A pre-meditated political amputation of 100% Pure



The obviousness of the short term mentality of John Key’s get rich quick scheme was fairly clear from the beginning of National’s first term. Take over Environment Canterbury to give farming interests the power to take more water for irrigation, mine and drill everything not tied down, sell public assets and use that money to build more irrigation, pollute rivers, species extinctions, promote dairy over all, limit safety and health costs for farmers and ignore climate change.

This new short term political vision would need a brand change because what National wanted to do to NZ meant trashing our 100% Pure marketing. National strategists understood not even Key could get NZers to accept vandalising our environment when set against 100% Pure so early on in National’s reign they removed 100% Pure from marketing so that the greenwash wasn’t so hypercritical.

This sad reality is damning of National’s inaction and our lax attitude to reigning in unsustainable growth.

All science is now pointing towards climate change being worse than what has been predicted which makes our inaction almost suicidal.

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100% Denial is a more appropriate tourism brand for NZ.



    • +100…yes I remember going on the Christchurch and Canterbury protests and marches against the annexation of the democratically elected ECAN….and not a few of them protesting were farmers ( many farmers downstream of water takes have suffered reduced/disappeared/ lowered rivers and aquifers and wells)


      unfortunately soon after there were the EARTHQUAKES which put an end to demonstrations

      ( some say the lowering of the Waimakariri underwater catchment table which flows under Christchurch (north under Kaiapoi and south to Lake Ellesmere) caused the Earthquakes)

      ….and today Canterbury rivers are a trickle of their former selves and often a dirty polluted trickle at that…no longer do people from Christchurch come and have long leisurely summer camping holidays at the pristine rivers edges ,swimming in the river holes and fishing…it is all our loss

  1. Yes it is terrifying, and I do believe we have been on this suicidal track flat stick since the 80s me, me, now, now, more, more. No future forethought at all obviously, it is all over. The age of consequences has caught us up and is going to thrash live on earth.
    On the http://www.robertscribbler.com we are pumping greenhouse gases 6 times faster than during the Permian Mass Extinction event. It is pushing massive feedback loops, eg AMOC ocean circulation slowing down. The El Niño still hasn’t finished spiking.
    The human race is going to find out very soon what exponential climate change really is. We are not prepared for this reality check/shock. And what does the news have on it, rugby thugby and Auckland housing prices.
    Some scientists are predicting a 6 degree upswing happening in the next 13 years by 2028 we will be either extinct along with everything else on the planet or living very differently. The Permian extinction happened because of the same huge and fast temperature rise. This is science and chemistry. Read the book Under A Green Sky, and The Sixth Mass Extinction.
    Humans have a massive screw loose. Guy McPherson named his site Nature Bats Last for a reason. We are in THE GREAT ANTHROPOCENTRIC EXTINCTION! And everyone is acting normal, something is very, very creepy about how the human race is behaving right now. It is seriously obscene. It is about grief now. We are at the mercy of all the fools in charge who pushed ‘civilisation’ and all of us into now living with ecocide as normalised. The unraveling of dynamic earth systems into a new epoch.
    The sleeping dragon has been poked awoke, we are dead meat, CH4! So many balls are in play right now even the scientists can’t keep up.

    • Just a little bit more…. Once the methane has had it’s wicked way cooking the planet and the oceans are hot, acidic and anoxic guess what happens?? The hydrogen sulphide producing bacteria go crazy and this gas kills everything in the ocean and on land once it hits the atmosphere. That is what causes the sky to be green and the oceans to be purple.
      We are going to a place no man/woman has ever gone before, end Permian earth. It will make Mars look like paradise.

  2. Every word Martyn you said is true to the core of this dirty policy environmentally morally corrupt administration.

  3. All the information is there…National and other world leaders choose to ignore it. Palau being a shining light – creating an ocean sanctuary….will it be enough…

  4. ‘All science is now pointing towards climate change being worse than what has been predicted which makes our inaction almost suicidal’

    Try this:

    All science is now pointing towards climate change being far, far worse and much, much faster than had been predicted, which makes business-as-usual both suicidal and omnicidal.

  5. The hammering of sulfur dioxide is instructive in a couple of ways. Other than showing that yes, humans can do geoengineering, it shows how we respond to acute threats versus the abstract. Sulfur dioxide is very obnoxious because in addition to the ozone damage, it causes acid rain. Everyone hates acid rain, for car-related reasons if nothing else.

    CO2 in contrast is entirely invisible, only observable with specialist equipment and computer modeling. So people plug their ears and drag feet, even though the principle is largely the same.

  6. It appears the right-wing trolls have been busy here. They seem to get agitated whenever anyone tells the truth about climate change: must be guilty consciences.

  7. Lakes filled with algae; unswimmable rivers; increasing greenhouse gas emissions; land poisoned by cow urine and compacted by tonnes of bovine-weight…

    All it takes is for one BBC or Al Jazeera film crew to arrive here; do an expose story; and there goes our “clean and green” reputation down the gurglar. All the hundreds of millions spent on promotion for our tourism industry – gone in one hour of TV documentary broadcast.

    And our Minister of Tourism (guess who?), will resort to Default Blame Setting #1 (it was the previous Labour government’s fault); shrug; and reassure the peasantry that he’s “pretty relaxed” about the browning of New Zealand…

    All because one million New Zealanders are besotted with our esteemed Dear Leader.

    Oh, by the way, anyone know when the marriage between Key and Ritchie McCaw is taking place?

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