SIS caught lying again and are being investigated for CIA links to torture but will New Zealanders care?



Here we go, the agency that helped smear Phil Goff for the PMs Office months before the 2011 election*, the agency that has been given millions more in funding, the agency that can spy without a warrant for 24 hours has been caught out again illegally spying on NZers…

Security Intelligence Service ‘broke the law’
New Zealand’s domestic spying agency twice failed to tell the intelligence watchdog that it was undertaking visual surveillance, the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security says.

…so the checks and balances we were told would exist when the SIS got the power to spy without warrants are once again useless.

But it gets better. There is now an investigation into how involved the SIS were with the illegal CIA kidnap and torture programmes...

The spying watchdog has “opened a can of worms” by investigating a potential New Zealand link to the CIA’s rendition programme, a security expert says.

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) Cheryl Gwyn yesterday revealed in her office’s annual report that she had opened an inquiry into whether New Zealand’s spying agencies had any connection to the CIA programme, which ran from 2001 to 2009.

Would NZers care about this? It depends, if it was a Labour Party in power, most of those who have no problem with it right now would be screaming about a fascist state and the news media would be playing it up, but because it’s bloody John Key, the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind just sit there purring.

If NZers were prepared to vote for John Key despite knowing he had lied about mass surveillance, despite knowing Key had rammed through law that allowed mass surveillance loopholes, despite knowing Key used the SIS to smear Phil Goff, despite knowing everything about dirty politics they won’t care that the SIS are illegally spying again or that we may have been involved in war atrocities.

Helping the CIA kidnap and torture individuals for freedom and democracy? It will only matter if it occurred while Labour were in power.

This is the sad state of political double standards that NZ now lives in. If you can create a false illusion of wealth with a 24% increase in property valuations, the middle classes will let you do what you like with the intelligence agencies.

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*It’s interesting how involved the PM was over the issue that the SIS and his Office decided to smear Goff on. Goff was asking questions about two Israeli security teams who may have hacked the Police Crime Computer, the PM received 4 phone calls from the Israeli PM on the night of the earthquake. That’s interesting.


  1. European parliament offers asylum and protection to EDWARD SNOWDON and drops all criminal charges against him, will not allow any extradition by any government, further more the NSA programme has been deemed illegal. The EU has given Snowden a free pass in recognition of him a whistle blower and international human rights protector.The EU parliament has called on all EU member countries to
    drop all charges.Snowden might now find it possible to travel to Europe.

    This is second article in Wakeup New Zealand. The first article is about Key supporting Israel saying they have a right to defend itself against Palestine. The article calls John Key a Globalist Zionist New World Order puppet, NZ Cabal Prime Minister.

    • Good on the EU. They have their problems but at least they seem to still care about their countries and people.

      Wonder how the UK will reconcile dropping Snowdon charges with their 5 eyes involvement? I guess that is why Corbyn is enemy no 1.

      “The article calls John Key a Globalist Zionist New World Order puppet”. – ….sounds about right.

  2. Spies being used as pieces and traded in the great policy game of Chess?

    Surely such a thing has happened before.

    But honestly. How good is dishonestly gathered information any way. We don’t have closed courts? We have limited law enforcement resources so flooding areas with increased resources to make it look statistically normal, and not give away the fact that emails and cell phones are being hacked to catch a (terrorist, I mean) criminal.

    Any way I’m sure if you are a nosy little………. Long enough, eventually you will come across some one in New Zealand going full on Goomer Pile . Only to find said loony having a bad day, and the only charges worth stitching em up with has nothing to do with terrorism or spy laws.

    So can we now give the Police a proper budget.

  3. Goff was asking questions about two Israeli security teams who may have hacked the Police Crime Computer, the PM received 4 phone calls from the Israeli PM on the night of the earthquake. That’s interesting. –

    On phone call from the Israeli PM could be easily explained as a “condolence call” and inquiry what assistance we required. (No thanks, Mr Netanyahu, we don’t need any of your security forces here, we try not to openly suppress our population. We have Dumbed-Down TV for that.)

    But four phone calls?!

    That was a full-on conversation meriting follow-up calls. And it wasn’t about the earthquake, I’d wager.

    What was the Israeli spy agency doing in Christchurch?

    • What mossad does in foreign countries depends on how many ops mossad is running, how many are actually a busted op instead of just being blamed on another service, etc.

      There is no easy answer or even a realistic way to derive an answer that isn’t pretty much entirely pure guesswork. Those who have the access and knowledge to make a credible attempt aren’t going to be making any public claims.

      On another note. Has any Israeli prime minister ever not been a former Mossad agent? Mossad is so integrated into Knesset decision making.

      • weird stuff alright …Helen Clark was pretty short and sharp with the Israelis trying to steal NZ identities in order to get NZ Passports

        …imo we do NOT need Israeli /Mosad influence and snooping around New Zealand

  4. I think the public do care, but they are not being told the truth by a fair media.

    Unfortunately not everyone knows about this blog, norightturn and the standard and other alternate view points.

    Lets give a round of applause for Cunliffe’s speech!

    On the Israeli front they have propaganda to new levels. They are giving free visits to Israel not just to people like Slater but even Kiwi’s at consultancies on the Red Peak Flag team among others.

    And don’t forget the expose about the Israeli backpackers on working holidays hard selling $1000’s of dollars of cosmetics to the elderly for hours without paying any taxes, or even having proper permits. Well did not work out for John Campbell now no longer working at TV3, likewise his breaking story about mass surveillance.

    Oh yes the bad guys are winning all right and I don’t class the bad guys as the public who are not being told the truth. Those telling the truth in the mainstream are fired …..

    • +100 SAVENZ

      and re “On the Israeli front they have propaganda to new levels. They are giving free visits to Israel not just to people like Slater but even Kiwi’s at consultancies on the Red Peak Flag team among others”.

      James Shaw wants the Red Peak flag ( so much so he snubbed Labour’s attempts and NZF in order to get his Red Peak flag on the first referendum …and joined with John Key excluding the existing NZ flag with the Union Jack and Southern Cross ,which is most New Zealanders choice…thereby forcing on the country into a costly second referendum)

      …I wonder as the Israelis like the Red Peak Flag team so much as to offer them free trips to Israel….whether James Shaw has been invited on a free trip to Israel as well ?….especially as he supported jonkey nact and snubbed the Greens traditional coalition partner Labour plus NZF.

      And I hear James Shaw this morning arguing that NZF is racist because Ron Marks objected to a nact Korean MP telling NZers to “grow up” and work on their holidays …Marks told her to go back home! I agree.

      ( Is this racist ?….I dont think so!..Do we want New Zealander workers forced to work in slave Labour Asian worker conditions?…Once upon a time the Greens defended NZ workers’ conditions and holidays, which had been fought for over many years by New Zealanders and their British trade unions)

      …James Shaw is either naive or compromised and a liability for the Greens imo)

      • Nope I mean’t Rowan Simpson a big proponent of Red Peak.

        “I was recently invited to travel to Israel as part of a delegation organised by Square Peg Capital and the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce.”

        Not talking about the Greens at all. In fact I think the Greens stance on Israel is to consistently oppose their illegal settlement actions and aggression against Palestinians.

        I’m prepared to give Shaw a chance – it’s early days for him and NZ needs a strong Green party.

  5. The Sleepy hobbits won’t give a monkeys until the minute after their share portfolios plunge to a fraction of their former value. They will start caring at that moment but until then…..yawn!

  6. baah, baah, baah, knighthood for Richie, also for Hanson, baah, bahh, the heroes are back, we need a king, I want John Key as King of New Zealand, right now, baah, baah, is there anybody listening?

    What is the SIS, please? I have no clue, I am a sleepy hobbit, only coming to the surface now and then, I love rugby, beer and racing, and racey human specimen of the opposite sex, nothing else I need, what is “politics”, is that to do with Poltergeist, the movie?

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