Michelle Boag Thinks Survivors Should Shut Up




A revolting, ignorant response from Michelle Boag (former National Party president) today claiming opposition members were “parading their victimhood” in disclosing their experiences with sexual violence. Her comment adds to the general sense of shame around disclosure, a sense of humiliation and social fear which almost all of us feel that is one of the key social problems that stops survivors from seeking help. Speaking about sexual violence is one of the first steps toward stopping it. The fear of this kind of judgement is so intense that many of us don’t even discuss what happens with our own family members and friends, let alone police. This is precisely the reason that disclosure is such a difficult and revolutionary act. But apparently in Michelle’s world view there are only some circumstances in which we’re allowed to discuss sexual violence.

Michelle – however – had absolutely nothing at all to say about John Key speaking about rape. And by ‘speaking about rape’ I mean entirely fabricating a claim of rape and fabricating rape victims for political purposes in order to distract from the issue of detainees. She had nothing to say about John Key then further claiming he was the victim of abuse after he made that fake claim. Instead she actually injected her energy into criticizing survivors. What. The. Fuck. I find myself with a strong and burning desire to swear repeatedly in my recent blogs but I’ll make it as simple as this:

I would much rather listen to those MPs speak on any topic at all – including the difficult stuff – than ever have to listen to another single word from Michelle Boag. I think it might be best if she just stopped speaking about anything at all.

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  1. Kia ora Jessie 🙂

    Kia kaha, and thanks for this.

    Some of nature’s creature’s have poisonous bites, some spit venom, some need special handling equipment.

    These species understand that if they are not venomous, they won’t survive. Their human equivalents fear this as well.

    I believe the only remedy is for everyone else to come to understand this about them. Then they will still exist, but without the power they now have, and as a reminder, a warning for future historians, of the way some of us used to be.

  2. How is it that since Marilyn Waring I cannot remember a female National MP standing up for womens issues, or a gay National MP standing up for Gay issues and so on? And they do it whilst their party piles derision on issues of gender etc, quietly fading into the woodwork. If you believe National they don’t have “those” people, only the Left has “them”. I’m certain they have as many except they shut up, bought up and paid for. Like Boag, nicely privileged.

  3. This is what happens when crosby textor aren’t writing their lines, instead calculated propaganda it’s malicious, idiotic remarks which combined pretty much constitute the national party narrative which gets parroted by their supporters.

    • Yes, I don’t think Crosby Textor has much feminine input, it wouldn’t want women spoiling its neo-liberalistic b…s with any concerns about irrelevancies like mental health, sexual violence, children’s welfare, etc.

  4. Poor old Michelle. Shrill and desperate and as always, lacking in class and compassion. Such a sad sight really…a dyed in the wool Tory woman losing her power…losing her way…yapping away on a sunset medium. Ignored. Laughed at. Deluded.

  5. She is a disgrace in the same way as Key and all the useless National MPs, especially their women MPs, that stayed silent at Key’s blatantly lying comment that Labour supports rapists and child molesters!

    Simply shows what low character and values the National party leader and their MPs actually have! Shame on them.

    • If nothing else, I’d expect someone so vehemently against sexual abuse as the man who said he is protecting us (the population of N.Z.) from the possibility of more sexual abuse than we already have, would know that one ‘molester’ is the singular and that more than one(they kn ow who they are) are MOLESTERS. Not MOLESTERERS!

  6. God, she’s just so dumb. How the fuck does she function at a basic level much less hold such high positions of office? What a bizarre world we live in? That the half wit banks huge amounts of our money and has such power and yet she’s just so unbelievably dumb. She must be cunning. That’ll be it. Dumb and cunning, like a shit house rat.

    • That’s the problem. You have it, right there.

      It is NOT that they are cunning. It’s not that they have some strange but craftily measured out plan we cannot understand. It is simply that they are dumb. Stupid I mean. Not as smart as other people.

      There has even been university, long term studies linking the support of right wing politics with a lower average IQ. I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to. All to sadly true.

      When you ask how can she be so dumb, etc, that is the answer.

      Then, there are the ‘people’ that find these dumb idiots useful.

  7. This is the woman who is regularly a featured guest on TV to give her opinion on political things.

    Excuse the analogies, but isn’t that a bit like getting Stuart Lancaster in to talk about building a successful rugby team, Judith Collins guide direct tours to Beijing airport or having John Banks speak on honesty being the best policy.

  8. You know the old saying that it is better just to LOOK like a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt: Michelle is a perfect example of that.

    • Rancid is a bit harsh isn’t it Kappanz?

      Word Hippo (http://www.wordhippo.com/) defines synonyms of rancid as:
      reeking fetid sour rank rotten off bad stinking putrid foul strong-smelling contaminated disagreeable moldy musty polluted smelly soured stale tainted carious curdled decomposing disgusting evil-smelling feculent frowzy fusty gamy high impure loathsome malodorous nasty nidorous noisome noxious offensive olid putrefactive putrefied putrescent reeky repulsive sharp strong turned unhealthy whiffy

      On reading this Kappanz, you were absolutely right. In fact, everything she supports and in fact the whole neoliberal cabal of National is RANCID.

      Well done Kappanz – spot on with RANCID to describe Boagoil, Whaleoil and Keyoil and all the other remora-sycophantic rancid Tories!

  9. Fine for people to talk about their experience of abuse BUT this was not actually the time and place to do it.

    This was about the treatment of people being detained on Christmas Island and the way *they* were being treated.

    The Green and Labour MPs took attention away from that and onto themselves.

    They can speak about sexual abuse at any time; but this was not actually about *them*.

    Why is it that privileged middle class folk – which is what the MPs are -can’t deal with any subject without making it about themselves?

    Sometimes, it’s actually abut the other people that exist in the world and their rights.



  10. Thanks Jessie – I agree – this woman thinks she is some kind of an authority figure but her head is so far up the mega – corporates a ___ hole that it is amazing she can even speak or breathe at all.
    And speak she does about mostly biased nonsense showing her support and allegiances to the Natz and her beloved jonkey donkey and whatever corporations she is heavily being lobbied by or in bed with.

    I turn her off and tune her out whenever I can as it is a waste of time and energy. When our country is so sold out to the corporate interests, the mouthpieces like Michelle Boag become so irrelevant to what we should be focusing on. She is part of the lot that is selling us down the river. Wake up Channel one and Channel two and get more people on with more integrity and intellect and aren’t owned and dictated to by these greedy corporations.

    • Boag was the PR Lady for Fay Richwhite and the one that lured John Key from Merrill Lynch and Wall St to complete the sales program for NZ Inc.

  11. Key really knows how to do the lowlife dirty work, and who to employ to help derail the real issue at hand. As for Key being a victim, the only victim Key has any connection to, is being a self-inflicted victim to his constant testimonial of lues and deceit that are eventually going to cost him dearly. Pity it won’t cost Key in terms of immense financial loss.

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