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  1. More money is spent on public mind control than on social services I can vouch.

    When my 29yr old son went into NZ work & Income (social services) seeking assistance this morning 12/11/15, a forty yrs.old lady, from Work & Income as a case manager told my son to seek a job as a hospitality worker??????

    He has just spent four years in Germany and now has completed his new profession as a fully qualified Electrician with German certification!!!!

    So why is this idiot woman giving my son the bump steer when he has now a qualification as a Electrician tradesman????

    We need to totally revamp this lacy Government department.

  2. Someone at TDB is, in their own little way, trying to control the public mind by not allowing links up that show a different and true side of Noam Chomsky that most are unaware of.

    This is so disappointing and shameful and flies in the face of journalism that is based in integrity, honesty and free speech. A sad day for someone at TDB and they are not even aware of the implications.

    Now quickly and righteously delete this comment and hang your head in shame for your denial and bias is obvious to others, if it is not to you.

  3. Yes, I agree, we all have a right to our opinions.
    Why allow so much bias to rule your decisions about Noam Chomsky which limits our ability to share our opinions even if they disagree with yours ? ?

  4. After the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre , the Israeli establishment was concerned, not about the slaughter of over 2000, but about Israel’s image in the outside world. That’s when the ‘hasbara’ campaign went into full swing. It continues on an ever increasing and well-financed scale. Israeli University students are paid to troll the world’s media and websites to spread what the Israeli Government wants the world to hear and counter any opposing views or reporting. ie, the students are paid to be undercover Israeli government propagandists. There is now an American Hasbara campaign that brings young American university Jewish students to Israel and train them to be ‘hasbara’ campaigners on US campuses.

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