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    • yeah it was/is pretty much a must-watch..

      ..if you ever wondered about stuart answers all those questions for you..and will likely define for you if you are for him or agin him..

      ..and the line-up of national cabinet-ministers etc. is interesting..lotu/foss-the-hapless..

      ..and lusk claims to have engineered the defeat of hone harawira.. part by the spreading of koha..(!)..(that one could do with some future investigation..) i’s a must-watch..a first for ‘story’..i know ‘cos i am a fan of trainwreck-television..and awkward relationships..and garner/du plessis allen serve all that up in spades….(tv3ondemand will have it..)..

      and..not least of all because garner shows himself as a sadistic-prick..getting his jollies by/from killing/blowing-away a wild deer..


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