Why Brooke Sabin highlights the media ban – Labour Party Conference 2015 after hours


So there I am.

Stumbling around trying to find any place open late night in Palmerston North to buy food* and becoming horrified that everything on a Friday night seems to have closed at 9pm.

I walk past Iain Lees-Galloway’s van plastered with his face proclaiming that he is here to serve Palmerston North’s interests and I’m muttering that he could serve Palmerston North’s interests by having a late night burger joint when I walk right into Iain as he’s leaving a late night karaoke fund raising function, I immediately begin to berate Iain over his towns lack of late night places to eat and he then offered to drive me to a late night venue and I bought a Nasi Goreng.

While we were there a local challenged Iain to a game of street fighter…


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…and to my amazement, Iain actually won! Which was no simple feat as the challenger had selected Wolverine as his fighter.

I add these details because the Labour Party Conference 2015 has surprised me. I thought I was turning up to give a political party the last rites. I was wrong. I can tell you the Labour Party are still very much alive and still very much focused on winning 2017.

I’ll go into details on how they intend to do that tomorrow, but the factionalised fighting has ended, the Caucus has united around Andrew Little as leader and Little is developing into a leader who can challenge Key.

In the past my excitement for Labour was over what I hoped they could achieve rather than what they could actually do, this time around I feel there has been a major change behind the scenes in areas Labour needed to change to become an effective machine.

But all of that for tomorrow, let me just point out the breathless Brooke Sabin report on the TPPA. Brooke says Labour were blindsided by the release of the TPPA text – that’s simply not true, Labour were aware far earlier in the week that the text was likely to be released and Little’s 5 bottom lines still stand, it’s looking more likely that Labour will turn the TPPA down than support it if the issues around asset sales to foreigners stands. You wouldn’t know that if you had watched TV3 on Friday, and Brooke’s report shows exactly why Labour are so keen to tighten media interaction at the conference.


*I’d like to add, I wouldn’t have been in this state of hunger if the Standardista Table hadn’t eaten all the plates of food before they arrived at our table. Greg Presland and Stephanie Rodgers have much to answer for! 



  1. I’d like to add, I wouldn’t have been in this state of hunger if the Standardista Table hadn’t eaten all the plates of food…

    Good thing I wasn’t there to help out eh? But you haven’t seen anything until you hit small town Italy. There are long hours of the day, and days when the whole place appears to shut. Fast food pshhh!! Why would you eat food fast…

    But the food is great and outweighs the deficiencies of the wine. People are pretty friendly, even for an inglese.

    I do wish that this work trip hadn’t overlapped with both the Labour party conference and getting rid of an legal idiot in the courts.

    • aahh..!,,lyn prentice..

      do you recall banning me from the standard for the crime of making the call that andrew little was walking away from labours’ capital gains tax of ’14 election..?..and it was a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ when he would officially ditch it..?

      ..you spewed abuse at me – accusing me of ‘making things up’..

      ..and what has little just done/announced..?

      ..funny that..eh..?

  2. the hack trevett has done a piece on little in the herald..

    ..where little boasts how he told jeremy corbyn to wear a suit and tie..’not cloth caps’..

    ..and quotes sarah palin in his sneering at justin trudeaus’ landslide-victory message of ‘hope/change’..

    ..saying the situation in canada isn’t like here…

    ..(i have bandaids on my forehead from smashing it into my keyboard..)

    ..there is clearly no fucken ‘hope’ for any meaningful ‘change’ from little..

    ..just another neoliberal fucken trout..(but ‘well-dressed’ in a suit and tie…no cloth-caps for the former leader of the most rightwing union in the country..whew..!..that’s a relief..!..)


  3. “…I can tell you the Labour Party are still very much alive and still very much focused on winning 2017.”

    Very much alive and very much focused huh ?

    As alive and focused as a road-kill optometrist more like it.
    Cynical? Oh fuck yes.
    Labour has done NOTHING to ignite any feeling of any kind in the hearts and minds of anyone anywhere. They softly move about like sloths wrapped in sponges knowing they’re up a tree without insurances. Labour is so lite I’m surprised they don’t just float out parliament buildings and get carried off on a zephyr.
    The Media never go near them because they can’t find anything to report, unless …
    “Oh, oh wait….? Andrew Little has picked up a biscuit ! He’s picked up the biscuit ! ! OMG ! He’s going for a dunk ! ? Call reuters ! ? “
    Every time I see Jucinda Adern smiling I think someone’s left the lid up on the piano again and from that gaping maw comes nothing much. Earnest pleadings while close to tears as she says nothing much. Annette King looks terminally surprised because she can’t believe her luck that she’s still on a Labour MP’s salary after all those years of treason and treachery as a neo liberal Machiavellian and still hasn’t been found out. Every year ? $ Ka ching thanks.

    Labour desperately want to be ignored. They want to fade to bland in the shadows and take their salaries plus entitlements and leave it to National to do the dirty work. If there was a bizarre and science fiction-esque warp in the time space continuum and they did in fact get elected in 2017 they’d all die of shock .

    If Labour focused on Farming and getting people out of their worthless jobs in our silly little cities and severing our ties to financialised capitalism I’d be thinking there may be some hope but they clearly won’t be trying that on anytime soon so get used to what you’ve got fools.

  4. TV3 are running what amounts to a major campaign of misinformation in regard to Andrew Little and the Labour Party.

    They are using every trick in the book in a campaign which would do Slater proud. In fact, who needs Slater and his Dirty Politics crew, when TV3 has taken over the mantle and are effectively running “Dirty Politics, 2015 version”?

    One of their tactics is to repeatedly insert little short clips of “Angry Andy”, cleverly edited to leave out most of what he says, and only showing him appearing to always be totally “negative”, to insert those into longer sequences of Key, Joyce, etc, “talking positive”.

    It is like they are coordinating that campaign with some National Party strategists, so that Key can feed off it in parliament, in a concerted campaign to destroy Andrew, just like they destroyed Goff, Shearer and Cunliffe.

    • imo Shearer destroyed himself with inexperience and ineptitude…Goff was handicapped by the fact that he was trying to rectify what he had done under Rogernomics ie. sell state assets…and he was destroyed by the SIS lies/misinformation/slurs on his memory

      …Cunliffe was destroyed by the msm and the black ops PR merchants like Slater…servants of Key

      …agreed they will be out to get Andrew Little

    • the faster tv3 goes broke the better its also show why we needed to boycott tv3 and good on labour we need the truth we get from tdb and the standard not bullshit from some no talent little punk like sabin

  5. Manipulation of the media is a National Party/government tactic that hopefully will implode upon the government that is pulling the strings within the media.This goverment tries to give us public the impression they are an open government or rather an inclusive government.But the opposite is the reality. Such matters as the TPPA right down to the final cost of some new Beemers have been kept in the dark.We don’t even know how much the jet-setting life-style for the beer-swilling PM to and from the 2015 RWC will cost the NZ taxpayers. But true to form we will soon be informed as to how much the Royal visit will cost us.And this ‘news’ may well be made public just in time for the second flag referendum. And so the National Party and John Key Mutual Admiration Society that is the state controlled media machine will claim that if the Labour Party has a media ban during its Conference then they(the National team)will hint that such bans is both a breach of NZers freedom of speech/right to know and perhaps such bans could indicate a secretive government if Labour gets in.

  6. Good to hear the Labour Party is ready for the big fight ahead ( look forward to the next installments)….I have great faith in Little as a formidable behind the scenes organiser….and in Cunliffe as a great asset to this Labour Party if he can be given a bigger spokesperson role…Labour must reject the TPPA however!

  7. “I can tell you the Labour Party are still very much alive and still very much focused on winning 2017…I’ll go into details on how they intend to do that tomorrow”

    Let me guess…are they compiling a list of property owners with Korean last names to appeal to the NZ First racists?

  8. NZ media reminds me of the the old East Germany and modern day North Korea where everything is choreographed and orchestrated, all tax payer funded I might add.

  9. “I can tell you the Labour Party are still very much alive and still very much focused on winning 2017.”

    If that’s the case, then the LP is going to have to work damn hard to convince the rest of us!

    Countryboy has perfectly summed up the impression the LP gives at present!

  10. I think your blood sugar levels must have fallen past the point where your critical faculties were able to engage, Martyn. While I’m sure most delegates do want Labour to win in 2017, and all caucus members definitely want to attain power, I don’t think they share the same means or ends. The dividing line in NZ politics continues to run through the Labour Party, not between it and National.

  11. gee..!.. the sugar-pushers will be quaking in their boots..eh..?

    ..labour is threatening to maybe do something about the obscene levels of sugar in most processed-food…..in about five years time..

    ..talk about fucken underwhelming..

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