerful people in the industry can pressure women into doing things and then it gets ooky for me.

      Emilia Clark did a lot of nude/sex scenes in GoT seaon 1 and she said “Sex scenes should be more subtle. … I’m British, so I cringe at that sort of thing anyway — I can’t stand it.”

      So in season 1 GoT when you watch her performing these scenes you now know that she didn’t want or enjoy doing them. Clark has become powerful enough to say no. What about other actors who don’t have the star power to do that?

      Anyway, enough of my rant about GoT. I guess it peeves me because I would adore that show if I could be comfortable that people weren’t being exploited for the sexual titillation of others. Sorry about veering off topic…

  2. Another skeleton in the closet..

    The child actor from Two and a Half Men. Last year Angus T Jones appeared to randomly lose the plot. After years of making millions from the show, and being a balanced person – he all of a sudden publicly called the show “filth”.

    It was a religious meltdown of Kirk Cameron proportions…. putting the show down to E! and Entertainment Tonight. Career death for most actors, but I remember those shows were unusually understanding and sympathetic toward Angus at the time.

    It’s like the Hollywood insiders knew what was up!

    Anyway, I always thought there was more to that story. I suspect the Sheen’s have paid out mega-millions over the years. Charlie just admitted to paying a woman 10 million in hush money. ONE PERSON.

  3. Yeah, lets kill him ! Let’s rip his balls off and shove them down his throat after we take all his money. Lets hate him forever . Lets disembowel him then hang him up as a message to all males. Dirty filthy slimy males with their nasty little fishes . Lets hate,hate,hate,hate,hate,hate,hate,hate .

    While we hate and invent colourful ways to sate our thirst for vengeance lets also ponder the poor bastards back ground.

    A sobering read.

    It’s my view he’s just another damaged person floundering through his cold and meaningless life while taking out innocent bystanders.

    A Catholic ding a ling once told me “ Every time you masturbate God kills a kitten “ . For years , I lived in fear of pet shops .

    • Bloody hell Countryboy. This piece by Jesse isn’t about vengeance and hate. Its about providing an honest balance to the spin Sheen is generating.

      Look at mainstream media of coverage of Sheen’s confession about being HIV positive. Do you see much coverage of his past of abuse of women?

      Are you okay with women who do sex work being referred to as “unsavoury and insipid types”?

      How on earth has this narcissistic abusive personality been created because his father was Roman Catholic? Sure, Catholics are an odd bunch (I myself grew up Catholic so I know what I’m talking about here) but there’s nothing inherent in the Catholic faith that causes men to be abusive.

      It’s entitlement Countryboy. He feels entitled to access to women’s bodies. He feels entitled to sex when he wants with whom he wants. He probably thinks “you can’t rape a prostitute”.

      He feels entitled because our culture teaches men that they’re entitled to “success” and the trappings of success are the bodies of women.

      Our culture teaches men that women exist primarily for sex and to look pretty for men.

      These problems can co-exist with the problems of capitalism and religion. Which produce damaged individuals. But they’re not quite the same thing.

  4. I don’t think he is as liked as he once was. Pretty much everyone hates his old TV show and even the ‘bros’ don’t think HIV is cool.

    No one with a brain believes he is telling the truth about this. Those poor women.

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