Top 5 NZ Political Blog Ratings For October 2015



These are the top 5 political* blogs in NZ for October.

1. Whaleoil* – 1115836 visits   –   2391029 Page Views

2.  KiwiBlog – 301926 visits   –   557789 Page Views

3. The Standard – 201360 visits – 446533 Page Views

TDB Recommends

4. The Daily Blog – 177113 visits – 282818 Page Views

5. The Dim Post – 30277 visits – 42162 Page Views



Courtesy of Open Parachute.

*This is a political blog rankings, not a travel blog ranking, not a parenting blog ranking, not an arts student blog ranking but political blog ranking.

*Please note there is much debate about Cameron’s blog stats.


    • C’mon now, be a bit trusting and rational. If the down tickers to your comment visited the site a mere 85,800 times each in October the numbers are feasible.

    • Maybe if all us on the other side of the political spectrum to Slater stopped visiting his site his numbers would drop dramatically, I admit to going there often mostly just out of curiosity so if you add nosey people like me and others on left blogs, journalists, facebook and twittirati tragics looking for dirt to share with the world and many others I could easily see how the numbers could get that high.
      On a positive note at the rate The Standard is going TDB will soon be (stats wise) the leading left blog, imho it already is by a long shot.

  1. I think we should have worked out by now that stats in New Zealand tend to be very dodgy when there are political connotations. In any case, I don’t give a monkeys what the stats say, I say the best political blog in NZ is TDB, and all the trolls out there can go have sex and travel.

  2. That’s the problem these days…never know who to believe anymore.
    After dirty politics, wiki leaks, etc…just who are the good guys/gals?
    The National Government? They don’t lie…
    Slater? He’s clean…
    NZ MSM? They’re not biased…

  3. really if the Penguin and Slater oil had that many followers NZ would be living under martial law with jail time for anyone refusing to join the official “Key Love” club

  4. Hi there
    I’m not at all eager to make your list, but I would be interested in your definition of “political”… Is it rather “party political?” or “government policy”
    One of my favoured subjects is child rights and how that relates to family life. That, to me, is deeply political.

  5. just go to show that NZ has alot of racist rednecks which is what slater promotes to demonise the left spectrum of politics by saying that the left are a bunch of brown loving doleblugger supporters?

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