Parliament under attack – second day of MP walk outs



Yesterday, the Prime Minister of NZ shamefully called every Opposition MP who is calling for human rights abuses to NZ citizens at a privately run detention centre to be investigated and resolved were ‘backing rapists’. This disgusting manipulation and playing to our lesser angels by the Prime Minister saw half of the Labour Party walk out.

Today,  the appalling decision to not force Key to apologise by the Speaker of the House, saw most of the female opposition MPs and some male MPs walk out.

As Female MPs stood and announced that they had been victims of sexual assault, or are advocates for victims of rape and that they were deeply offended by what Key said was humbling and brave.

Throwing them out or refusing to allow them their apology was ugly.

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That’s two days of walk outs.

To allow the Prime Minister to misuse his position, to slander the Opposition, to stoop to this level of raw meat politics in our Parliament and then let him off makes a mockery of our democracy.

Andrew Little erupted at Key today…

…Key is not only defacing the role of PM, his Speaker is vandalising the debating chamber.



  1. Finally we see some fire in Andrew Little’s belly. About time ! !
    Thanks Andrew for speaking from your heart and speaking for more New Zealanders than the Natz are aware of.
    They mostly speak for their mega-corporate buddies and the elite, ” out of touch ” upper 1 % ers and to hell with the rest of us and our precious seas and environment.

    Way past time to consider putting out to pasture those who do not deserve to be MISREPRESENTING the people of NZ and continuing to make a sham of our democracy.

  2. Nice to see Little putting the boot into Bennett. It’s about time someone wiped the perpetual smirk off her face. Forcing cancer patients to get a doctor’s note? At their own expense? Next she’ll start claiming quadraplegics are lazy bludgers who just need to get off their arses and do some hard graft. Generally speaking, I have little respect for anyone in the National Party, but I hold Paula Bennett in particular contempt.

  3. The speaker and John Key are disgraceful. Today, many Key sycophants have telephoned talkback radio to defend Key’s indefensible conduct.

    People supporting Key’s horrible, dishonest comments is so typical of many “middle New Zealanders”. If there’s a choice between doing the right thing – in this case, decrying Key’s comments – and being deliberately, willfully morally bankrupt, many “middle NZers” will choose the latter.

    Key has tapped into and intensified the apathy, malice, redneckery and stupidity in our society. Those features used to be under the surface. They are now overt.

    To all you Key acolytes – get some guts and reply to these comments, instead of just thumbing them down and proving that you really are spiteful and thick.

  4. Good on the women of Parliament to walk out in disgust at Key’s Muldoon-esque, dog-whistle antics.

    The PM’s disgraceful display once again demeans women, like ponytail pulling, like stopping funding for rape-crisis, like backing a disgraced colleague whose name cannot mentioned, the Tania Billingsley and Malaysian diplomat debacle.


    So the PM is pandering to the lowest common denominator and denigrating every woman voter in the country. Keyoil and Whaleoil are running the country.

    The decline into fascism continues.

  5. I love angry Andy! We so need more of this indignation and fire in the opposition and demand the government stand to account

  6. That was, without a doubt … fabulous ! Andrew Little ? Proud of the man for that superb and passionate speech. I’ll never say another word against the man and wish I hand’t said what I’ve here about him of late.
    That’s what we need and we need a media to spread the word . Fabulous ! There is hope.

    • Yeah, it did seem genuine, didn’t it? Now, if he could just be as passionate against the TPP……… (waits)…….

  7. So, when Key wore the “I’m not ashamed of being a man” t-shirt, I guess it was because you can’t be ashamed of being something you’re not. Perhaps we should send him a new one emblazoned with “But I should be ashamed of being a 12 year old boy in a man’s body.”

  8. So David Carter says “he didn’t hear the comments at the time” yet when I just watched the video, Key was shouting, not speaking the words, and each time, Carter stood up to call for order. If he didn’t hear that, he’d have to be deaf, but he certainly seems able to hear any opposition mp’s comments that he finds objectionable. What a complete load of horseshit.

  9. F’n Carter conveniently cuts Little short the moment the bell rings, doesn’t he? He really has to go! His biased behaviour is intolerable!

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