After what has just been revealed about the Royals – why are we welcoming Prince Charles to NZ?

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Why are we rolling out the red carpet for Prince Charles after what has just been revealed about the Royals involvement in a coup in Australia???

Official portrait to mark the 60th Birthday of Prince Charles - 14 Nov 2008...Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (818803a)  Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales  Official portrait to mark the 60th Birthday of Prince Charles - 14 Nov 2008

Official portrait to mark the 60th Birthday of Prince Charles – 14 Nov 2008…Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (818803a)
Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales
Official portrait to mark the 60th Birthday of Prince Charles – 14 Nov 2008

Why are we rolling out the red carpet for Prince Charles after what has just been revealed about the Royals involvement in a coup in Australia???

SCEPTICISM ABOUT THE EXISTANCE of the “Deep State” is very strong in New Zealand. This country has been fortunate in avoiding the sort of constitutional crises that bring the machinations of Deep State actors into public view. Our neighbours across the Tasman have not been so fortunate.

It is almost exactly 40 years since the Governor General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, sacked the government of Gough Whitlam’s Labour Party. The “dismissal” of the Whitlam Government was long thought to be the work of Kerr alone; a vice-regal intervention intended to resolve a constitutional stalemate that was threatening to bring Australia to its knees. This “official” version of events is now being challenged.   In The Dismissal Dossier: Everything You Were Never Meant To Know About November 1975, Australian Research Professor, Jenny Hocking, makes it frighteningly clear that Kerr had help.

One of the questions often asked by students of Whitlam’s dismissal is: Why didn’t the Prime Minister simply pick up the phone and dial Buckingham Palace? The Governor-General is, when all is said and done, merely the monarch’s stand-in. Should he so forget his place as to seriously contemplate dismissing a democratically re-elected government from office, then, surely, a quick conversation between the Prime Minister and Her Majesty would secure his instant removal from Government House and replacement by somebody more committed to the democratic process.

According to Hocking, that most simple of solutions was denied to Whitlam for the very simple reason that the Queen and her Private Secretary, Sir Martin Charteris, were forewarned of the dismissal. Kerr had taken the precaution of both writing and speaking to the Queen about what he was planning to do well in advance of 11 November 1975. Indeed, the Queen’s Private Secretary and the Governor-General had together run through the options should Whitlam attempt to secure Kerr’s removal from office. In the event of this “contingency”, Charteris informed Kerr, the Queen would “try to delay things”.

Had Whitlam dialled Buckingham Palace, it is highly likely that Charteris would have informed him that Her Majesty was indisposed and unable to take his call.

At no time during the course of these alleged exchanges, says Hocking, did the Palace think it appropriate to speak to the Prime Minister of Australia about his Governor-General’s intentions. In such circumstances it would have been very difficult for Kerr to interpret the Palace’s silence as anything other than tacit support.


…so let’s get this straight, the Royals were deeply involved in the removal of a democratically elected leader that lives right next to us and one of the protagonists in that coup – Prince Charles – is reported to have said at the time…

“But surely, Sir John, the Queen should not have to accept advice that you should be recalled at the very time should this happen when you were considering having to dismiss the government.”

…isn’t it incredible that information about Prince Charles being involved in a coup against Australia gets released a week before Charles visits NZ and NO ONE in the mainstream media is asking about his involvement in this?

The self censorship is unbelievable.

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  1. Tiger Mountain says:

    theres a good chap Martyn, do we really have to dwell on past unpleasantness for our purposes here… I see you are in for gong at New Years, pip pip, Charlie’s shout at Jerry’s!!

  2. Chooky says:

    Who is Hocking?

    • Chooky says:

      re Hocking ‘The unfair dismissal’ Review By Ross Fitzgerald in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

      …”One problem with these remarkable claims is that they seem to be based solely on Kerr’s private and confidential papers. Some other independent collaboration would have been more than helpful.

      Perhaps more importantly, Hocking doesn’t satisfactorily address two key issues: that Whitlam, who knew he was likely to be defeated in another federal election, persistently tried to govern without supply, and that like all informed observers, Whitlam and Kerr both knew the reserve powers had previously been used when NSW governor Sir Philip Game dismissed maverick Labor premier Jack Lang in 1932…

      Read more:
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  3. Chooky says:

    I wish the Governor General would dismiss Jonkey nactional

    …really the British Royal family has survived by NOT getting involved in politics….and letting things roll…( I would prefer them and the Westminster system… to the CIA or Hollywood corporates or the Chinese any day)

    I am a great fan of Whitlam …but he should have publicly appealed to the Queen…approached the Queen and put her on the spot with the clear statement that all of Australia would know her response. She should have been put on the mat with the world as witness!

    Who is Hocking really? … any secret affiliations elsewhere? yes and why has this been revealed and reported now? ( remember the front page headlines just before the last Election of the terrorism threat in Australia?)

    Prince Charles is reported to have said “…..” by whom?

    (‘Red Peak’ USA and British surveillance corporate flag anyone ?…or jonkey nacts choice…the rugby flag?)

  4. Chooky says:

    Prince Charles and Environmentalism…an environmentalist before many Green Party members were born…and ahead of his time before many jumped on the political career Green bandwagon

    ‘Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles
    The price of capitalism and consumerism is just too high, he tells industrialists’,28804,1663317_1663319_1669898,00.html

    …as many of the Royal families critics are of Irish and Catholic extraction and now a few prominent NZ Greens who support the Red Peak corporate flag and jonkey nactional against the most popular choice of New Zealanders …the flag with the Union Jack

    … how does Charles compare with other establishment leaders?

    eg the Pope?…with his prohibition attitudes to contraception, abortion, family planning, women ‘s rights …on an overpopulated planet?

    • esoteric pineapples says:

      I more or less agree with Chooky here. It’s quite plausible to be so-called Left Wing and support keeping the monarchy. It may sound cheesy but all the leading members of the royal family support and publicise a lot of good causes. For instance, Prince William just spoke in China on endangered species.

      Aside from that, would having a head of state chosen in New Zealand be any better? This is a small country full of cronyism. National for certain would make one of its own President. Portugal has a President and he has just stopped the parties who won the majority of votes from forming a government. Putin has been president of Russia and he basically remained the leader of that country.

      No system is perfect.

  5. Blake says:

    Elitist monarchists defending the crown about make me want to puke.
    Lets grow up and let go of the tit that we do not need anymore.
    Charles and his family are part of the 1% who feel they control the world and want to dictate with their nazi and vatican buddies towards their world dominant agenda. They care less about the people in England nor the people here in NZ. Its all about greed and power hunger and their precious New World Order and why we continue to suck up to this kind of monarchy allegiance and blind faith is beyond what is right or sane. Diana’s murder and her spirit lives on and justice never came to a very fine woman who knew the secrets and ins and outs of their elitist regime.

    And we bow to Charles and Camilla ? ! ? ! ? ! – get a grip . . . . . . .
    Break free NZ, and let’s create our own allegiances and loyalties and let the monarchy continue their suck up to China etc. for control and domination. Do we really need them or to be so closely aligned ?

  6. Peter says:

    John Key would love to pull away from the monarchy. Then he can become king of New Zealand after he has stepped down from Parliament, arguing that if Tonga can have a king then why can’t New Zealand. Surely that would be a better legacy than a new flag.

  7. Mike in Auckland says:

    A bumbling bee went up my trout, His Royal Highness said, Oooh, Oooh, what is that, Dunedin has some of those too.

    And swiftly Camilla moved her legs and skirt away.

    What a ridiculous performance taking a short train ride into Dunedin today, and arrogantly taking the kisses and cheers from only a few dozen of mentally shallow fans of “royalty”.

    Is this what NZ needs? Do we want to be part of a dying and redundant institution?

    Gasp, I need fresh air and some sun, we have too much darkness and yesteryear thinking. Key wants to keep the titles too, how “progressive” is that man, I ask?

  8. Quick Thinking says:

    While i think the Whitlam dismissal was an over use of power by the Australian governor general all it achieved was to hasten the end of the Whitlam government. For the reasons expressed by some of the commenters I still think we are safer with the system as it as compared to being a republic.