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  1. Guy Fawkes Day Protests around the world…Organized by the hacktivist group Anonymous

    ‘2015 Million Mask March: Arrests in London, rush against Monsanto in DC’

    “Protesters took to the streets in hundreds of cities around the world for the 2015 Million Mask March on Thursday, with police arresting dozens in London and activists storming the doors of biotech giant Monsanto in Washington, DC.

    Organized by the hacktivist group Anonymous, the event featured thousands of people from around the world donning Guy Fawkes masks and protesting a variety of injustices ranging from inequality and corruption to police brutality and capitalism itself. Protests spanned the globe, with major events taking place in Europe and the United States, as well as Canada and Guatemala….

  2. ‘TPP revealed: Pact details ignite debate over privacy, internet freedom, whistleblowers’

    “With the release of the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a sharpening of arguments on both sides outline a debate about privacy, corporatism, internet freedom and intellectual property, and even the plight of whistleblowers…

    …the agreement requires internet service providers to help take down websites that are violating copyright laws, but does not allow the websites to dispute copyright accusations. This potentially opens the door to service providers taking down websites in one country over copyright accusations from a company based in another nation.

    The pact also criminalizes the “unauthorized and willful disclosure of a trade secret including via a computer system.” According to FFTF, this is a clear effort to discourage whistleblowers and journalists from exposing sensitive issues.

    Intellectual property protections in the agreement include biologic drugs – advanced and expensive drugs to manufacture. All countries in the TPP would have to enforce five to eight year minimums of exclusivity, preventing other companies from making cheaper generic forms called biosimilars. The United States protects exclusivity rights for 12 years. Critics say this would drive up the cost of life-saving medicines for developing countries.

    Another concern related to intellectual property is the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) process, which FFTF opposes on principle as an anti-democratic system. Corporations can sue governments under the system if a country’s policies are perceived as cutting in on intellectual property values and profits…

  3. More secrets being hidden from the public,Muriel Newman writes in NZ Centre for Political Research.
    National government has agreed to allow IWI rights to fresh water,IWI claim they own all fresh water.
    Despite in 2008 it was decided no claims under the treaty would be allowed.
    IWI want the right to transferability of fresh water.

    Does this mean mean they can sell it,?to whom ?maybe this is the reason for granting IWI the ownership of water ,the TPP could assert their rights to profit from NZ, buy the water off IWI and ship it overseas at a profit, denying NZ the right to fresh water in process.

    Maybe National wants to sell our water to their cronies the cabals and 1% and are complying with IWI demands to enable this to happen. Nothing of this is open to scrutiny its been kept quiet,because they know there will be a backlash, will National sell the air we breathe next nothing is sacred to them .

  4. Did anyone else notice the flag flying over Parliament buildings, during the ABs Wellington victory parade?

    It was black with a silver fern!

    Did I miss the flag referendum or something??

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