National Government now focusing on making Environmental watchdog a lapdog



We’ve seen National do it to almost every single advocacy group who challenge their economic darwinism.

  • Problem Gambling was killed off for challenging National’s crony capitalism deal with SkyCity.
  • ECan was killed off for challenging National handing water rights over to farmers
  • Campbell Live was ended for political reasons.
  • Teachers Council has been killed off for the new Education Council
  • National are currently trying to end public appointees to Health Boards.
  • Bullying and intimidating Journalists who challenge National

National have a long history over 7 short years of simply stacking any body that challenges it so they can push their ideologically corrupt policies through.

And so it comes to pass with our Environmental watchdog…

Exclusive: New Zealand’s guardian of the seas under threat from the Government
The Government is considering changes to the Environmental Protection Authority, after the guardian of the seas turned down two offshore mining applications.

…so because the EPA has turned down offshore mining applications National are looking to stack the Board with their own sycophants instead of environmental experts. That National are trying this on as the impacts of Climate Change occur weekly and just before the climate conference in Paris is as hypocritical as Australia trying to get on the uN Human Rights Council.

The concentration of power that Key has amassed in 7 years should make NZers very uneasy. No Government should have this kind of unchecked concentration of power, if the EPA believes that industry should not occur because of the pollution, they are the experts who make that decision, stacking that board with your own stooges is inane.


  1. The independent media was killed off too.
    Heads of unions corrupted.
    What do you think the TPPA/NWO want to do in the pope’s climate inquisition, they must first control all the environmental agents.
    End protective environmental legislation.
    Look at GMO’s redefined, not even a bleap on the rader.

    • The potential barrier to GMOs was the Bioethics Council that they shut down in 2009. That was a necessary body to assess the knotty problems that biotechnology and bioethics in general can bring. For example, a child under surrogacy can have five parents; the sperm donor, the egg donor, the surrogate mother, the father and mother. There are complex issues around this kind of arrangement which the Bioethics Council was examining.

      The concentration of power that Key has amassed in 7 years should make NZers very uneasy.
      Funny to look back at how transNational continually accused Labour of social engineering while they have been systemically re-engineering advisory, regulatory and governance bodies. These changes, as has been said, are about changing the power balance and ensuring that transNational will continue to govern for a very long time. Read The Wrecking Crew by Thomas Frank (or watch the video in the link) to see how it’s already been done in the US.

  2. Good article Martyn,

    Yes we see National also destroying or (dismantling the RMA) after they brought it in in 1990’s??.

    Under national we will be just another dirty state without a clean green record and we will be on e of the sickest populations globally.

  3. Now this is a worry.
    Same thing happened in the MSM.
    National takeover to suit themselves.
    Shameful, corrupt and very obvious!

  4. A+. Board stacking is a well proven tool from the neoliberal handbook and appears well advanced in NZ.

    You may want to add, University Boards ( Education Amendment act ) ,reduction of staff and student representatives in favour of business people, Biased TVNZ Board (CAFCA Journal 136 Dennis Small,” Media Manipulation ” )and the elimination of Public Broadcast TV 7 .

    The degree of control is systemic and frightening.The neoliberal virus is alive and well and infiltrating in so many areas people have no idea of.

    Perhaps now Prof Kelsey has $600,000 in new research funds to study neoliberalism ,part of that study could quantify how much ideological control has been actually taken place in the 400 or so Govt advisory bodies.

    This is big and we need a Spanish inquisition.

  5. It seems like 7 very long , long, years…!
    A Danish friend / visitor to our shores recently made the observation that N.Z seemed like a drug addicted prostitute .
    It will turn any trick to make short term easy money.
    Have total disregard for itself and to hell with the future.
    Lie , cheat and abuse anything and anyone just to keep the addiction ,(power), fuelled.
    Neil Young once sang, “every junkies got a setting sun”.
    How much damage will be done before the sun finally sets, and will N.Z end up being a hollowed out , gaunt, schizophrenic , anorexic shell of what it used to be ?
    Probably. The longer this goes on the longer N.Z will be in re-hab……
    N.Z … Dumb and getting dumber!

  6. Key was put in place to follow orders … not lead a country.
    When it comes to the climate, he follows orders.
    Anyone noticed how different our skies are with the increasing chemtrails, especially here in Northland? Included in the toxic chemicals are nano micro chips which turn humans and animals into receivers. Did a bit of research and came up with the following:
    It’s called population culling by stealth
    THE GOOD NEWS IS …. NESARA STARTED 11/11/15 (for those who know what Nesara is.)
    I rather think that, unless John Key is a double agent, his days as a Cabal minion are nearly over.

    • Well done Helena you have eloquently explained Martyn and the lefts worldview.

      I can now understand the left and feel sympathy for you

      • Denying the truth is an ugly thing and shows ignorance and bias.
        Markm – you are a shining example of one who has their head in the sand. Bet you are a wealthy corporate “out of touch” elitist or an oil lobbyist or a minion for the Natz or . . . . ?

  7. Thanks Martyn for again highlighting the sad fact that Simon Bridges and Donkey Jonkey are just laughing – LAUGHING AT THE FACT THAT THEY ARE SELLING OUT OUR ENVIRONMENT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER and they could care less about us minions who mean very little to them.
    Greed and maintaining their psychopathic mega-corporate connections mean the world to them and ( very likely ? ) mean masses to their bank accounts and chapped lips.

  8. This country has been asset stripped by the neo-liberals, there are no rules with these guys, it’s a free for all just like the good old days at the stock exchange.

  9. Come on Gerry make a stand and pull the reins in on the worst thing that has ever happened to NZ … john key and his flock of toxic sheep
    Selling us off, changing the rules … wanting to rewrite environmental mandate

    We have disgusting rivers our seas full of sewage
    plus toxic run off causing algae bloom killing of our biodiversity
    District councils allowing sewage plants to operate illegally daily
    Sewage Plants Pumping millions of litres of sewage NIGHTLY
    that has just had the big bits blown up by oxygen
    then everything pumped into your local scenic beach resort
    that the snapper snap up.
    Norovirus, Ecoli come from all feces

    Travel up North and see the cows helping themselves to water
    pooping in the no fenced waterways

    Pesticide and herbicide still being sprayed by NZ district councils
    with regional councils signing off in public areas

    Monsanto owns YATES and sells chemicals daily in NZ
    under the guise of innocent household products

    so far this year
    the road toll 319
    bowel cancer deaths 1500

    Environmental causes of cancer: endocrine disruptors as carcinogens
    Environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
    Exposure to EDCs generates additional effects, such as alterations in male and female reproduction and changes in neuroendocrinology, behavior, metabolism and obesity, prostate cancer and thyroid and cardiovascular endocrinology.

  10. I think undermining our environmental groups is running in parallel to the flag change, money change and our eventually becoming a republic. When jonky’s corporate zionist hoards come to live here to drink our wine while they watch us starve under their bridges they can empty their bladders into our creeks, streams and rivers without a worry. Just like the cows do for their banks .

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