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By   /   November 11, 2015  /   6 Comments

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The objective news industry is dead, honest subjective blogging is the new frontier.


The Daily Blog is one of the largest left wing blogs in NZ. In 3 short years we have managed to front foot it with blogs 3 times our age.

While some public interest sites gobble up thousands in donations with little actual breaking news to show for it, or right wing blogs beg for contributions to cover their legal bills from their own appalling behaviour,  The Daily Blog continues to bring you immediate responses to the news that matters and leads on the issues progressives care about.

We can only do this with the help of our tens of thousands of readers. If you are in a position to contribute money to The Daily Blog, or directly to some of our bloggers, please do so here.

Democracy is only as strong as its fourth estate and seeing as that fourth estate has walked away from its obligations, the fifth estate must step up.

But to do that we need your continued support and help.

The objective news industry is dead, honest subjective blogging is the new frontier.

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  1. Bob says:

    There was a great hour long interview by Wallace Chapman with Sue Bradford on Sunday morning. Sue said she was concerned at the criticism of the MSM from some on the left, no doubt she was thinking of this site among others.

    But in almost the next sentence she said that outlets like The Herald were no longer doing stories about the lives of working people.

    I have huge respect for Sue but not sure how she reconciles this.

    • Sam Sam says:

      I thought it would have been obvious? Think about it for a second – if there was no 4th estate, democracy literally could not function.

      Being aware of the 4th estate and indifferent to it are two contradictory terms. But not if you are aware of every aspect of MSM and are respectful of it.

      Obviously not every New Zealander could or should recall every piece of news items stretching back to the days morse code. Why would they.

      Martin and his team have a kind of encyclopaedic knowledge of news that they can recall in an instance, package it in easy to read articles so when some one says something we know if they are lying or not.

      That’s what I pay for.

    • thekiwisonfire says:

      Some are still in denial over the fact that ‘ progressive ‘ or ‘ liberal ‘ MSM sources do not exist anymore in New Zealand, and that you have to either go to blogs or overseas media to get news that isn’t right-wing propaganda.

  2. Ben says:

    Sorry I would donate but I have sent all my money to Brian Edwards in Cyprus.

  3. Jack Ramaka says:

    The problem is there is no objective reporting these days and investigative journalists have all but disappeared?

  4. countryboy says:

    I get this sinking feeling right? It’s not a feeling I like, nor is it necessarily perhaps an accurate reflection of reality, but I get this feeling that we humans are heading towards a mass extinction. I mean , a mass extinction. You know … Big. Billions .

    Why ? Because we’re unbelievably fucking stupid. We’re a dumb species and made all the more stupider for our infantile belief that we’re more clever than we are. We show no respect for our fellow beasties , we let our vaginas and our penises get in the way of common sense and we shit where we eat. Perhaps worse still , we’re haters and spiteful , nasty, greedy and malicious too. We essentially self-abuse on a daily basis and when those few try to love unconditionally , live holistic lives and try to be at peace with themselves and their environment they get eaten alive by the Monstrous Majority.

    Look around ? Look closely at Nature? You will see that Nature has no patience for the terminally stupid beastie and will show no qualms at ridding that beastie from the face of the planet.

    The reason I think that, that me be a likely scenario is reflected in what I see, listen to and read via the MSM. If the media is any indication as to where we’re headed then we are indeed fucked.

    As for eletronic $-contributing? Set up a payment method that doesn’t mean I have to spill my details into the Monster Majority and I will. Jam jar on a street corner for cash? Because I’m fucked if I’m going to give my details to The Beast to fiddle with while my money’s on its way to you guys. No matter how much I love and respect you all.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,