John Key & His Fake Rape Claim



I’m angry.

Because John Key has been using rape as a political tool.

It’s become very clear over the last few days that although the public have been told little about the detainees at Christmas Island, it would seem there are no New Zealanders convicted of rape or murder at the centre. Yet Key says he won’t back down from his rapist comment out of “respect for the victims”, despite the fact he is literally talking about a crime he fabricated and despite the fact detainees have served time already; John Key has made a fake rape claim in order to avoid taking action. Then he used that fake claim to distract from the work he should be doing and to belittle the members of the opposition – members who specifically work to counter rape. Now given how prevalent rape is and the nature of their objection to it, it would stand to reason that at least some of these MPs have likely experienced sexual violence. It turns out – quite sadly – that a great deal of them have. So it’s pretty unbearably insensitive and wrong to claim that anti-rape activists are supporting rapists in this context. The audacity of that claim as made by someone who stands in the way of their work demands a powerful response. And it had one.

Sexual violence is something we don’t talk about. It’s swept under the rug because discussing it is uncomfortable. Disclosure points at perpetrators who are usually known and sometimes respected, and has often been something that damages the reputation of the survivor. It feels shameful to discuss it. So for the opposition MPs to stand up together and disclose their experiences is something that carries a huge weight to it and was one of the most powerful moments I have seen in parliament. I feel personally grateful to them as someone who has almost never disclosed anything about the times I was assaulted. It was a powerful act of solidarity that I won’t forget.

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John Key is a smug, entitled person who “makes” money by being a corporate sociopath. He has stripped money from the public by shearing down essential services to be veritable skeleton crews. Drastically reducing public services messes with public health and safety. He’s not bothered to initiate any of the radical reforms suggested by survivor and advocacy groups regarding sexual violence. John Key has continued to knowingly enable sexual violence through his inaction. Roastbuster-like situations continue to flare up in youth culture where males are uninformed and enabled by a lack of strong response by agencies. So I have to ask, ‘What about John Key’s victims?’.

If Key is the kind of male leader our society elevates then the consequences on people living in our society will be brutal. And so it is. The capitalist dudebros running this country are dedicated to a machismo culture of back-patting that implies their form of masculinity is valuable and worthy of praise! Well it’s not. I’m sick of the misogyny and I’m sick of John Key. John Key lied about rape, used rape as a political tool, refused to back down and then claimed ‘he’ was the victim of abuse. That is narcissistic behaviour that the opposition MPs ought never have been exposed to. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person feeling this way. I want better. Better accountability, higher personal ethics and kinder values; people with good personal integrity.

I’m sick of the perception that John Key is valuable. In the words of Hadassah Grace who annotated the ways in which Key enables and supports rapists, “VOTE THIS MOTHERFUCKER OUT.”


  1. Why can’t the ordinary people see Key for what he really is? I am constantly amazed that many people I know well, think he is just great. How can they be so delusioned?

    • It is part of the two pronged US style politics – on one hand you have a photogenic ‘boy next door’ PM complete with smoke screens whilst the other hand proceeds to dismantle their obstacles. Sadly most NZ voters are ‘non thinkers’.

    • @ Dorothy . Answer ? Because they’re stupid. You know stupid people. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of us know stupid people too.

      And yes @ Trevor Mills, jonky is a fraudster . A con man . He.Is.A.Con.Man.

      The other thing jonky is, is he’s a sexual predator. A sexual abuser. The tantalising pony tail on the young woman and he tugged it with no regard for her sentiments equals a rapist mentality. And what better way to deflect the accusation of being a rapist ? Accuse others . Logical fallacy folks .

    • Key has been shown to have fabricated his statistics and then slandered members of the opposition under parliamentary privilege.
      But when it comes to guts, Key is very good at accusing others of having none, but he doesn’t show any himself. He hasn’t got the guts to tell the Australians that they are out of line. He might think that slandering people in parliament is showing guts, but it doesn’t – it just shows arrogance and bravado which you expect from a person with an inferiority complex.

  2. A good point Jessie. He essentially created a fake claim of rape.

    With the MRA’s and much of middle NZ screaming about claims of rape being fake (yet when investigates police stats show very few fake rape claims) I would expect them to be all over this.

    Here we have a clear and public claim of rape for political purposes. By our PM. Disgusting.

    I’m appalled and extremely pissed off at Key’s behaviour this week. I didn’t think it could sink to such a low.

    And with RoastBusters 2 meriting a feeble slap with a wet bus ticket I’m also further dismayed. Rape is NOT taken seriously in this country. Sexual abuse and assault are NOT taken seriously in this country. And it’s coming from the highest halls of power this disrespect for survivors.

  3. What is very conspicuous is that not a single National party MP, especially their women MPs, who have not shown any sense, fairness or guts by not taking to task Key who claimed that Labour SUPPORTS rapists and child molesters! Do they really believe that?

    It is one thing to be loyal to their National party, but quite another to accept their despicable leader’s lies no matter what utter crap he mutters or what deplorable acts he does.

    It also truly surprises me how 47% of the people still support this guy!

  4. I spoke to a nurse today who told me the comment by John Key had been taken out of context. But when I asked her how that was so she said she hadn’t actually seen the footage or read any reports. That is the problem. Most of the support for Key come from those living in a dream and just too lazy to find out the facts about this SOB

  5. Key, a victim? Victim to what? The lies that flow in a great torrent from his mouth are beyond belief. The only issue I believe of Key is that he’s a fraudster, and a liar.

  6. Thank you ! Jessie – and you are far far from the only person who feels the way you do. Well written and so true and accurate about a disgraceful ; disrespectful; rude; sociopath; elitist and hypocritical PM who should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

    He should have been thrown out just over his perpetual need to lie and show massive disrespect to most everyone in parliament not on his sad “out of touch” idiot side of the isle. Shame on Donkey for using rape the way he did to make the stupid point that he did not make. He just further exposed his ignorance and too bad for those who still hold him in high regards. Tells massive tales about their lack of ethics and lack of intelligence. Asleep sheeple – the majority of NZ ‘ers are and how sad for our country. We are becoming a laughing stock.

  7. If John Key is against rapists and pedophiles he should get rid of a few of his name suppressed buddies in the nat party and make sure m s is prosecuted publicly

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